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After testing out at least 5 brands of newborn diapers, two kinds of diaper creams, two kinds of washable diapers and tear-testing 5 brands of baby butt wipes, I’d like to share my newborn diapering experience with all you mummies to be – hopefully some of you can benefit from my experience and not have to buy your way through several products until you find those that work for you !

First up, Sophie started out on disposable diapers for her first month but by month 2, we had decided to “supplement” with washable diapers to save money and also to be more eco friendly.

We waited a month before making a partial switch to washables because in those first 30 days, we were panicked, anxious first-time parents and the thought of having to wash diapers on top of everything else was extra stressful – especially when you factor in how often a newborn needs her diapers changed and how terrfiying their wailing can be when they have wet themselves. So I highly recommend that if you’re a first-time mum, you stick to disposables for at least two weeks or until you’re sure you can handle baby and you’re more attuned to her bowel movements.

Here are the products that have worked for us and now have a permanent place on our diaper table  !

Pigeon Baby Wipes Moisturizing Cloths (70 wipes per packet)




 I’ve written about why I bought these in my previous shopping for newborn essentials post. 

They’ve turned out to be as good as we expected them to be ! Instead of having to pull out multiple wipes because of easy tearing, we use only one to wipe her clean (and it does a great job) and at most 3 pieces when she’s done a big job. They never tear on us, and are thick, strong and absorbent. Especially thankful for these wipes at night when we are fumbling around for everything – having to maneuvre a dirty diaper, her bottom and thrashing legs, and pull out wipes is no mean feat ! These are almost always on sale in the Pigeon section in Takashimaya !

Disposable Diapers



 If your baby is small like Sophie (she was just 2.4 kg when we brought her home), the brand that’s likely the best fit for your baby will be Mamy Poko Newborn diapers. They fit the most snugly around a small baby’s waist and thighs so no leaks ! Although the package says New Born fits until 5 kg I think a more likely weight for you to up your size would be at 3.7 kg. When Sophie was 3.7 kg she had outgrown Mamy Poko newborn diapers completely – they were barely covering her bum.

The best deal for Mamy Poko pants are at Kim Sang Medical Hall

We also used Goo.N for her during her first month but they were a little big for her. However, they are cheaper than Mamy Poko so we alternated between the two – Goo.N for use at home when we can easily clean up leaks, Mamy Poko for when we brought her out for better peace of mind. Once she hit 3.7 kg the Goo.N NewBorn fit much better so we switched to them until she hit 4.5, which is when we swopped up to Goo.N S.

 Goo.N is comparable to Mamy Poko in terms of how well they absorb wetness ! However, their sticky strips lose their stickiness very fast so you can’t keep re-fastening the diaper. I do love their prints though ! There are six different animal designs per pack and they are so cute !



The best deals for Goo.N are at Baby Fairs and also at  🙂 We are planning to order a few boxes (4 packets of 80 in each box) at the next Baby Fair.


Most recently, we discovered Korean brand Bosomi at a Baby Fair !

These are the cheapest of the lot and I daresay they work as well as Mamy Poko and Goo.N !

They are also a lot more natural – they are pure cotton diapers and don’t have that slightly artificial smell that normal disposables do thanks to the gel inside the diapers.

However, this also means that its a bit hard to tell when Sophie has peed into her diapers because we can’t feel around the outside to see if the gel has gotten wet. Therefore we have to very carefully observe her expressions to see if she’s hungry or needs a change.

So my recommendation would be:

Mamy Poko New Born for the first two weeks

Goo.N New Born thereafter once your baby outgrows Mamy Poko

Switching up to Goo.N Small Size

and once you’re attuned to your baby,

Bosomi. 🙂

Washable Diapers

To be honest, we were getting really worried about the number of disposable diapers we were using every day – Sophie has zero tolerance for any kind of wetness in her diaper so just a little bit of pee gets her screaming for it to be changed. We’ve tried letting her scream it out but no-go, and anyway we figured we shouldn’t be discouraging her from being hygienic.

For K, it was a cost issue – we could go through 10 diapers in one afternoon alone. For me, it was an environmental issue – think of all those nappies with the plastic tabs being dumped into a landfill ! I couldn’t imagine polluting the Earth so badly for at least 3 years of Sophie’s life and I don’t want her to start off creating such a huge carbon foot print.

So the reasonable solution was to buy washable, reusable diapers !

We invested in two brands, Bambino Mio Solo and Charlie Banana

photo(19) copy 12


Charlie Banana Reusable Diapers are widely available in Singapore – at Mother Care, Mums and Babes, etc.

We bought ours at the Expo Baby Fair in April !

They come in such delicious colors – Butter, Strawberry Milk, Raspberry, Grape, Cornflower Blue !

Anyway, they are one size fits all – the many click tabs in the front help you to adjust it to fit your baby, and you can also adjust the leg holes which have elastic bands inside the diapers. They are quite soft (definitely softer than disposables), stuffed with a terry-cloth esque diaper insert and are easy to take on and off.

After starting on them, we estimate that we have reduced the number of diapers used each day to just 5-10 down from almost 20 on bad days. Now that Sophie’s poops are less frequent, we can use just 5 disposable diapers at night, and another 5 washable ones in the day.

Yup, we use the washable ones in the day – we are aware of our limitations and know that we are completely not in the state to spray and rinse dirty diapers in the toilet in the middle of the night so we stick to using them just in the day – which is also ideal because Sophie does most of her business in the afternoon, with only a few movements at night.

In case you’re worried about your water bill going up, here’s how we (well, us and our helper) wash them !

  1. We use thin cotton diaper liners from Pigeon so they absorb the “worst” of the mess.
  2. We save Sophie’s bath water every morning to soak the diapers
  3. We let them soak with just half a capful of Charlie Banana Laundry Detergent
  4. We toss them into the wash with the rest of her clothes
  5. Sun them
  6. Voila, fresh, clean and amazing smelling !

The colors are also so cute that we have stopped making her wear tights or leggings or shorts because they match any outfit 🙂

Even better than Charlie Banana are Bambino’s Miosolo range



K and I love these Mio Solo diapers – they are so soft it is like brushed velvet on the inside, and Sophie is so comfortable in them. They are also adjustable, and one size fits all.

But what sets them apart from Charlie Banana is that they have velcro fasters, which are so much easier to secure, and they also never leave any leg-hole prints on Sophie’s rapidly expanding thunder thighs.

We got ours from Mother Care UK and will be finding out if they stock it here in Singapore soon – the starter pack of 6 is not enough ! 🙂

If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend that you buy the following :

  • At least 12 washable diapers
  • A tub of laundry detergent specially for washing diapers (Charlie Banana is good – smells wonderful, eco-friendly and a little bit goes such a long long way)
  • A pail for soaking the diapers
  • An extra laundry pole to hang them out to dry in the sun


Lastly, as you can see from the photo we’ve been stocking up like crazy on California Baby’s Calendula Cream.

We use just a little on Sophie’s bum each diaper change and for the past two months, bar three days when she was having bad diarrhea, we have never had to deal with diaper rash. It smells great, is quickly absorbed into baby’s skin, and keeps it soft, tender and moisturized.

On the go, we use Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Bottom Balm because of its travel friendly size – it also does the job great but is more of a lip-balm like consistency versus California baby’s creamy-whipped consistency. Depends on what you like better !

You can get both EMAB and California Baby products cheaper than retail from online store SunKissBabies.

If you’re willing to wait, you can get EMAB products slightly cheaper off but it takes up to 10 business days for the stuff to arrive. 🙂

Hope my post helps answer some of your diapering questions and in your research to how to best diaper your baby ! Do drop me a comment or an e-mail if you need more tips 🙂




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