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So many people have been asking me, where’s Benjy !

He’s been back home since last Friday, and we’ve been so busy getting him settled in that we only managed to get a photo of him and Sophie today.

While I wish I could say the two of them had some amazing instant connection, the truth is, Sophie can’t quite see Benjy yet and Benjy is a little afraid of her >.<

Good thing is, Baby is totally oblivious to his barking. There must be a grain of truth about Babies being able to hear all kinds of sounds outside because she can snore on even when Benjy is running and yelping madly around the house. Benjy, on the other hand, runs to hide under a chair if Sophie even sneezes. Now, after four days, he has finally summoned up enough guts to sit down near her and will go to her if she cries in her cot, peering at her curiously.

The two of them are so cute together, I’m pretty sure they will soon be fast friends ! In the meantime, we are setting boundaries for Benjy – no jumping on the bed if Sophie is sleeping there, and no licking, only sniffing. While he is a very clean dog, he does have a tendency to go eating things off the floor so we are worried about his saliva getting on her – newborns are very prone to all kinds of rashes. Once she gets bigger, though, I’m sure there will be no problem. Our neighbour Alex’s spitz and his 13 month old daughter get along like a house on fire !

I do feel like I’m neglecting Benjy a little – like when he clearly wants a cuddle but I’m nursing Sophie. Luckily, there’s K to make up for it, and my helper has been spoiling Benjy with lots and lots of apples. We can’t wait to be able to bring the both of them on walks to the park together 🙂

In other things, the preview photos for Sophie’s newborn baby photoshoot are ready and they are so beautiful I cry every time I see them ! Tomato Photo put out a casting call and Baby S was chosen for a newborn session with them 🙂 My #supermodelsophie !

One of my favourites 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 2.13.32 PM




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