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I was supposed to attend a much anticipated close friends’ hen night today – I can just imagine how much fun it would have been – the beautiful bride-to-be and her fiance have been together for over a decade, and we have known each other for almost 10 years – it would have been just wonderful to be at the surprise party giving all our love, support and congratulations to the happy pair.

In fact, I had thought of little else the past 3 days – it was the only outing K had permitted me to pencil into my non-existent “social calendar” (confinement just about wipes everything out). Although Sophie had been colicky all week, I told myself that perhaps she would behave herself on Saturday night for two precious hours. I got ready, put on makeup (oh, makeup!) and one of the few dresses from my pre-maternity days which still fit me.

Of course, Sophie had ideas of her own – she was fine just about the whole morning until mid afternoon, when she seemed to overcompensate for those hours of peace by unleashing the full strength of the colic monster on myself and K.

So – the night out didn’t happen, obviously.

And while I am disappointed, another part of me simply accepts that I will need to start making these sacrifices. The old me would have basically done everything within her power to make sure that I made it for the dinner. Now, nothing is within my control. I could console Benjy with a milk bone but Sophie isn’t going to stop crying if I offer her a treat. Some of my work could wait for the next day but Sophie can’t wait for me to be done with my nap before I get her diaper (with a 10 cent sized stain) changed.

And I most definitely cannot leave my poor husband with a squalling baby and no helper alone for two hours with no milk (we are on full direct breast feeding as part of the colic battle). I know I would possibly go after him with a kitchen chopper if the situation was reversed and he insisted on going for a dudes night out.

Anyway, to cut a long story short the three of us (Sophie, K and I) had to head out to buy some probiotic drops – our last resort in trying to calm her colic. And now we are sitting on the couch, half asleep and watching Channel 8’s latest 1000 episode Taiwan melodrama while passing Sophie to and fro and singing tunelessly to her.

Here’s how we’ve been fighting the colic battle and what works for us – a compilation of tips from other SMB mommies for those of you mamas-to-be so you can mentally prepare yourself for this phase – it typically starts at Week 3 and can go on for up to 3 months (Oh My God please not me).

  1. Swaddle your baby tight – I think this works by keeping the baby warm and not letting any “wind” enter her already bloated tummy. It also helps babies feel more secure and calms them down. This works for us if we combine it with No.2 and No.3
  2. Holding your baby close and flush with your own body (skin to skin position) while singing and soothing to her: This calms Sophie immensely and her wails turn into whimpers instead. Non-stop whimpers, yes, but whimpers are infinitely better than her wailing. Her wails are sanity-destroying.
  3. Yu Yee / Ru Yi Medicated Oil – This is a time-tested traditional remedy and we think its really effective – she starts to pass wind non stop after we apply 2 drops to our palms, rub them together and place our hands firmly on her belly.  Sophie had a rash from the oil the first day we tried this but it went away within hours and she was okay with it thereafter.
  4. Probiotic drops – These cost a hefty $42 for a tiny bottle and have been our last resort today after yet another torturous night. We are hoping but not optimistic that they will work. We just administered them three hours ago and so far, nothing.

UPDATE: (17 April 2014)

Apparently, the Probiotic Drops do work ! After we did a combo of 1-4 + RidWind prescribed by our PD for Sophie, the colic went away like magic and I’m SO SO relieved to say that we are finally getting more than 4 hours of sleep (in 2 hour blocks) a day 🙂

Here’s an illustration of how sleep deprived we were – last night, at 4 am, K started singing “Everyone Go To Sleep” to the tune of the Lego Movie’s “Everything is Awesome” while swaying on his feet.

And then there was this half-comatose conversation at 5 am:

Me: “What time did you put Sophie in her cot?”

K: “I gave her to The Others”

Me: “Oh, okay..”

(5 minutes later)

Me: “WTF do you mean you gave her to the others?? Where is she?? (I was carrying her)”

K: “The Others, you know, I had to give her to The Others so they could take over and look after her”

Me: “Who are they? What did you do with my baby? Where did you put her?”

K: “You’re carrying her”

Me: “Oh.”

 If she wasn’t so cute I don’t know how I would even make it through the days (and nights) so we are just taking it one day – make it one HOUR – at a time. Sigh.

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 9.16.32 PM




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