Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

Sophie is 16 days old today ( And I only have 14 days of confinement left, yay!)

People say babies grow so fast, but I’ve never really noticed how fast until now ! Baby Sophie at 16 days old is so different from the Sophie of 8 days – she’s now awake and active for much longer. To our delight, her eyes have fully opened, and they are such dark, intelligent little peepers (I might be, I don’t know, crazily biased). She’s also starting to display quite a temper – grunting loudly “EH!” when she wants her milk and scrunching her face up until it resembles a crumpled chip packet when she’s wet herself.

So K and I feel lucky that we managed to capture our baby at 8 days, when her skin was still so tender and perfect from the womb (now she’s got red rashes and mosquito bites) and she was all sleepy, sweet, milky and shy.

Local newborn and child photography studio Tomato Photo put out a casting call for newborns (<10 days old) and one of the lovely mummies from SMB, Angeline, let me know about it, having taken photos of her own family with the studio and being very pleased with the results.

K and I figured we’d give it a shot, if she was chosen, we’d have some nice mementoes of her babyhood, if not, there was always our trusty IPhones (trust me, lugging out your semi-pro to snap “spontaneous” photos of your baby is not going to happen). We faced some parental objection – “What?! Bringing your newborn out at 8 days? / Why do you want to give other people rights to your baby’s photos” – but I had seen some of Hart’s work on his website and the photos were tasteful and beautiful, plus K and I would both be present through the whole shoot just in case.

We were pretty much blown away !

Firstly, Hart and his wife were amazing with Sophie for the entire 2 and a half hours we were at the studio. She was completely comfortable with them, and slept through most of it. They knew exactly when to stop just before she started to fuss and fed her expertly from the bottle of expressed milk I brought, and she didn’t cry at all !

The studio was comfortable, very clean, warm and inviting and K and I felt immediately at home too.

Next, well, the photos speak for themselves – I teared non stop when I was looking through the final product – my baby looks so happy, contented and ethereal in them. 🙂

A few of our favourites (Photos C/O Tomato Photo)

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.26.29 AM

Yes, my daughter has abnormally long toes and very long, thin fingers, which came complete with little oval nails that I have only dared to clip this morning.


Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.26.56 AM

This is my new Facebook cover photo, and I’ve had to physically restrain myself from stroking my computer screen every time I see it – I can almost feel her soft, pink newborn skin and the downy fuzz that is slowly disappearing from her arms and shoulders.

And finally ..

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.01.39 AM

My sleepy little sweetheart – at 8 days, this was the most we saw of her eyes, but her Papa’s features are there, clear as day, from the slightly hidden double lids to the tiny nose with its delicate bridge. The only part of her face I can claim are her rosebud lips, which have always looked a little too small on my face but seem to go just right on hers. Her face shows promise of being heart-shaped, but there’s this other saying that babies’ faces will keep changing, so who knows !

You can check out Tomato Photo at their Facebook Page , they are having a promotion now that offers a $100 voucher if you share #SupermodelSophie’s photo !

Clarification: This is not a paid advertorial, nor was I told to blog/advertise in return for the shoot. We responded to an open casting call for newborns and Sophie was picked




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