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Last week, Baby Sophie received an amazing hamper packed full of goodies from Ashley at Sunkiss Babies !

Just to clarify, this isn’t a paid advertorial and I wasn’t even asked to write a review 🙂 The lovely Ashely, who is a mum-to-be, just wanted to send over some really practical and useful products for Sophie. All the items in the hamper were so well thought-out and things which I recognized we would definitely use on a day to day basis !

They included:

2 Dribble-Ons Bandanna Bibs (clickable)

K immediately pounced on these and proclaimed them perfect. This is because he is usually the Chosen One when it comes to Sophie deciding who she wishes to vomit milk upon. We already have a collection of bibs from Mother Care and IKEA but these have been the most effective in catching drool / milk vomit so far because they really wrap up nice and snug against her neck – no trickling down or rogue dribble so far. Also, they have an extra fastener on the back to accommodate fat necks. Since Sophie’s neck has disappeared under the pillowy folds of her soon-to-be triple chin, the bigger size will be really useful in making the bandannas go a longer way. They also look very stylish with her onesies – in fact, they are so comfortable that we leave them on her the whole day and then just wash it. Ashley picked white and fuchsia to gift Sophie but the bandannas come in many colors.

1 Sock-ons

This is my helper’s favourite product in the hamper – mainly because she does Sophie’s laundry and is completely fed up with us losing one sock (she is quite finicky about Sophie wearing matching ones) of a pair. All I could think when we put them on, was, WHY DIDN’T WE GET THESE EARLIER?

Here’s how they work:

photo 3

They keep socks on, and they even help make socks which are too big wearable. If this isn’t the ultimate practical product I don’t know what it is.

I had just ordered these adorable Ralph Lauren scalloped socks for Sophie and when they came they were just too big ! So we tried them out with the Sock-ons and viola, they fit ! We’re going to get so much more wear out of these socks now -rubs budget Mama hands in glee-

They are also especially useful now that Sophie is getting so active and always flailing her chubby hands and legs about. I can’t remember the number of times we’ve had to go rooting about cushions and couches looking for a missing sock or mitten that she managed to fling off.

I’m definitely getting another pair to match all her socks, and also as a gift for one of K’s friends who has just had a little boy. They are stretchy, but thin and very comfortable.

Bacoff Nursery Cleanser / Bacoff Nursery Deodorizer / Bacoff Nursery Hand Sanitizer 

I’ve blogged many times before about how paranoid I am about the products Sophie uses. In fact, I am seriously considering switching her Pigeon Laundry Detergent and Softener to Method or Seventh Generation as we slowly move our household to becoming more eco-friendly and all-natural.

The Bacoff Products are all-natural and also organic, which means that they are completely non-toxic and baby/children friendly. I will never have to worry about Sophie accidentally swallowing some washing liquid and these can safely be used to clean all her nursery toys, her pram, her cot, etc. Really, really useful and they smell so great.

Here’s an example of the list of ingredients on the Bacoff Nursery All Purpose Cleanser : Glycerine, Bitter Orange Extract, Octanoic Acid, Botanical Blend, Purified Water. I have personally never come across a household cleaner with so few ingredients (and also a list of ingredients which I can totally understand). So far, we’ve used it to clean her strollers, her Bumbo Seat, toys and diaper changing table, and my helper says it has been really good in removing all the dirt and stains.

As for the hand-sanitizer, I really like the fact that it is a self-pumping product (just like the EMAB body and hair wash) so I can dispense it with one hand while pinning down my monster baby with the other. It also isn’t drying at all unlike the alcohol based sanitizers I have been using from Dettol and Kirei Kirei. In fact, it is alcohol free ! New mums, or mums to be, trust me on this – after one month of sterilizing and scrubbing bottles, as well as sanitizing your hands non stop, you will be left with dry and chapped hands. So treat yourself to better quality hand sanitizer instead of suffering.

And finally, Sophie’s favourite product !

BabyBearShop Cheeky Baby Butter

Yes, the Cheeky Baby’s favourite product is the Cheeky Baby Butter.

Case in Point:

photo 1

Yes I endorse this 100 per cent !

As you can see, Sophie has grown herself some formidable cheeks. So much so that my family has nicknamed her Pudding and my brother P, her godfather and his gf Chloe have christened her a Baby Seal.

Those cheeks. They are quite simply irresistible. K and I cannot help but smooch them loudly at every opportunity we get. And because I guess adult saliva is quite toxic, she’s developed a bit of a rash around her cheeks and forehead -guilty parent face-

Also Sophie doesn’t help by doing this – All.The.Time.

photo 2

Munching on her meaty drumstick fists while giggling and rubbing her cheeks raw

So here’s where the cheeky baby butter comes in. It’s a multi-purpose product (yay!) which can be used for:

  • dry skin
  • baby massage
  • soothing eczema

And just like EMAB products, Mama can use the cheeky baby butter too !

It smells awesome – lavender, mandarin and chamomile (all very soothing herbs) and as usual, is 100 per cent organic.

I dab a little on her cheeks and forehead every morning to soothe the rash, and then during playtime I warm up a little blob in between my palms and massage her tummy, thighs and back while singing to her, just like the tub says.

She absolutely loves it ! She giggles when I rub her tummy, chuckles when I tickle the botooms of her feet, and the best part of all, is that she soon falls asleep. The scent reminds me of my Aesop Restorative Hand Cream (thanks Shoe for the recommendation!) which never fails to calm me down and soothe my jangled nerves.

This is definitely one product which we are taking on board with us to Sydney. I’ll need all the help I can get to calm her down in flight and no, I am not a believer in the cough syrup method. If we can’t reach her EMAB bottom balm in time we can simply use this too !

Here’s a price list  –

Cheeky Baby Butter – $26.50 (down from $53)

Dribble Ons – $15.90

Sock Ons – $13.90

BacOff – $12.90 (Cleaner / Deodorizer) and $9.90 (Hand Sanitizer)

You can get them from Sun Kiss Babies ,which is also where I get my Earth Mama Angel Baby products !

Thanks again Ashely for the wonderful gifts for Sophie – we loved everything in it 🙂




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