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Just when I thought it was impossible to fall deeper in love with Baby Sophie, she rewarded her Papa and I with a beautiful smile this morning and continued to do so throughout the day. To say that my heart melted like a chocolate chip on a just baked cookie is an understatement – my baby has brought my family, friends and I so much joy in the one week she has been in this world ! My heart is truly full 🙂

I know I shouldn’t say anything to jinx things, but Sophie has been such a wonderful baby. She only fusses when she’s hungry or has a wet diaper, and after each feed, she’s able to sleep up to 4 hours – in fact, we have to wake her up to make sure she gets enough milk.

She has latched easily (of course, I still have sore nipples and engorgement but no biggie, I just bite my lip and keep going, the relief from having her nurse directly is immense after the initial painful chomping) and has accepted her Mama Cawa Chu Chu Baby bottles with no nipple confusion at all. The bottles did initially cause her to have mild hiccups, but luckily no colic (as promised) and we were able to solve this problem easily by stopping her each time she gulped about 10-15 ml of milk to burp her properly. The hiccup issue should be solved simply by her growing older and being able to munch more securely on the teat !

She hates getting baths or getting her hair washed, but will obligingly go through the process if first fed – she’s all about the milk and guzzles up to 2-3 ounces per feed ! Her “milk coma” expression is comical beyond words – think milk smeared baby lips smacking loudly followed by a contented sigh and man-sized burp. So many undignified noises coming from my tiny little lady !

Everyone around me is also surprised at how easily I have taken to having a baby – for some strange reason, K and I have none of the first-time parent anxieties we thought we would have to go through. I suspect that comes from having five siblings, of who the youngest is still only 12 – I have subconsciously absorbed my Mom’s seasoned parent vibe – no gingerly holding the baby or getting worried every time she doesn’t burp. This winging-it mentality is doing wonders for me, though – in terms of allowing K and myself fully enjoy all these precious newborn moments which other Mommies say will be gone in a wink of an eye.

I am especially grateful that Sophie is such a good baby because on the home front, things are worrying – my younger brother Mark’s appendicitis surgery, which was supposed to be a straightforward one hour operation, became a 2.5 hour op because of hemorrhaging and now they are telling us that he will need a blood transfusion.

This should not have even happened – in the first place my brother’s appendix was merely inflamed and not even infected ! And the doctors’ attitudes have been callous at best – they only got worried in the past hour when my brother’s BP started to plunge dangerously. I’m sorry to say this, but ALL my experiences with Changi General Hospital – from my grand dad’s stroke, to my dengue and now this – have been horrible. My family has decided never to send anyone sick to CGH’s A&E again but to rush to either Gleneagles or Mount E, which, though further away, can provide care that is so much more attentive, focused and effective.

My mother is completely beside herself with anger, confusion, and tears at how a simple operation has gone so awry and my poor brother is so pale that it is truly frightening.

Praying hard for him now !




2 thoughts on “Smiley Sophie x 1 week old

  1. In love! How beautiful, just like mum and dad.

    1. libbyty says:

      Thank you Dewi ! 🙂

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