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Baby OOTD: Grain De Ble Inner Polo / Baby Ralph Lauren Layette Floral Dungarees

 Guess who’s 2 Months Old today and had a whole party thrown in her honor?

We didn’t throw a Full Month Party for Sophie because we were completely swamped and exhausted and everyone has been asking to meet Sophie (some for the first time and others just to cuddle her again – I’m talking about you SY :)) so K and I decided to have a small Pie Tee party for my JC classmates !

It’s just K and I during the weekend as our domestic helper gets Friday, Saturday and Sunday off (from us) so we knew we had to keep it simple – here’s the spread !

photo(19) copy 8

We basically only prepared (read: bought and assembled) the super yummy mini Pie Tee cups and their garnishes, as well as opening a bag of our favourite Terra Blues Potato Chips (so nutty and addictive!). Super cute mini cupcakes were brought by Eunice and John and Jac and Jun Ren were lifesavers helping me pick up the Pandan Chiffon Cake 🙂

For drinks, I just made a pot of hot Wedgewood Peach Tea and the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine churned out Iced Cappucinos and Chai Lattes. Pie Tee parties are the best – everything is kept bite sized (no clumsy cutlery) and its just nice for tea !


photo 3

 Of course, it was Rose everything because of our little guest of honor 🙂 Our prints from Tomato Photo have finally arrived and we’ve framed them up to put around the house. Looking at Sophie now, she’s changed so much since she took them at 8 days old ! We now have a cheeky, bubbly smiley dumpling who sucks on her fist non stop and whose kung fu kicks really pack a punch !

photo 4

 I do love setting up little tea parties at home just using my huge collection of weird canisters, cake stands, and china. They don’t all match, but that’s what I find so magically eclectic ! (Also, yes I am an auntie haha)

Just watching my classmates (some of whom are also my best friends) interact with Sophie, play with her, cuddle her and smile at her while exclaiming at her cuteness makes me feel so blessed on her behalf. I’m so happy we’ve all stayed close and in touch all these years and have been at each others’ every milestone. It’s almost surreal just thinking that a few years from now our 33/04 family would most likely have expanded to include even more little minis ! We’re going to need bigger and bigger gathering places to fit us all !

photo 2

 Thanks so much for coming guys, love you all many many and can’t wait to all meet up again at E & J’s wedding two weeks from now ! How far we have come !







2 thoughts on “Sophie is 2 Months Old x Pie Tee Party !

  1. Lady J says:

    Love the table set-up and all the dining-ware u got! Happy 2 months to baby Sophie too!

    1. libbyty says:

      Thank you !! 🙂

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