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A day so hot even a chilled panna cotta couldn’t cool us down

Yup, scorching sun and 37 degrees celsius of hot, to be exact. I don’t know what we were thinking heading out with Benjy and Sophie to Sentosa on Sunday, but we’re crazy like that.

We’d originally planned to take a long walk around Quayside, which is generally much cleaner than the beaches at Sentosa and mostly boardwalk and not sand or pavement as well as less crowded, but the minute we stepped out of the carpark we (all four of us) started perspiring profusely so Kith for tea it was.

photo 2

 Look at my hair plastered to my face in the most unglamorous way possible ! And yes, I have finally mastered the art of eating / drinking / texting with just one hand while balancing my 4.5kg baby on the other. Just looking at my large arms makes me depressed but you know, at least more of it is muscle now thanks to all that carrying and rocking ! Also, note to self – dresses look different on post pregnancy figure of huge boobs and much larger bottom. Do not attempt to wear mini-dresses again.

I would love to have dressed Sophie up in something matchy matchy but her three sailor outfits, two from Petit Bateau (and one just gifted from K’s friend L and his wife to be, P) plus her customized Sophie Sailor suit are all too big for her still at Sz 3 m, 6 m, and 11 m – yes, she has clothes all the way up to 12 m lol.

So, I tucked her in with my sailor bear instead !

photo 5

 Poor Baby was suffering in the heat, I kept worrying about her getting a heat stroke and wiping her down with a cool towel, she was extremely annoyed.

Will have to invest in those mini clip on fans for her buggy which, according to K, will totally un-hipster and ruin the look of the Joolz but I think comfort wins in this case.

Her Aden and Anais swaddles, I swear, are the best buy ever. I use them for absolutely everything and the prints are so cute ! They double up as swaddles, vomit-absorbers, blankets, pram covers, nursing covers, etc and they become softer and softer with every wash, plus they are great for Singapore’s hot weather. Great investment.

Anyway, back to Kith !

We had thought about having lunch there, but didn’t have much of an appetite because it was just too hot so we settled for two cold drinks and their panna cotta – which was delicious ! Silky, milky, tangy-sweet. Especially loved the berry compote on top.

As expected, the Lavender Earl Grey was delicious. I felt a little cheated paying $6.50 for my “cooler”, which was essentially grapefruit slices and tinned lychees tossed into soda water. But we were paying for the vibe and location, I guess? It was a little tasteless.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Baby recommends: Sophie La Girafe’s Protection Cream ! I picked up a tube of this two baby fairs back after hearing from the store owner how she uses this for absolutely everything – rashes, sunblock etc and I have to say it works a treat !

Sophie was all red and bothered from the sun so we smeared this cream liberally all over her face and she, I’m glad to say, remained fair (yes she is fair now, her jaundice has finally cleared up after 6 weeks of having a slightly yellowish-reddish baby).

Great sun protection and mild enough for super-sensitive baby skin. Want to stock up on this before our Sydney trip in end-June – the sun in Australia is killer, even in winter !

Daddy, Mummy and Baby OOTDs

photo 4

Sailor Mini Dress from Cloud / Peony Mini Prada / Fit Flops in Bronze / Joolz Stroller / Sweaty Sophie / Red Bow from American Apparel

Dressing to match my stroller. Yes, judge away. If you can’t win ’em, join ’em I say.

As for the Fit Flops, I have been vindicated ! Thanks to the most awesomest Shoe, I discovered that comfortable sandals are actually becoming in again (according to Vogue, no less) and apparently, my two-bar Fit Flops in metallics are bang on trend.

Sailor Mini Dress from Cloud / Peony Mini Prada / Fit Flops in Bronze / Joolz Stroller / Sweaty Sophie / Red Bow from American Apparel


photo 3

A&F striped T / Minimum UK shorts (again) / And, because he’s also jumped onto the ugly shoe bandwagon, Crocs boaters / Happy Benjy

He’s going to kill me for posting this, because I’d forced him to wear those boaters which he bought on a whim and promptly decided he hated.

Benjy got so many compliments on Sunday ! One lady even came up to ask where we had gotten him and told us he was adorable and beautiful -proud mama- . Sophie didn’t fare too badly either, she charmed three separate old people when we were shopping around in Vivocity who kept exclaiming how precious, pretty and alert she was.

K and I of course puffed out our chests in pride but we are also a bit worried – we don’t want her to grow up thinking she’s self-entitled or very good looking so we compliment her on other things instead – like how well behaved she is or what strong healthy legs she has (all the better to kick us with). Obviously she doesn’t understand anything now but we’re getting her started !

photo(19) copy

Our little star – camouflaged by our bed spread. I remember when she was born she was such a pink baby, people kept telling me that once her jaundice cleared she would be very fair. I didn’t believe it because five weeks later she still looked like she had a Bahamas tan but just see her now ! Got her Daddy’s complexion too, apparently (my fairness is the result of years of hard work).

Speaking of skin care, M, C and I went to IDS clinic ( run by Dr SK Tan previously of DRX) and burnt a giant hole in our pockets investing in his products. Really hope they work out, I’ve been miserable about the state of my skin since giving birth – went from glowing, fair and blemish free to pimply, patchy and dull – thanks a lot, hormones.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend and sorry for this schizophrenic post – was interrupted many times by hungry baby / soiled baby / hungry dog




5 thoughts on “Sentosa x Sophie Day Out

  1. Shoe says:

    YAY! We can wear the hell out of them for summer and go for “relaxed chic”! How convenient 😀

    1. libbyty says:

      Totally! Now to get that rockin’ manicure to match those pretty ugly shoes…

  2. Lady J says:

    Decided to get the Sophie protection cream after reading ur review. Found an online retailer that stocks and delivers this quickly too! 😉 hope it works like a charm for Bun as it did for your gal. 🙂 thanks for the rec

    1. libbyty says:

      No problem ! Its really a great multi purpose product 🙂

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