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Just the Two of Us

Yup, tea for two has been re-defined πŸ™‚ Baby Sophie and I had our first Mommy and Me teatime yesterday at 12 cupcakes while her Daddy got his hair cut (and a respite from the two demanding girls in his life).

I’ve tried all kinds of cupcakes and there’ve been more misses than hits but 12 cupcakes almost always hits the mark for me. While my favourite cupcake of all time will always be Hummingbird Bakery’s giant Red Velvet monstrosities, when in Singapore I tend to like lighter-tasting, easier on the waist kinds of pastries. 12 cupcakes’ are just the right size to me – gone in three forkfuls, and the crumb is light and moreish. I love that they have special flavours every day and that their quality control is pretty good despite there being so many outlets !

Of course, not all their cupcakes are good – I find the rainbow vanilla ones bland, the chocolate ones not rich or velvety enough and the strawberry ones are a little artificial. But the Red Velvet ones have just the right ratio of cream cheese to cake, and the Rose ones, when available, fly off the shelves for a reason – the cream is light, perfumed with rose and the cake is fluffy like a cloud !

I may have found another new favourite – their Maple Pancakes one, which is maple flavoured cream cheese icing on a honey cake. It was just perfect with my hot cup of chamomile tea. The staff were lovely and provided me with a cup of hot water to heat up Soph’s expressed BM, and the Baby was being an absolute darling, cooing at me and smiling at her rabbit, Mr Fifi Lapin. I really enjoyed those 20 minutes of girl time with her and was almost sad when K came back !

Behold, Happy Baby at 1 month and 4 days !

photo 1

My smiley baby all wrapped up in her Aden and Anais bamboo wrap and bundled up next to Mr Fifi Lapin and his Ma Poupee strap.

With a newborn, you can tell almost every day that they are growing and learning. For example, just last week Sophie was still unable to focus on a toy or our faces, but yesterday she waved her arms at her cot mobile and even tried to sneak a side-look at Mr Fifi when we put him next to her ! Mr Fifi, by the way, is her new BFF – bought so thoughtfully by her Grand-Aunty Cat in Australia. He’s made of organic cotton and a super pretty, soft heather gray. There’s even a little rattle inside !

Vivocity’s nursing rooms were a pleasant surprise. We didn’t go to the large nursing rooms but next to most of the restrooms are private changing rooms with a bench, hot water dispenser, sink and changing table. I would have liked it to be a bit more private because the automated door was more like a screen and a little see-through, plus anyone could come in with the press of a button. But the room was REALLY clean, comfortable and big enough for two people and one giant buggy.

Here I am, using my muslin cotton nursing cover which has served me very well ! I was considering getting one of Pupsik but I had heard feedback that for clumsier first time mothers who lack experience nursing, we could end up exposing our sides or our backs when our t-shirts ride up as we fumble around trying to get baby to latch.

This cover has a see-through mesh top and covers me all the way to my hips. I got it from a baby fair – at the Joy Luck Club Maternity booth !

photo 3_meitu_3

Peering at Sophie through my nursing cover !

(Skip this part if you’re not interested in reading about breastfeeding and formula)

Speaking of breastfeeding, this is also sadly the week when we have decided that we need to supplement with formula. This was such an agonizing decision for us. It wasn’t always, though, we had always been open to the idea of feeding Sophie formula should my supply be too low. But once we got onto the Internet (oh, that double edged sword) and started reading up on how to supplement / what formula works, we were overwhelmed by the information overload !

First, there were the breastfeeding warriors who condemned FM and made me feel shitty for not doing enough to maintain my supply (I really tried – latching every hour, drinking fish papaya soup, drinking milkmaid / fennel tea, eating more meat, drinking one giant cup of milo every night, boob massage but my supply remains the same and is no longer enough for Sophie’s growing appetites)

Then there were those who warned against what FM would do to my baby – apparently FM fed babies are extra colicky, less well nourished, have super smelly poo and fart alot ?! And are always constipated ?? I can’t imagine all this to be true because I know so many babies who are happy and plump on formula – but it still freaked me out all the same.

Finally after getting past the BF warriors and the FM consequences, there was the big question – what formula ? Most hospitals in Singapore use NAN HA Gold because its hypoallergenic and apparently the closest to breast milk but a quick Google revealed some giant protest against NAN HA in Australia causing babies to get sick ?

We were loathe to go against our PD’s advice and had already bought a $60 tin of NAN HA so eventually we decided to give her a 90 ml feeding a day whilst still nursing her as many times as before. The first night she broke wind something terrible but luckily there was no awful smell and she didn’t get angry or colicky. Today is our third day feeding her an extra 90 ml a day and she seems to be fine so we’ll see how it goes ! If it doesn’t work out we are intending to try out S26 or Bellamy’s Organic, and if she’s allergic to those, Karicare Goat’s Milk.

Mummies out there, any advice?


Back to more light-hearted things, another triumph of the day – K, Soph and I managed to take our first proper family selfie without someone’s eyes half-closed / screaming baby / stressed looking mother / accidentally cutting someone’s head or part of face off.

Β photo

Right, so next step – convincing Sophie to look at the camera and stop eyeing my chest (she was really hungry)




2 thoughts on “Sophie Day Out x Tea for Two

  1. Lady J says:

    Everyone will have a different opinion on the feeding options a baby should have (BM vs FM). Try not to let their views affect you too much nor beat yourself too much for the choices you make. You do what is right for your own child and no one should fault you for that. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

    1. libbyty says:

      Yes I’m learning fast when it comes to raising babies, just about everyone I know has an opinion on everything ! Used to get frustrated but now I just accept the advice and then do my own research – as long as I’m comfortable with what I’m doing then its good enough for me – plus a mother’s intuition is seldom wrong, right ? πŸ™‚ From your last post I’m gathering you got the Stokke Sleepi !! If yes, congratulations !! Its our best buy and you’re going to love it even more when Bub comes πŸ™‚

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