Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer


Darling Sophie is 2 months old !

Actually she is 2 months, 1 week old today but ..

What are you like at 2 months, Sophie?

For one, you clearly recognize Mama now .. you’re always swinging your head around (lightning fast) whenever I approach or when you hear my voice ! When you see your Papa and I, or a toy that you particularly like, you start to wave your chubby fists and legs around wildly, thrashing on the bed and chirping noisily. It’s so adorable that we can barely control ourselves from showering your pillowy cheeks with kisses ! (We often fail to hold ourselves back)

You have hit a new sleeping record – six hours ! 🙂 It means we’re one step closer to you sleeping through the night and also one step closer towards reducing the size of our eyebags. Mummy’s dark eye circles are so bad now it looks like she’s been punched. And she has – been punched – by your flailing fists. Repeatedly. You have also headbutted your father mid burp. Your burps, by the way, have given us shocks – especially Benjy, who gallops away in horror every time you let lose one of your lethal farts or extra manly burps.

You’re drinking better now, too – at least 90 ml per feed. You drink about 700-800 ml of milk a day (still less than the average of 900 ml recommended for 1-6 month olds) but you’ve been putting on weight very well – you’re tipping the scales at 4.9 kg now! – so we’re not too worried. However, instead of formula supplementing Mummy’s milk, its now the other way around – at the rate my milk is drying up, you will soon be on full powder and it makes me both sad and relieved at the same time. Guilty because I can’t give you the best (and all those stupid articles on how breastfed babies are smarter and healthier make me even more depressed) but also relieved because I’ve been so stressed about giving you enough that I keep pumping until my boobs hurt.

Your mittens are off – for good ! We’ve freed those long, slender fingers of yours so you can feel, touch and explore and you have definitely been doing that. From grabbing t-shirts (your favourite past time now seems to be exposing Mama’s chest) and hair to trying to reach out for a colorful toy. When we feed you, your arm shoots out and you start to stroke our arm while smiling and slurping happily from your bottle.

You hate tummy time (still) but now enjoy sitting in your lavender colored Bumbo seat (see above). Most mornings we put you in for just a few minutes as your neck is not that stable yet, but you just love it. You sit in your purple throne, swivelling your head around to take in the room, and direct traffic.

You’re learning how to smile, really smile ! Sometimes its just a quirk at the side of your mouth, sometimes its a loud delighted chuckle, but slowly but surely I can see you responding to our (bad) singing and baby talk. Its lovely 🙂

While you previously slept like a log in your Baby Bjorn, you’re starting to love being awake in it too, cooing into Mama’s chest or slurping on your fists (and also slobbering all over my chest)

And yes – the drool has begun ! Its every where. On my chest, on your cheeks, on my bed, on your onesie. We’ve broken out the bibs !!

Here’s what is really exciting ! This time next month you, your Papa and I will be on a plane to Sydney to visit your Auntie Chloe and her Mama, Auntie Cat ! We’ll be bundling you around in your winter wear while we go on cafe hunts, eat our hearts out and enjoy the chilly weather. Can’t wait !!

Grow strong and healthy my little pau ! You make me so so happy !


Your Mama


2 thoughts on “Sophie is 2 months old !

  1. Shoe says:

    Awww! Is she going to call you Mama? That’s adorable!

    1. libbyty says:

      I hope so ! I still call my mother Mama when I slip into my baby-ish self again and she’s always seemed to love it and I now know why ! (I also rue the day Sophie starts calling me “Mom” or worse, “Mother”)

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