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 We had a wonderful Labour Day out today, K, Sophie and I (again).

K surprised us with a planned brunch and reservation at Five & Dime, an Aussie-style eatery along River Valley Road ! He had actually chosen the place because they serve Omu Rice – an inside joke between the two of us (think Rooftop Prince) but we went for breakfast instead because they only had two seatings, 10 am and 2 pm.

Well I’m not sure about the Omu Rice, but the breakfast was absolutely delicious !

Five & Dime is decidedly hipster. What with the colonial style black-and-white bamboo blinds in a too cool to be true retrofitted old shophouse next to a Buddhist temple. Which means we kind of loved it, even at the risk of being pretentious.

First, OOTDs !

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 Super comfy oversized knit in Oatmeal from Fox Out / Black leggings / Metallic Calf-leather Fit Flops (they really aren’t that ugly!) / Celine Tri-Color Luggage aka Diaper Bag / Baby S in Bebe Onesie & Pure Baby Organic Socks

FYI my Celine luggage makes a great diaper bag ! Not as good as my Joolz one, which comes with insulated side pockets all but good enough ! That one bag holds  1 bamboo swaddle / 1 wet bag / 1 milk bottle / 1 formula powder tupperware / 1 spare onesie / 3 diapers / 1 pot of baby bottom balm / 1 pack of wipes / 1 baby napkin bib / handphone / small camera / hand cream / kirei kirei sanitizer

Not bad eh ?


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Burberry Pink button-down / Minimum UK shorts / Tod’s pink loafers / IWC watch / Maxi-Cosi / Sleepy Baby


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 I love how we aren’t 3 but 2+1  🙂


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 Pot of hot Earl Grey tea was ordinary but sugared gems on the side were a treat ! My iced cafe latte was delicious ! Milky, sweet, icy and the coffee was smooth and velvety. Still not as great as the ones they serve at Kith but much better than the crap you get from Starbucks (which I also drink all the time anyway).


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 The pink iced gems were always my favourite as a child ! I’d dump the green and yellow on my brothers. I also always bit the ice gems off and tried to fob the soggy biscuit part (wet with saliva) on whichever unfortunate sibling had to share a packet with me. Why don’t they just sell the gems? ^^

The Brunch:

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 K had the Eggs Benny and I had the Corned Beef Hash !

K’s Eggs were reaaallly great ! They may have beat Spruce’s version, which only wins because it has more fancy options. The Eggs Benny at Five & Dime were cooked to perfection, and a lovely touch was that it was served on an old school coffee-shop sweet bun. The combination of runny/creamy egg yolk, fluffy egg whites, sweet bread and salty bacon was crazy addictive. We were supposed to share half / half but K basically wiped out 70 per cent of his plate before feeling bad and offering me a measly morsel.


My Corned Beef Hash was also pretty good. I am quite sure that they make the corned beef from scratch and not from a can so that’s a huge plus point, it isn’t drowning in grease and chemicals like the ones you get from the supermarket. It was however a little dry. The potatoes that came with the beef were deeelicious – crusty, a little spicy, and the perfect mix of soft and crunchy. The eggs were done well but nothing superfantastic – they went great with the pillowy thick toast.

And the little ramekin of fruits ? Surprisingly yummy ! Bananas, halved grapes, and strawberries marinated in orange juice. You know how bananas develop this strong almost alcoholic smell when they are ripe? The ripe banana slices combined with the juice made it taste really heady and even slightly tangy – so interesting !

 We liked the food so much we even went for desserts, which I am usually loathe to do because I really want to drop the pregnancy weight.

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Luckily, we did, because the Dark Chocolate Earl Grey Tart (limited portions every day) was to die for!

Think thick, dark, bittersweet chocolate ganache on a dark chocolate biscuit base topped with buttery crumble and tart strawberries. K and I were fighting for the last bites and we were practically moaning as we ate it. Thank goodness Sophie has a long way to go before she starts on solids – I can’t imagine having to share another 1/3 !

Five & Dime is definitely a keeper ! What’s more, parking is really convenient – there’s an open-air free carpark just next door !



At the rate we are bringing S out for brunches, she’s going to grow up to be some insufferable baby hipster. But until she does grow up to become an insufferable toddler hipster who thinks her parents are dorks, we are going to take as many goofy shudder worthy photos with her as possible.

Any baby friendly brunch places to recommend?

Hope you guys all had a great Labour Day holiday too – just one day till the weekend !




2 thoughts on “Hipster Sophie x Five & Dime

  1. Lady J says:

    Sophie is going to be a little foodie in time to come! 🙂 And that earl grey tart – you just set of my pregno cravings in that pic! Arh!!!

    1. libbyty says:

      Hehe I hope so ! I don’t know what I’d do with a picky baby – can’t wait to go on gastronomic holidays with her! Go try – its worth every calorie !

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