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Sophie turns 1 month old tomorrow, and that means that … *drumroll* Mummy (that’s me) and Baby (that’s her) get to finally go out and have some freedom !

With that in mind, K and I decided that we would need to buy a baby car seat for her. We’d put it off previously because we weren’t sure about whether to get an Infant car seat or somehow put it off until she was 12 months old and then buy one that would last us through ages 1-3. (Traffic Police, I hope you are not reading this).  We had also heard from fellow parents about fussy babies who refused to be put into car seats and would scream until they were carried so we wanted to wait and see what our baby’s temperament was like before taking the plunge.

In the end, we decided we had to invest in an infant (newborn to 13 months) car seat because the few times that we brought Sophie out and carried her in our arms, we felt very unsafe. Every time the car took a turn, I would shift my entire body weight so that my CG would remain stable and Sophie would not be startled.

After deciding to get a car seat, we looked up the brands and found that for infant car seats, the Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix seemed to be the best option.

Here’s why

  • Super compatible with most good pram brands. The Maxi-Cosi Cabrio Fix can be fixed onto all Stokke, Bugaboo and Joolz prams with an adaptor. We got a Joolz Earth Day pram.
  • “Cradle Shaped” with a handle – besides being able to be used as a car seat and a carrycot on a pram, the Cabrio Fix can also be used as a “bassinet” of sorts we can transport the baby in when we are, for example, in Church without the inconvenience of a pram and giving us more freedom than a baby carrier.
  • Our baby is small – she was 2.4 kg when we brought her home and after a month, she is still a tiny 3.4 kg and about the same size as many newborns – so if she continues to grow at this rate, we are pretty sure that she can maximize the 13 months in the Cabrio Fix.

We initially decided to buy the Cabrio Fix from MotherCare for around $350 ++ but after doing some research we decided to look for a second hand one instead. It made sense, because most of the second hand Cabrio Fixes should be in quite good condition, having been in service for a maximum of just a year. $350++ was also quite prohibitive cost wise as we had forked out about $1,700 for the stroller and we already had a Baby Bjorn carrier.

So – my industrious husband went online and we snagged a great deal – a Marble Pink Cabrio Fix was up for grabs at just $140 after being used for just 7-8 months. We figured this was a better deal than the older ones which were going at $80-90 because we are quite particular about the condition the seat was in. K went down to the seller’s place to check it out, pronounced it in excellent condition, and promptly purchased it.

Apparently his quality control is pretty spot on because it looked good as new – no scuffs, washed before being put up for sale (very clean) and even the labels weren’t faded at all (puffs chest up in pride on behalf of my husband). And although Sophie gave me the stink eye when we put her in, we are pretty sure she likes it too because she fell asleep in it after a few minutes.

My conclusion is, if you are intending to buy the Cabrio Fix to adapt onto your prams (we aren’t going to because we think its too much hassle to keep having to take the car seat in and out of the car and fixing it onto our stroller, which is already equipped with a newborn insert), get it first hand because you’re going to see some wear and tear.

However, if, like us, you are just looking for an infant car seat to use for a year or just toting it around for short trips out, look out for second hand deals online on parenting forums and the like – there are real treasures to be found with a little bit of sleuthing. ^^

We are using her car seat tomorrow for the first time to bring her for her Full Month Celebration Lunch with the family, can’t wait ! ^^ And cannot believe that our little munchkin is already 30 days old – where did the time go?

Drop me a comment or e-mail me if you guys have any questions concerning buying a car seat and I’d be happy to help as much as I can with my limited experience (but quite a lot of research).

Posts on buying a baby carrier and our pram up soon too!




4 thoughts on “Shopping for Baby S x Maxi Cosi Carseat

  1. Lady J says:

    What a great deal! Love the colour that suits Sophie. We got a Maxi Cosi infant seat too in the end as we were also thinking if we should just get one that she can use from birth till toddler, but the designs were all so bulky, so we settled for the Maxi Cosi before committing ourselves to a bigger one eventually. 🙂

    1. libbyty says:

      Thank you !! Did you guys also get the Cabrio-Fix or the more expensive one which can also be installed on planes? (saw that you travel a lot and assumed that you’d want to bring baby along asap :)) We’ve used the Cabrio-fix four times since we’ve gotten it and its a dream ! – Sophie loves sleeping in it, the sunshade is so handy. Just that its a little heavy to tote around !

  2. Lady J says:

    Hmm, I don’t know the exact model of the Maxi-Cosi we got but we got it because I loved the colour.. pink leopard prints ;p Not sure if it can even be installed on planes.. It was a deal we got at Taka baby fair. Haha 🙂 I can imagine it’s heavy to lug it in and out of the car, not sure if we will do that.

    1. libbyty says:

      Pink leopard prints – your baby is going to have so much swag ! 🙂

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