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Hello fellow Mummies !

Since becoming a Mummy and blogging about Sophie Rose as well as joining Singapore Mom Bloggers, I’ve received quite a few event invites and advertorial offers from PR people about baby/kids events, products etc. Although it has been tempting to check out all of them (had to pass on a Tupperware one that was just too far away), I have had to pick and choose those I think are relevant to myself and of course my readers who are parents or expectant parents.

One event I’m really keen on attending this month is the Fisher Price Play IQ Workshop. I’m personally a big fan of Fisher Price toys – played with them for hours and hours when I was young and I remembered how much I loved my kitchen set and my “car” – and I think I’ll be passing this love for FP toys down to Sophie – we have already bought her her own Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo from the latest Baby Fair and are so excited to see her bouncing up and down in her very own exersaucer, interacting with the bright colored toys, music etc once she can safely hold her head up !

The Fisher Price of my generation:

Vintage Fisher Price Kitchen Set ! Photo credit:

Vintage Fisher Price Kitchen Set ! Photo credit:

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 3.49.50 PM

 Sophie’s Rainforest Jumperoo Exersaucer

Anyway, despite all my entries and research, the truth is that I have no idea what to do with Sophie to engage her / teach her once she gets past the newborn baby stage and starts needing more attention and stimulation. Pregnancy is really the easiest part of raising a child. I’ve toyed with the idea of buying books on Parenting, but I highly doubt I will have the time to read them once I go back to work Full Time and Sophie gets more active around the home.

So when Fisher Price invited me to their Play IQ workshop, conducted by parenting expert Carrie Lupoli, I was pretty intrigued !

The workshop focuses on three key areas of children development – Physical, Cognitive and Social and Emotional. Here’s the best part – according to Lupoli, the best learning strategy for your child is not through flashcards or educational videos, but through play! I am a big supporter of this. When we were small, my Mum would teach us through reading, memory games but most of all through playing with us – whether it was Play Doh, Mud Pies in the garden, Lego, or taking us out to the Zoo and Bird Park, my childhood was all one long, happy, sticky sweaty play time, and it was wonderful !

In this workshop, Carrie will be showing parents how to help their babies develop in these three areas as well as how to chart their milestones using new digital tools.

For example, for physical development – the focus is on developing your child’s physical strength, co-ordination and personal confidence (I’m kind of lost as to how K and I are to do this ourselves)

Cognitive Development – How to inspire your child’s natural curiosity and evoke a love of learning

Social and Emotional Development – How to develop expression kills through sharing listening and reading.

Right now my engagement with Sophie consists of .. singing nursery rhymes, cajoling her to sleep, or struggling with her as she screams through tummy time. I wonder if I’m doing the right things to stimulate her and help her grow better and I’m quite at a loss because I’m not sure what materials are appropriate to appeal to her senses and how much she can actually process each month. So you could say I’m pretty excited about finding out how I can really engage her meaningfully.

The workshop will be an intensive, interactive session with screen based visuals, videos and hands-on activities (good for people like me and K who have super short attention spans and fall asleep during talks) and targeted at new or expectant parents (us!).

Here are the details:

Who can attend: Fisher-Price® Play IQ Workshop is open to parents with children up to 5 years old and expectant mothers only.
When is the workshop? : 31st May 2014 (Saturday) 9 am to 2 pm. Registration starts at 8:45 am
Where is the workshop? : Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
How much is the workshop?: It is $50 per person and includes light refreshments as well as a goody bag worth more than $100
How do I sign up?: E-mail

I really wish I had known about workshops like that during my pregnancy when I was so super free everyday instead of now, when I have to make arrangements for Sophie every time I need to do something alone. -_- Well better late than never, right ? Can’t wait – this will be a nice change to spending our weekends just shopping and eating (so bad for the wallet and waistline) and I’m definitely going to apply everything I learn there to raising Sophie, we’ve only got a few weeks more before I have to head back to work 😦
Hope to see you there !
Libby K and Sophie

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you there! I hope others reading can make it as well. If not, make sure to follow the live feed on twitter @carrielupoli (

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