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The Teo Family – all pink errthang!

On 18 April 2014, our little girl turned one month old ! 🙂 Her biggest milestone to date since her birth.

In the past 30 days, she’s changed and grown so much, every day there is something new and some more to love about Sophie and she has brought us so much joy (and tears, of both the moved and frustrated beyond belief variety) but one thing is for sure, because of our little Princess Peanut, our lives have changed forever .. and for the better. ❤

K and I hadn’t really made any big Full Month party plans because in our family, schedules are always fluid, what with both sets of grandparents based in Hong Kong and Jakarta accordingly, its so difficult to pin everyone down. So we organized a simple lunch at Jade in Fullerton Hotel. We ordered a pretty cake, and thought that it would be a lovely, uneventful little celebration !



The only photo of our little munchkin in her special vintage rosebud baby dress -_-

Unfortunately, our little bub bub / Guest of Honor had other ideas. She was cranky the entire morning, having slept through the night, and wanted to be nursed non stop. She also totally hated the special vintage rosebud dress I had ordered for her from the States (I think it may have been too flimsy) and fussed non stop unless she was swaddled, which totally defeated the purpose of wearing a pretty dress.

Nonetheless, we made it to the lunch in three pieces (heh), one buggy and one diaper bag and one cake. We had the private room, everyone was in high spirits and cooing over Sophie, and it turned out to be a really great getting together of our two families.

Although my little sister Debs and my other little brother Nonny couldn’t be there, my heart was still filled with happiness and warmth watching my family interact and lavish love on our newest addition (we are clearly no strangers to babies in the home). 🙂

photo(19) copy 2

My darling Mama with David and Baby S.


The food at Jade was great as usual – its our third time there for their dim sum a la carte buffet and the service was great ! I’d recommend that you go for the yummy truffled yam puffs, chilli crab mantou, truffled bird’s nest double boiled soup, liu sha bao (flowing custard bun) and beef brisket. These are always delicious, but the standard fare like their guo tie, cheese dumplings, XLB, char siew puffs, chicken feet etc are definitely above average too !

Also, always check with the server if they are bringing in dishes for the entire table or just a few single sized servings. We made the mistake of not clarifying that and ended up with thirteen of everything – were completely over-stuffed by the end of the meal !


K’s mom and grandmother (now a great grandmother!) admire Sophie

K’s grandmother specially came down from Palembang to see her first great-grandchild. K is also the first grandchild of his generation on his mother’s side, and I am the first grandchild on my mother’s. Sophie is the first great-grandchild of her generation on all four sides (my parents, K’s parents) so everyone has been so excited to see and hold her – we’ve been frantically pencilling in visits and its been pretty exhausting !

   Celebrated with a specially ordered dusty violet ombre cake from Cake Stand SG

On the outside:

photo 3

Sophie’s very pretty ombre cake in dusty violet from Cake Stand SG


We thought it especially apt to get a cake with rosettes because her name is Sophie Rose and we (okay, I) love the color lilac ! I’ve always wanted to have an ombre birthday cake since they started getting popular but could never find a good reason to splash out so we did it for her instead !

photo 2

On the inside – even prettier but taste wise, a little stale and stodgy.


Unfortunately, the butter cake on the inside tasted a bit stale and it was kind of stodgy – everyone had to share their huge six layered slices.

Before we left – a group shot !


Group shot !

I look deceptively like I’m almost back in shape but I’m sorry to say, I remain 10 kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight and weight loss to date has remained at just 8 kg. I thought I would lose weight from breastfeeding but unfortunately I have been eating extra just to keep my supply up – once I eat a little less my supply drops drastically – so I will just have to stay fat until we are done with the breastfeeding. Sigh saggy stomach, sigh thunder thighs and lardy arms!

 We were just out for lunch – but by the end of the meal we were completely exhausted ! All that was left to do was to head home, clean up our grumpy munchkin, and it was all in the bed for a much-needed afternoon nap!


Post-lunch, pre-nap

Of course, that was Sophie’s cue to start gurgling and acting cute, opening her eyes and looking at us hopefully (play with me!) after spending the whole lunch keeping her lids grouchily shut. Sigh.





2 thoughts on “Easter Weekend x Sophie’s Full Month !

  1. Dewi says:

    Such a beautiful family!

    1. libbyty says:

      Thank you 🙂

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