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Today was the first day of our “dream week”. K is currently on one week’s break as he switches from his old job to his new one and I am, of course on maternity leave so we have one precious week of being able to spend quality time with each other and Princess Peanut. ^^

I am SO determined to make the best of it. So despite feeling pretty under the weather today after developing a slight runny nose over the weekend, we decided to head out with Sophie for a day at Takashimaya – one of our favourite couple hangouts and also home to what could be the cleanest and most spacious nursing rooms in town.

Yes, we now plan our destinations according to how accessible the nearest nursing rooms are, anything > 3 hours requires us to be within 10 minutes of a fully equipped nursing room, anything <1 hour we tend to wing it and go anywhere we want to).

Some people .. mostly older ones have chided us for bringing out the baby so “young” and recommend that we continue to stay at home with her for another month before starting to go out.

While there is some truth and common sense in that, I have insisted on bringing Sophie out anyway because of the following reasons.

  1. I believe in starting to bring Sophie out young to a variety of places so that she can get used to the sights and sounds of the world around her as her own senses are developing. We don’t just bring her to shopping centres – she’s done a trip to ECP, around our estate, to cafes for brunch, and even Easter Mass. I’ve read about babies being kept at home until they are 3 months old and have fully developed their senses – when brought out they tend to have a sensory overload and panic, making getting them used to the outside world tougher.
  2. We do our research before heading out – deciding where we want to eat, how many hours we will stay out, and looking up how baby friendly the place we are going is. We are also very careful not to over expose her to germs as we are aware that babies are extra susceptible to bacteria and viruses.
  3. We have to “train up” – before K goes back to work and its just Sophie and I from Monday to Friday, I need to get used to bringing Baby out, changing and feeding her, working the pram and the baby carrier. So many details – from how to pack her diaper bag, to planning and expressing milk in advance and making sure I wear clothes which are breastfeeding friendly, have to be considered. Phewf it sometimes feels like an achievement just getting out the door ! -_-
  4. This one is kind of selfish – but I really can’t bear being stuck at home any longer. I have already developed post natal blues from being stuck at home and today, after an afternoon out, I feel so much better and more positive – in turn I can be more patient and loving to Sophie, so I think its worth the hassle of doing our homework and a little stress when she gets fussy when we’re out.


So here’s how Sophie’s day out at Ngee Ann City went down !

First, dressing up – this is depressing but I still can only fit into the largest 10 per cent of my old wardrobe. I’m still 10 kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight and still a UK 10-12 up from being a UK 6-8 😦 Some clothes fit at the waist but can’t get past my chest, some can fit in my chest but snag at my hips. I’m trying to be patient about weight loss but its really kind of a downer.

I decided to cheer myself up by wearing my new Sabo Skirt playsuit in their incredible prism dusk rose print !

(I know the quality of my photos have dropped quite drastically in recent posts but no choice – no time to take out my Pen, have to rely on the IPhone for every thing and photos a la minute)



Playsuit from Sabo Skirt – loose shoulder straps make this really ideal for breastfeeding and its so airy and comfortable that I don’t get all sticky from post-partum perspiration.

Cardigan – pretty and oh-so-comfy/soft bamboo fibre lavender cardigan from Jac at Halo Lale. It goes so well with all my pastel clothes and I used it throughout my pregnancy too !

Shoes – Fit flops in gold calf leather. Yes, I’m still in my fit flops. My Ferragamos, in their rainbow of colors, are still too small for my feet, which grew 1.5 sizes during my pregnancy. I’m still waiting for them to shrink back. Have succumbed and bought another pair of FF to sustain me in the meantime, I can’t go about stumbling in too-small shoes and wincing from blisters all the time.

Purse – Yay ! My push present to myself and Sophie and my dream bag ! A black Hermes Kelly 32.

And of course, our trusty Joolz Earth Day stroller in Navy Blue Parrot, another one of our splurges for Sophie we don’t regret (the other major purchase being our Stokke Sleepi Cot)

We took a walk around the Taka Food Hall, trying out the new Smoulder Lava Cakes – which were pretty good, if not hot enough.

Then (of course) we proceeded to the Taka Children baby and children section. We generally refuse to buy anything if its not on sale, but we made notes of the things we liked (there is this gorgeous pale pink checked Burberry dress!) and we’re going to wait for the Member’s Sale – no point forking out full-price for clothes which Sophie will outgrow in a matter of weeks.

Then the munchkin had her first emergency and got hungry πŸ™‚ We zoomed to the Nursing Room, and were really pleasantly surprised by how spacious, clean and pretty it was ! 5 private breastfeeding stalls kitted out in pale tiffany blue wallpaper which come fully equipped with a large nursing chair, a side table with a power socket and a diaper table.

Sophie was clearly having fun –


I can’t believe how she is different every day ! Today she decided to be cheeky and treated us to a variety of funny faces. Then, she pooped all over her onesie mid-change. We hadn’t packed an extra and were prepared to head home – when the most amazing thing happened ! We had run into one of K’s ex-colleagues earlier and she had congratulated us on the birth of Sophie. Next thing we knew, she appeared in the Nursing Room and gave us a prettily wrapped gift bag from Petit Bateau which held – taa daa, a brand new floral onesie ! In size 6M, which actually was only a little big for S because she is a long baby! How God provides !

Β Next was grabbing tea at our “secret hideout” introduced to us by D. I’ve promised her not to disclose the location or the name of the place, so I won’t – but its probably the most affordable and quiet place to have cake and latte in NAC.

Mandatory family selfie –


Don’t you think its amazing how babies can be so awake one moment:


And completely knocked out the next?

Doesn’t Sophie look so different now that she always opens her eyes? Friends are saying that she’s starting to look like me, what do you guys think ?

Anyway, the ambitious us managed to continue our excursion – buying my Fit Flops at Wisma’s Isetan and then heading back to NAC for some Ginseng Chicken and Kimchi Pajeon at Crystal Jade – then Baby S had decided she’d had enough and started wailing for milk – making it officially time to head home.

We lasted 5 hours this time ! Feeling pretty proud of ourselves πŸ™‚




8 thoughts on “Sophie Day Out x Takashimaya

  1. You seem to have an enjoyable trip with Sophie. Taka’s nursing room is amazing isn’t it? They have friendly staff to help mothers and take care of children too. You look pretty after confinement and you will shed the kilos sooner than you know if you keep breastfeeding Sophie πŸ™‚

    1. libbyty says:

      Thanks Kristy ! I know you’re right but can’t help it lah, still feel that sinking feeling every time I step on a scale so.. going to avoid stepping on it too often until I can do something about it ! ^^ Thanks for the encouragement !

  2. S says:

    you look fantastic, especially in this playsuit! (: don’t worry about the weight gain for now. still a very pretty, well-groomed mom!

    1. libbyty says:

      Thanks S .. I know I’m still a long way to what I used to be but I have four months to lose it :))))

  3. Lady J says:

    You look great in that playsuit! And good to hear that you are taking small steps to beat those blues. I’ve heard about how staying cooped up at home with a wailing baby can be trying for a new mom, taking small steps and heading out with bb S to get some sanity is important. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to reading more adventures with bb S.

    1. libbyty says:

      Thanks J !!! I’m assuming you’re going to be one of those moms who can’t wait to get out and bring her baby around too ! πŸ™‚

  4. Lady J says:

    Oh and love the push present!!!! ENVY πŸ™‚

    1. libbyty says:

      Heh thanks.. the hubs got me something else but I decided that I was getting Sophie and me something I could pass to her when she’s older too !!

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