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Just another one of the myriad shameless ways Mommy tries to get Daddy to come home from work early!

Sophie Rose is now in her 6th week, otherwise known as the first week since K went back to work and started his new job !

I can’t say we are ecstatic about not having him around – one less pair of hands to help rock S, do the feeds etc and I am now basically in charge of all nocturnal activities because he needs his beauty sleep (apparently I don’t and am consigned to a fate of hag-hood), but its good to have some time apart – we were starting to seriously squabble over Sophie’s care-giving.

I do miss him at the end of the day, so I resort to these shameless tricks to lure him back home as early as possible – top of the list is sending him photos of Sophie in all her cuteness (including I Love You Daddy bib thoughtfully supplied by my Mother – I used to think these bibs were cheesy but now they make me a melty mess).

Et voila, success !

photo 1

Clearly, it works. ^^


Behavior wise, Sophie has gotten a LOT more demanding. She used to pass out, drunk on milk, after every feed thus allowing me a few hours of me-time and rest but now she needs to be cajoled to nap. She has also developed some seriously aggressive behavior, kicking and screaming if her milk is not given to her ASAP and then continuing to display her agitation by balefully vomiting out the first few mouthfuls and kicking me in the chest / tummy (never thought there was a use for all that flab until now).

So yes, she has her moments, many moments when she just drives me nuts and I threaten to give her away (got to stop doing that once she starts understanding) but my helper, Y, who is completely enamored of her will promptly snatch her away from her “evil mummy” and patiently coax her into taking a nap.

Growth wise, all good! She’s now 5 cm longer than she was at birth and weighing in at 4 kg, up from just 2.4 kg when she first came home.

Which also means  … we can now use her Baby Bjorn without feeling too worried that she is too small !

K has brought her out once in it already but we mostly stuck to her Joolz buggy because her neck was still pretty floppy. Now, she is 0.5 kg above the 3.5kg minimum weight to use the BB so we figured its pretty safe.

Here’s our review of the Baby Bjorn Active

photo 3

Out and about for the first time without K ! Sophie loves her Auntie Mints’ Audi for the smoothest ride!


The Baby Bjorn Active carrier can be used both inwards facing (towards your chest) and outwards facing (from about 5-6 months onwards). It’s recommended for use from 3.5 – 12 kg and can be used from 0+ (newborn) if you get the newborn insert.

We don’t believe in newborn things because basically you don’t get any wear out of them – the only newborn item we invested in was the newborn insert for her Joolz buggy because its huge and she was such a tiny pea.

Why we chose the Baby Bjorn Active Airy Mesh:

  • It looked good. I know, I know, so superficial. But baby wearing should look good ! I baulked at the Ergo Baby, which looked like a giant fanny pouch with a baby. The Baby Bjorn actually looks kind of stylish, if baby carriers could look stylish, and its super light.
  • Very airy – I got feedback from Ergo Baby and Manduca users that they get very sweaty because of the material and how much the straps wrap around the body. We also chose the Airy Mesh option for even more breathability – there is also the plain version and the organic cotton version.

How has it worked out ? (The Pros)

  • Well, it still looked good ! People could actually tell what kind of top I was wearing because it wasn’t totally obscured by a giant baby carrier. I’m not sure this is a good or bad thing, though, because I guess with a bigger carrier one could get away with tops stained with baby milk vomit. Also, K is willing to use only the Baby Bjorn because he says the Ergo Baby is ugly and looks like a backpack.
  • Very breathable ! I wore it out for 3 hours and no perspiring ! Baby was not hot or sticky too.
  • We picked the Active because I am mostly only using the carrier to take long walks with Sophie and I wanted as few straps and waist flaps as possible getting in the way.


How has it worked out ? (The Cons)

  • Support wise, I can totally see why people would go for the Ergo Baby, Manduca or Boba. The Baby Bjorn puts the weight of the baby almost entirely on my back and my shoulders. Although the Active comes with better back support than the more basic models, I still feel quite tired after carrying Sophie for a few hours. This is not that great, because at 4kg she’s still at the lighter end of the scale ! What’s going to happen when she’s 7 or 8 kg? Fortunately for K and I, we only intend to wear the baby until she is about 4/5 months max and then we will exclusively put her in the buggy. Also, there are the Baby Bjorn Comfort and Miracle models, which have extra support from the hip, which are just like the Ergo and company, but still more stylish !
  • A bit complicated to use – it has so many securing crampons etc that the first time we used it it took us 15 minutes to figure everything out. Once we did, though, it was a breeze to use and very, very secure and I can hitch her up in 2 minutes max.
  • The hip dysplasia controversy. I’m sure if you’re doing research on the Baby Bjorn, you would have come across an article online slamming it as the worst thing you could do for your baby. I’ve read the article, and I still decided to go for the Baby Bjorn. This is because, firstly, after doing my own research, I found that there is no real way the carrier can cause hip dysplasia unless the baby already has a joint problem. There’s a lot of facts backing this up. Secondly, there is only a fear of uncomfortable “crotch dangling” if you’re carrying a huge baby ! Sophie is so small that its practically only her ankles sticking out of the side of the carrier, even after 6 weeks. She’s not going to be dangling by her crotch anytime soon – and if your baby is dangling by his or her crotch, he or she is clearly too big for the Baby Bjorn !  Read this, it was extremely helpful !


In conclusion:

I would still buy the Baby Bjorn Active because it suits all my purposes and needs. I wanted a baby-wearer which I could exercise with, I wanted something neat, minimalist and stylish, and I wanted something that would be breathable and comfortable, because I really hate perspiring and getting all flushed in public.

Another reason I love the carrier ? Its like sleeping magic ! Sophie just knocks out every time I put her in it and she’s snoring within 3 minutes ! It keeps her close to my chest and heart, warm, and I feel so happy carrying her around knowing she is strapped safely to my chest and I can smell her sweet little head and give her a kiss anytime I want to ! I would highly recommend wearing your baby (no matter what carrier you use) if you want to bond better with her. I am one of those 20 per cent of mothers who didn’t instantly bond with my baby (nope, no overwhelming rush of maternal love at first sight) so I have been trying to find ways and means to connect better with her, and this is definitely one way which helps.

Ending off with a video of Baby Sophie and her new hamburger cheeks (its just the angle, really, but they looked so pinchable in the video I had to upload it!)

Sophie’s Instavids Episode 2: Sophie the Conductor and part-time Hamburger


Its a four day week ! Enjoy !




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