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Friends for 16 years .. and life !

So I very ambitiously attempted to go on my first Girls’ Night Out since .. my second trimester.

The objective of the night was to stuff myself silly with my childhood friends M and C at Irodori and then head for drinks at The Wine Connection – DRINKS ! ALCOHOL ! SUSHI ! – or basically everything that I had been depriving myself of firstly because of my pregnancy and then subsequently because I am breastfeeding.

The night started off great – we were falling over ourselves laughing and catching up and basically eating too much but refusing to feel guilty about it. C’s famed greediness has reached new heights – she very proudly declared that she had worn her “buffet dress” in anticipation of eating to the point of explosion.

It came complete with a full demonstration of her black dress’ expandable drawstring waist and a look of extreme triumph. I couldn’t help it, I nearly exposed myself from sniggering until I bent double. It really amazes me how the three of us have changed so little since we were 11. Or rather, our 26 year old selves have completely rescinded into the us of our childhoods (my own volatile personality has fluctuated a lot over the years).

I am also so very happy for M, who has found .. dare I say it, Love ! The details are private and her business only, but suffice to say, she is being ROMANCED (in capital letters) and C and I were green with envy – us old married women. For M, every night is a date night, every date is a swirling, giddy affair of getting to know someone new and those jitters of infatuation ! Oh my heart eyes, I would so like to go through it again !

Unfortunately for me, conversation between K and I at the moment is almost 100 per cent limited to one topic: The Baby. And after almost 8 years of being together, gifts and flowers have become suspect. When I receive flowers these days, I give him the slitty eye and demand to know what wrongdoings he has committed or what overseas trip / work trip / 3 week long reservist he will have to go on soon, dumping me at home alone.

And if he says something romantic, I am more likely to start correcting his grammar than to swoon in his arms. Something clearly has to be done about this state of affairs soon but it will have to wait for Sophie to finally be able to communicate in anything besides grunts, wails and the occasional toothless grin.

Anyway, back to the Girls’ Night Out (see how everything has become about the baby) – We really had a blast, and I’m so glad that they are completely willing to join me in my blatant adoration of my baby despite being at completely different life stages from me. I had worried that some of my friends would feel alienated or detached from my all-consuming baby mania but I needn’t have. 🙂 I had even gone so far as to avoid C and M in the early weeks post baby because I felt that I was still obsessed and would be bad company but yes, needless worries.  We’ve got a Cedele breakfast date – with baby ! – planned for tomorrow and I can’t wait !

After that awesome dinner – where I ate enough sashimi to endanger the salmon population – we managed to get down two desserts and a bottle of Riesling before the panicked phone call I had been anticipating all evening came. Actually, I missed 3 calls and my husband ended up spamming M knowing that she was more likely to pick up instead.

I was promptly treated to an ear-blasting from angry Dad on a rampage, accused, in not so many words, of being a bad mother and depriving my newborn child of milk for .. jeng jeng, 1 hour.  K had called me at 9 pm insisting that she was starving – but she had just had a full feed at 7:20 and wasn’t due till 9:20 at the earliest. In any case, he could have simply made her another bottle of formula, but he refused, saying that she had hit her maximum quota of two replacement feeds that day.

Feeling extremely guilty both towards K and Sophie and to M and C, who had been so excited about the night, I announced my imminent departure. The two darlings immediately insisted on accompanying me / sending me back and firmly pooh-poohed my cabbing plans. J, C’s husband, even came down to drive us all home. It was a great, laughter filled ride back and I really am so grateful for friends like these.

I sneaked in shamefaced through the door expecting to see a raging K but surprisingly, he was quite calm – mostly due to the fact that S was  no longer on a extending crying jag. Thank God for good timing.

As much as I’d like to be one of those mothers who have enough milk to store packets and packets in the fridge, I’ve acknowledged that my body has some kind of waste not want not mentality and will only produce the bare minimum to keep my baby alive. Even with all kinds of supplements, teas, soups and frantic pumping every two hours to improve supply, nothing is happening and supplementing with formula is really the only way for me to go while preserving my sanity.

That, or simply bringing Sophie everywhere with me so that she can help herself to whatever goodness there is left in my udders which she hasn’t already drained dry.

Breaking out the Baby Bjorn for breakfast tomorrow ! Wish me luck on my first foray out with Sophie without K !




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