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Well, Benjamin actually turned 3 on the 24th of April but because of a combination of nasty weather and cranky baby, we couldn’t bring him out till yesterday ! I’m not sure if he even knows what is going on, but K and I felt so bad about not throwing him something nice ! 

Unfortunately for us, it was rainy again, so Kith at Quayside was out. We ended up at Kith @ Robertson Quay instead.


Just the three of us ( no, not really, can you spot No. 4 ?)

 Kith @ RQ, sadly, was underwhelming. Their kitchen was closed for the afternoon and there were only drinks and pastries left. Nevertheless, we were determined to make the best of the situation – and Benjy didn’t seem to mind one bit !

Our little fatty didn’t get a cake this year – he’s put on 2 kg in the past month and is tipping the scales at a hefty 6.9kg so we have decided to put him on a diet – no more feeding him munchies from the table until he is trimmer and more walks.

Instead, he got a scrummy Rainbow Sprinkles Bone, which he crunched with such gusto !

photo(19) copy 10

I can has bone?

K and I settled for a Lavender Earl Grey tea (which was so refreshingly yummers at Quayside but only ok here), an Iced Latte (still delicious! Almost a meal in itself and so sinful but its my first large iced coffee since my last trimester!) and a scone with home-made jam.

It was not a bad tea all in all, I really enjoyed my latte and the weather was cool but then – its Singapore – rain means mozzies and Baby S was getting all fretful from the buzzing.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Tea for 3 !

As testament to how horribly uncool K and I have become, we unabashedly serenaded Benjy with Happy Birthday, very loudly and openly. Lets just say it attracted some really weird stares but Benjy looked so happy with all the attention he was getting I figured he deserved an extra loud birthday song to make up for the belatedness of it all 🙂

photo(19) copy 11

Number Four didn’t want to be left out of the tea-time fun and guzzled 50 mls of EBM before burping happily and falling asleep.

Yes, K and I can now, after 1 week of going out, basically feed Sophie anytime anywhere there is hot water. Luckily, she is good about bottles (Chu chu baby – no nipple confusion, no colic!) and doesn’t mind the taste of formula as long as she is really hungry.


 Although I do miss the days when it was just Benjy and me and he would just cuddle up to my side on the sofa for hours while I blogged, surfed the net, watched trashy television while laughing like a madwoman, or finished a whole e-book on my KOBO in one afternoon undisturbed, he’s been such a beaut with Sophie that I really cannot complain.

He sniffs her and takes a mild interest in her every time she is on her princess bean bag on the ground, and hangs around her cot looking mildly distressed when she cries. He does get cranky when she wakes up screaming in the middle of the night but one can hardly blame him .. we’re talking a Schnauzer who needs at least 12 hours of sleep a day and hasn’t been getting any since this noisy little human came into his life.

Dear Benjy, please stay as lovable, greedy and mild-mannered as you have been from the day we brought you home. You were our first dream baby and your sweet sweet soul and doeful eyes were our first foray into “parenthood” – and for that you will always be extra special to us.

After tea, we headed for the park connector with Benjy and Baby to take a nice stroll. It was rather sticky and humid but B was having so much fun romping through the wet grass and making friends with other dogs we ended up strolling around for about 20 minutes before the Little Bow Baby started her bawling red faced histrionics again 🙂

photo 2

Good news, although my weight is stagnant, my waist and ginormous child-bearing hips have started to “contract” somewhat and I’m able to fit into more of my older, bigger sized clothing. Every time I tell my friends this they snidely say its my fault for having a wardrobe consisting almost entirely of short dresses and skanky shorts ( I beg to differ ) but you know what, that’s my encouragement to lose all the weight !

Hope you guys are all having a lovely weekend !







2 thoughts on “Benjy is 3 !

  1. Lady J says:

    Sounds like a fun day out with your 2 precious babies! 🙂 We usually celebrate Sparky’s birthdays at home because we love singing Happy Birthday at the top of our voices to him. Plus he always makes a mess out of his cake so celebrating at home is easier!

    Thanks for your write-up on Chu Chu Baby… I bought the teats to try and hopefully this wont cause nipple confusion to the bubs.

    1. libbyty says:

      It was ! 🙂 Sparky is adorable – such gentle loving looking eyes ! Do you guys make your own doggy birthday cakes ?

      No problem about the Chu-chu – good things must share and now that I’ve seen so many new moms struggling with babies having nipple confusion / rejecting bottle / trying bottle and then rejecting the boob / getting colicky I think its super important to do some research ! I’ve heard that Dr Brown is really good too !

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