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Hi Everyone!

Hope you guys are having a great weekend too!

Every weekend is an amazing one for us, but also an extremely exhausting one. As I type, my husband is passed out on the couch half asleep, doing research on travelling with a baby, and the baby in question is snoozing quietly at the other end of my sofa bed.

Today we’ve all gone for a yummy lunch at Wang Dae Bak with the family, shopping around Vivocity for Sophie’s Winter Closet before meeting up with Claire, Joshua, Mints and Esmond for tea and then to ECP for a nice long walk to maximize the lovely weather. What a day !

Although this whole week has been packed with activity, there hasn’t been anything major for me to blog about, so here are bite sized snippets – our weekend in photos !

1) Sophie Rose x Pom Pom Purin x Hello Kitty

photo 5

 Out of the entire McD’s Hello Kitty range, I only wanted Pom Pom Purin (my favourite dessert is creme caramel and he’s a creme caramel looking golden retriever) so after some whining I got K to get it for me. It ended up becoming Sophie’s – I tied it on a string and dangled it above her and she loved it so much she ended up grabbing the string from me and peering excitedly at her new toy .. this whimsical looking photo was by complete chance and it has become my current favourite snap of her.

2) BFFs x Moschino x Violetta the Bunny

photo 3

The BFF and I have also finally succumbed and bought ourselves these super adorable Violetta the Rabbit IPhone 5 cases from Moschino. Talk about instant gratification – Net A Porter shipped them out the same day and they reached me just 1.5 days later ! Immediately slipped it on – its all my favourite things in one package – pastels, bunnies, pale pink bow and of course, absolute cuteness ! In my defense, my IPhone 5 has been “naked” for at least 5 months now because I just couldn’t find the right cover, so this was a while coming, and definitely worth waiting for. I have no problems hunting for my phone in my bag now, for sure!

Baby Fashion x Baby Bal x Twinning !

photo 4

 This was a complete impulse buy, on the other hand. But I knew when Claire and I saw it, that I had to get it ! Now Sophie and I have Mama-sized and Baby-sized matching Balenciagas ! I know its a long time more before she’s going to be able to walk and carry her own purse, but how exciting – I’m dreaming of her mini closet full of miniature versions of the purses I own heh ! (K if you are reading this, pretend you didn’t. It will be better for your heart).

Chocolate Origin x Piggy BFFs

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Thanks to Mints, we have all just discovered our favourite new chocolate cake, ever. Move over, Awfully Chocolate, Chocolate Origin’s version beats AC’s hands down. So dense, intensely chocolatey – divine ! I can’t wait to try the Dark Chocolate version – although this is really dangerous – the six of us polished the whole thing off without taking a break 0_0 – It’s the perfect size for a small get-together.

 And just to end it off, a photo of my beautiful little Sophie fast asleep in her new pale pink Marle Baby Bear Beanie.

photo 1

As much as I absolutely love Sophie’s gummy smiles and hearty chuckles, my heart is moved the most when I see her sound asleep, so worry-free, vulnerable and peaceful.

My chest swells and its all I can do not to sweep her in my arms and hold her tight – I look at this angel, my baby, and I want her to stay small forever so I can protect her from harm for the rest of her life. It scares me sometimes how much I love her, and it reminds me of a quote from Brittany Murphy’s Faye in Riding with Cars with Boys when her best friend asks her how she knows whether she truly loves her daughter –

‘Sometimes we love people so much we become numb to it, cos if we knew how much we loved them, it would kill us.’

Intense, but exactly how I feel about my baby.




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