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Hi everyone !

There isn’t much to update, really, since I’m still jailed confined -_-

The days have blended into the nights, the weekdays into the weekends and K and I can barely tell what day it is anymore. Now that Sophie is getting more and more active, we have less time to snatch cat naps in the day and basically no chance at night. Which translates, basically, into us operating in Zombie Parent mode.

I can officially fall asleep whilst nursing her and I think I saw K change her diaper half asleep the other night – he’s perfected the open, swipe, wipe, cream and re-diaper under one minute (as long as it isn’t one of her epically large poos)

Speaking of epically large poos, that photo of wide-eyed Sophie was captured after a particularly explosive one. Nope, it’s not the look of an doe-eyed ingenue of a baby – it’s the expression of a baby who is possibly horrified by the scale of her own doo-doo.

It also marks another milestone for us – she’s finally opened her eyes as wide as they can stretch. Previously, we’d only been treated to slanty eyed looks or sleepy heavy lidded glares but now, every morning when she’s bright eyed and bushy tailed (and our eyebags are so big that we have to drag them off the floor) she winks and smizes (google SMIZE TYRA BANKS).

Case in point – the video below :



It’s like she knows that she has pushed us beyond our human limits with her grizzling and whinging – once she chooses to unleash her winning smiles and adorable hiccups the two of us become absolute putty.

I honestly don’t know how I’m making it through the days – all this, plus being depressed that my weight isn’t going down (I am still lugging around 10 kg of pregnancy blubber), cabin fever, and bland food makes this shopaholic a very (slightly) down girl.

It doesn’t help that I am not allowed to exercise until we’re past the 6 week mark – every bone in my body is yearning to head out for a nice walk in the pretty Nike Pegasus lilac sneakers I bought for the express purpose of post-partum working out.

12 (sleepless) days to go till I can bring my baby (and our push present) out !




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