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Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

 Hello again everyone ! 🙂

We are home,, and today Sophie is 3 days old. The past few days have honestly been just a blur – of breastfeeding, 30 minute cat naps, non-stop diaper changing and butt-wiping, rushed meals in between, and a general sense of how surreal everything is.

We are parents ! After having almost 10 months to prepare for this fact, K and I are still shell-shocked that we actually have a living, breathing, red-faced little baby girl.


Unfortunately, Benjy has had to bunk in with my in-laws for these two weeks as my Mummy and helper get us settled and a routine done. Because I am exclusively breastfeeding, I am completely exhausted and we’re worried that if Benjy were around, we would end up neglecting him, so he is at my in-laws on prolonged “holiday” until we are ready to introduce the two of them properly to each other.

We already miss B terribly 😦

Because I am a crazy mummy now, I’ve decided to start a project called Sophie x 365 where I will take one snap of her everyday just to chart how she grows over the next year ! I don’t want to miss a single milestone in her life 🙂

Day #2 – Sophie comes home !

photo 2

Here’s our little Baby S, finally in the cot that has waited almost 8 months to be slept in by her and saying hi to her little menagerie of stuffed animals. ^^

Breastfeeding her has been an uphill task. Right now, I’m engorged, sore, bloated and beyond tired but I am strenuously resisting the lure of the can of NAN formula K brought in case we decide to supplement. The first day I tried to latch Sophie I nearly dropped her and her grip on my nipple felt like being chomped on by a piranha. Coupled with my stitches and severe nausea from my epidural, I couldn’t take it and broke down and cried.

However, the lactation consultants at Mt E were amazing – they kept encouraging me to keep trying despite the pain and didn’t give her formula, assuring me that Baby S had enough “reserves” to keep her going. I kept going, and the first drops of colostrum were like liquid gold – the sense of accomplishment at producing something that would give my daughter the best start in life was overwhelming and every time she suckled successfully I would be overwhelmed by tenderness – I could really just kiss and stroke her downy little cheeks all day long!

Today, Day #3, my milk has come in completely – thicker, even slightly creamy consistency – and I am over the moon. Anyone who knows me would think I could possibly be the last person in the world to be excited over being someone’s personal cow / milk producer but the feeling of being needed and wanted by my little girl is just incredible.

On her part, despite being so tiny, Baby S has been drinking like a pro – every hour, non-stop, guzzling and burping happily, her mouth hanging open in a milk induced coma every time she’s done -_-

photo 1

Look at her satiated face and her increasingly chubby cheeks !

Tomorrow, we’ll be heading out with her for the first time for her paediatrician appointment – they suspect jaundice and I think so too – her skin is yellowish when we press lightly on it and she has been sleeping for long stretches without waking up 😦 Hoping and praying that its nothing too serious.

As for me .. I’ve put on 18 kg this pregnancy .. and three days after birth, I am only 4 kg down 😦 It is really disheartening to see my four-month esque belly in the mirror and look at my cellulitey thighs plus I refuse to wear my maternity clothes anymore but cannot fit back into my regular stuff. I’ve engaged a highly recommended post natal massage lady who worked wonders on my cousin and helped her lose a whopping 7 kg so fingers crossed it will happen for me too – and even then, I’d need to lose anoter 6-7 on my own over the next four months.

In any case, I’m just going to take each day as it comes – and every day something new is happening ! Thank you so much to all those who have shared our pregnancy journey with us so far, will be back here with my birth story soon ! 🙂


Libby, K and our Little Bow Baby


4 thoughts on “Baby Sophie Rose x 365

  1. Shoe says:

    Hang in there Libby! Still can’t believe you guys are parents but I know you’re going to do everything that you can! Sophie looks adorable… and you look great too, okay! Very healthy and happy 🙂

    1. libbyty says:

      Thanks Shoe ! Yes its surreal right, I stare at her and I keep wondering how on earth hospitals dare to release these fragile babies into the world in the arms of their terrified parents lol !!

  2. Ngan says:

    Such a beautiful little girl! Wish you all the best! (:

    1. libbyty says:

      Thank you so much 🙂

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