Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

photo 1

Our Little Bow Baby ❤

It’s been a long day, and ended quite fraught !

It started out very well – Soph was in a great mood all morning, gurgling and giggling her way into the hearts of my Japanese hair stylist and his staff, entertaining herself with Mr Fifi through our lunch at Waraku, and even made it through two office visitations – to the Yahoo! crib and K’s workplace – and finally cracked around 5 pm when she became a red-faced cranky mess, the poor thing.

A lot has to be said about a mother’s intuition – I was really sure around 4:30 pm that we would need to go home asap because Sophie’s good humour was starting to ebb .. she was sleeping fitfully in my arms and had stopped smiling. K, being the task-oriented slave driver he is, kept insisting that we should deliver two more boxes of Sophie’s Full Month cupcakes to his aunts. In the end, I was left fuming with a sweaty, frustrated infant in the car while he rushed around making small talk and distributing the cakes.

He’s admitted he shouldn’t have stretched us like that, and while I am still very annoyed (its already 4 hours later and Sophie has only just settled after nursing on and off non stop for comfort) I think we could all learn from this – 1) I should have been more firm about going home and 2) K should know there’s no bargaining with babies and they need their sleep !

But I’m going to focus on the good of the day – in the above photo, Sophie was such a darling brick she even allowed us to festoon her head with her first bow ! Mind you, its an organic cotton bow and made specially for babies – no torture was involved contrary to what my friends would think ^^

K and I are especially proud of Sophie’s Full Month cupcake box (machiam we made it ourselves).

We had thought of several options, including the usual boxed-sets for $8.90 which consist of two red eggs, two ang ku kueh, two pastries and a baby photo card.

We decided to spurn the traditional full month gift because we know from experience that no one really eats the eggs and it would be such a waste. The cakes from these $9 boxes usually are quite blah, too – dry sponge or over sweet and a bit artificial cream cakes.

Also, we didn’t want to give out baby photo cards because we didn’t want to burden our relatives and friends with the dilemma of what to do with our Baby’s face after they have consumed the food – keeping it (for what?) or throwing it away (seems not so nice).  They could just check Sophie out on FB and save some paper 🙂

Another suggestion we threw out (and K and I personally thought reeked of insincerity) were those cake gift cards which new parents mail (MAIL?!) out to the recipients, who in turn have to go to the cake outlet to pick up their full month gift. I know its supposedly “convenient” and all but its also lazy and makes those who receive them (and bothered to visit the baby) feel like an afterthought. That’s the last thing we wanted.

We considered sending out small boxes of gourmet chocolates from Godiva or Leonidas and even giving out a mini Baumkuchen cake, but in the end we settled for the super cute, yummy and bite-sized mini cupcakes from 12 cupcakes !

At 12 a box, they are enough for larger families and you can mix and match the flavours so there is something for every one. People also won’t baulk at eating an entire cupcake by themselves – just one pop and they are gone.

Of course, we still wanted to personalize them for Sophie, so we ordered baby pink fondants – an ‘S’ star for Sophie and tiny pink baby feet (I just died from the kawaii-ness of those toes) and I hand-printed a label for every box.

photo 2

In each box – Two Vanilla Rainbow, Four Red Velvet, Two Cookies and Cream, Two PB & J, Two Chocolate Chocolate.

Everyone who has received them have said they loved them so far ! (No choice la, also cannot say not nice)

For my side of the family, my mum helped out a lot ! Together with my Dad’s chaffeur in Hong Kong, she managed to buy back about 15 tins of the much raved about Jenny Bakery butter cookies. We used to be able to buy them without queuing but since the whole world found out about them, they’ve instituted a quota of 5 tins per person -_- and the queue time is usually over an hour.

Ridiculous ! But the tins are so cute and the cookies are crazily melt in your mouth buttery, especially the coffee swirls so my Mummy thought they would make lovely Full Month gifts (can keep for up to a month, too!)

photo(19) copy 9

Jenny Cookie tins!

Yeah, I’m crazy. I made personalized, hand-stamped labels for every tin. But I really want to show how grateful we are for all those who visited and lavished Baby Sophie with such pretty gifts of clothes, toys, attention, love etc.

Sophie was a real hit at the Yahoo! office, too – there was a minor commotion when, as Jea puts it, the Little Bow Baby made her first invasion into our workplace as the latest Yahoo! employee.

photo 2

Cupcakes for Meeee?

Maybe it had something to do with the office atmosphere – the Yahoo! office is the most employee friendly, open, fun and vibrant workplace I have ever had the privilege of working in – but Sophie was in her absolute element ! She smized her way into everyone’s hearts and even got away with doing a HUGE poop while being carried by my colleague Nurul (of course the poop was in the diaper). My neglected and dusty desk was thus christened with the changing of Sophie’s first Yahoo! diaper. -_-

photo 1

I’m the newest Baby Yahoo!


As our dream week draws to an end and K’s time to return to his new workplace draws near, I feel inexplicably emo – we’ve been joined at the hip almost 24/7 since Sophie arrived and while I know I can definitely cope with him back at work since I have my faithful, super capable helper with me (she is family), it won’t be the same – I won’t be able to share those Sophie firsts as immediately with him. But what am I saying – come July, I might not even be home to see those firsts 😦 The thought is depressing but I am hell bent on enjoying my maternity leave with Sophie as much as possible !

The weekend is here ! We’re celebrating our furkid Benjy’s 3rd birthday tomorrow with brunch at Quayside Isle, poor little bugger needs more attention and I’m going to hug him extra tight tonight !




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