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Sophie has really been packing on the pounds lately, as you can probably already tell from her photos >.<

So much so that her nickname in our family has become .. Pudding.

And she has been compared to a baby seal.



(Photo credit to Chloe)

I mean, I think she’s going to hate us for this when she’s a grouchy teenager, but seriously I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF HER FATTYNESS. Her cheeks are just .. I have no powers of resistance against them. They are like plump sweet smelling marshmallows which are just begging to be kissed. And kissed. And kissed. And her plump little thighs which kick so strongly and stubbornly.. -obsessed-

My heart just swells with pride every time I look at my plump, chubby, healthy little Sophie. I have never felt such a strong sense of achievement in my life as when people stop us in public to exclaim over how cute and fat she is. At our family gatherings, she is completely monopolized by my aunts, who call themselves her No. 1 fan 😀

Watching Sophie being so loved, makes me feel loved too. More than ever, I feel like she is an extension of my own body, and today, after being away from her the longest I have ever been (6 hours) I physically ached to hold her in my arms. I’m going to have a really hard time going back to work, that’s for sure.


And you know, I love me some retail therapy – bags, clothes, shoes – they all make me feel fab whenever I wear them (but guilty as hell when the bills come in). However, I have since found something that can make me deliriously happy without costing a single cent.

Yep, you got it right, that’d be my daughter.

She makes me smile so hard my face hurts. I know I look like an idiot smiling at her, scratch that, completely fixated on her and making ridiculous baby noises in public, but .. how can you say no to that face !


Yup, she’s got me wrapped firmly around her tiny dribble-smeared fingers all right. Let’s not even talk about how she reduces her father into a sentimental gooey mess every time she coos at him when he comes home.

I adore the photo of us above – first , we’re in the same colors ! (new hashtag – #twinning!) and second, K managed to snap (even though its a low pixellated one) a photo which really captures how in love I am with my little Pudding right now.

We were out for our usual family weekend jaunts in Orchard, and this time we stopped for tea at Paris Baguette.

When we are in Seoul, which used to be pretty often, Paris Baguette would always be our place-to-go for a quick snack or coffee in between shopping and sightseeing because the quality there is really consistent and the pastries/drinks affordable.

Sadly, the Paris Baguette in Singapore pales in comparison. Two words, overpriced, and stale.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Maybe its because the ingredients here aren’t as fresh – but the strawberry shortcake, my favourite Paris Baguette pastry, had stale sponge and artificially-sweet tasting strawberries 😦 Even the cream was not as full-bodied or milky.

The same translates to their Royal Pudding, another hot favourite. It was runny and the pudding wasn’t firm enough, just collapsing into a liquid mess when spooned. Finally the potato pastry was cold. And overpriced. Completely overpriced. We paid $37 for that and two drinks – a cappucino and lemonade. This is utterly ridiculous considering that in Seoul Paris Baguette is the equivalent of BreadTalk here. I can get more than 20 pastries at BreadTalk for the same amount. Very, very disappointed.

The Wisma Atria branch was also terribly crowded and I’m not sure if there was a manpower shortage, but the tables were dirty and the floor was covered in smashed crumbs and bread.

I’m definitely going to keep my Paris Baguette jaunts limited to when I am in Seoul – there are much better pastries to be had here at less astronomical prices.

In happier things, the weekend is here again ! A very packed one for us, considering we have E&J’s wedding to attend tomorrow (can’t wait !) and then K’s UOB HeartBeat Run on Sunday morning. No time to rest at all !

Hope you guys are planning for a wonderful weekend too !




2 thoughts on “Baby Pudding x Sophie Rose

  1. Lady J says:

    Aww momma and baby outfits FTW! And I so totally get you on the shopping bit.. guilty of that as well! But that’s what baby girls are for, right? 😉

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