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I know ! Finally, a non-baby related post !

Well, sort of.  It’s my new skincare regimen since giving birth.

I’ve blogged before about my Holy Grail products and my skincare during my pregnancy here along with my review of the Clarisonic Mia 2

I said back then that I was just relying on two main products – Fresh’s Soy Cleanser as well as the Laneige Sleeping Pack – along with my Clarisonic and Avene Thermal Water to maintain my complexion, which was pretty much clear, blemish free, fair and glowing. This was only the case after my First Trimester ( during my FT I also suffered a similar debilitating skin condition – slightly exaggerated but that’s how I felt).

Just like in my FT, my complexion took a big turn for the worse post-partum. My skin became super dry again, and I broke out like crazy around my nose, on my chin, and at my temples. I actually got those big red pimples I haven’t seen since my teenage days.

For a new mum who is already struggling with weight issues and post natal blues, having bad skin was like salt on an open, festering wound. Because to be honest I’ve not had any real skin problems all my life. In fact, I’ve had pretty awesome skin for the past four years, a result of genes, hard work and discipline so it was like I was back to Square One post-pregnancy.

I decided that I would need to see a dermatologist / doctor about my skin condition because I believed that the sudden changes were due to hormonal issues and I didn’t want to take chances with strong off the rack skin care as I’m still breastfeeding.

Mints, Claire and I got together for lunch and they were also whining about their skin woes. Incidentally, all of us had done facials at DRX before and loved the results – I even went on to purchase their “super product”, the Comedone Formula, which really worked for me.

We’d heard about DRX’s head doctor, Dr S K Tan, selling his business and setting up another clinic on his own, IDS Clinic in Novena Specialist Centre and decided to see him after finding out that consultation is free for this month. He is also my mum’s skin doctor and she swears by his products (she has super duper sensitive skin) – and my mum is the most low maintenance person I know.

Previously, waiting time for an appointment with Dr Tan at DRX used to be up to a month (!) but we were able to secure a weekday afternoon slot with him with no trouble ! I don’t expect this to be the case for long, though. He’s got a whole stable of beauty bloggers sponsored by him and blogging about his products plus he’s getting featured quite a bit in the media so … better book a slot fast.

All three of us got our faces “photographed” to identify our skin problems. Tip: Go makeup free for your appointment because they will remove it anyway -_-

We then went in to see Dr Tan. After taking a look at my face and finding out that I had recently given birth, he basically told me that the worst is over (Thank Heavens!) but I still have some blemish scars as well as blocked pores around my nose, forehead and chin because of hormones (I apparently diagnosed myself correctly). He also told all of us (phewf) that we still had pretty good skin for our age and just had to work on maintenance.

I won’t share C and M’s experiences because I think skin condition is quite a private thing, but here’s what I was prescribed:

Basically, IDS’s three *star* products

photo 1

From left:

FACIAL SCRUB – Apparently this is amazing and keeps selling out. It’s a warming scrub used to exfoliate the skin and also absorb excess oil from my skin. Basically micro-dermabrasion in a tube. The crystals are much finer than your run-of-the-mill scrub. I was given this for my oily T-zone and comedone problem.

PORE – Used in tandem with the scrub, this is supposed to really effectively remove whiteheads and blackheads. Basically, this is IDS’ new and improved version of the DRX Comedone Formula, which I am also a fan of and have reviewed here

 CF was great for me – it really pushed out all those stubborn white and black heads like no product I’ve ever seen before, and really cleared up my comedone problem. So if PORE is the even better version, it must be amazing !

C-PLUS – This product seems to be some kind of miracle that will help lighten your skin, even out your skin tone, brighten up your face, keep age at bay, fight acne and firm up your skin. This is also the product my Mum has been raving about to me – apparently you can see results in just days ! 0_0 If that’s not impressive I don’t know what it ! It’s got very potent Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Fullerenes as its active ingredients.

Here’s what they look like out of the packaging:

photo 2


And here’s how PORE compares in packaging, color, and size to the old CF:

photo 3

I only got these three products because honestly, price wise they are very prohibitive. In total, the three products set me back by $277 even after a 10 per cent opening discount!

On top of that, the consultant initially told me that I should purchase other products from their range like the Oil-Free Moisturizer, Facial Cleanser as well as the Tinted Sunscreen. I was really tempted to but I already have unfinished moisturizer and sunscreen and that would have chalked up a total bill of over $500.

I can understand IDS’ rationale for promoting the entire range – they can’t guarantee efficacy if the users are mixing and matching brands, and unlike DRX, they will not sell you their products unless you have had a consultation to establish what is good for your skin – no over the counter buying.

They were initially very firm about us purchasing either all the prescribed products or nothing at all but we really wanted to make sure that they worked for us before forking out such an investment so we basically bargained it down to three or four products per person after the consultant established that we would only be using their products together with soap-free cleanser and SPF of at least 50.

I will say, however, that I believed strongly in and saw for myself how effective DRX was for my skin so if IDS is better, it is definitely worth investing in. And I’m really interested in getting the tinted sunscreen once I’ve finished my existing tube of sunscreen because I like the coverage and I’m paranoid about being fair ^^

So this marks the beginning of yet another skincare journey, this time with IDS. I will update my blog with the results of this investment in three weeks time – if it works, I will be posting a photo of my skin before these products, if not – no point right?

Here’s a photo of the three of us, #makeupfree and basically just being dorks. Whoever thought that we would go from deciding what ice creams to spend our $2 pocket money on 1x years (heh heh) ago in Primary School to forking out hundreds of dollars for skin products??


And yes, even my super flattering camera can’t hide my mama dark eye rings and eye bags, I know 😦

Wish us luck !





7 thoughts on “IDS Clinic x Beauty

  1. S says:

    I was toying with the idea of switching over to IDS too! (oh the lures of beauty bloggers) but I shall keep a lookout for your review before finally making a decision (:

    1. libbyty says:

      I totally get the lure of beauty bloggers thing but even so I’m getting quite skeptical these days about their advertorials because they seem to rave about every single thing and IDS’ products are pretty steep – I think if you already have some good products that work for you there’s no need to fork out $600-$700 for an entire range right?? 🙂 Will definitely update my post soon with honest reviews !!!

  2. Huey says:

    I am suffering from postpartum acne too, especially around the chin area. I even turned to laser to try cure my outbreak, but I am not seeing results. Glad that I found your post, and I look forward to read about your review on ids

    1. libbyty says:

      Hello Huey ! Thanks for your comment 🙂 Sorry to hear its happening to you too ! And yes I can totally relate to the chin part. Will blog about my results soon .. in the meantime hang in there!!

  3. Mei Ni says:

    Wonder what’s skincare product u used during pregnancy? I’m user of DRx products but I wonder if this is safe during preganancy… As I saw the ingredient contains xx-paraben which commonly not advisable. It’s making me worry as a mother-to-be

  4. Ni says:

    Hi, wish to know what skincare product you used during pregnancy? I’m user DRX user, not sure if this brand is safe during pregnancy?

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