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Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

Last Saturday, one of my very good friends married her best friend, and the love of her life 🙂

I was so excited to be invited to both their more intimate morning ROM ceremony and also dinner banquet, I’d been gushing to K all week about how happy I was for Eunice and John ! We go waaay back to JC – aka the best time of my life – and Eunice was a huge part of that.

When we first became friends, we were both struggling – in love, and in life – and today, look at us ! I have never seen a more radiant bride than she 🙂


photo 5

We got up SUPER early to get ready for the morning solemnisation. Not because it started early, in fact it was at the very sleep friendly hour of 11 am, but because.. when you have a baby, you know you need to have a 2 hour headstart and accept that you may be just on time or even a little late. Thankfully, we made it bang on time !

Family OOTD:

Papa : Burberry Polo / Massimo Dutti Pastel Blue Pants / TODs Loafers / Giant Eyebags

Mama: Liz Lisa Off-Shoulder Pale Pink Dress / Repetto Ballet Flats / Matching Giant Eyebags

And Sophie ?


photo 3

 Little Bow Baby: Ralph Lauren Oxford Dress / Ralph Lauren Scalloped Socks / Sock-ons (to keep them on) / BIG CHEEKY  HAPPY RESTFUL GRIN

Anyway, the ceremony, held at Istana Park,  was just beautiful but more importantly, it was so them.

photo 4

The Look of Love 🙂

Their personalized vows were so moving. I don’t know if they are okay with me sharing it here because its so intensely personal so I won’t, but E, if you are reading this .. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU. -wipes away tears-



 Managed to sneak in a selfie with E, SY and Max just after the ceremony – looking absolutely ravishing, Mrs Wu !

Every time I attend the wedding of my school friends, I am moved. Maybe because in my mind’s eye all of us are still the same confused, but starry-eyed and hopeful 17 year olds we were when we all first met, just that now we have found the love that we dreamt of 🙂

Those days spent lying idly on the tracks in TJ, on the school field, or at the Hub just wondering what the future held in store for us, but still fiercely living in the moment. I still remember how intensely we felt for life at the time, and yes, to quote Eunice, I think we are all so blessed to still carry the same sense of wonder in our hearts. 🙂

Sophie came along with us for the wedding banquet, too. We have her all to ourselves every weekend ( I am trying to see this as a positive thing ) so she attended her first wedding ever !

While she slept through most of the morning’s ceremony, she was wide awake for the dinner and spent most of the night being passed from adoring auntie to adoring uncle and even adoring teacher of Aunties and Uncles (our eternally youthful Econs teacher Mrs Than was there too !)

photo 2_meitu_2

Night OOTD: 

Mama : Scuba Off Shoulder Dress / Ferragamo Varinas / Hermes Kelly

Papa: Tailored shirt and pants / Prada Dress Shoes / H&M Polka Dot Bow Tie

Little Bow Baby: Bebe Baby White Lace Dress / Pale Blue Mother Care Cardigan / Cornflower Bow Band

33/04 was split into two tables, and I was with Abby and JT, both of whom were my bridesmaids ( A is also Sophie’s godmother)


 Can you believe it? Two of us are married already and A will be too this time next year … making it almost half the class that’s tied the knot, all before their late twenties !

And .. two of us are Mummies 🙂


To two supercute babies aged 8 months and 2.5 months respectively 🙂

Yup, we’ve swapped Friendster-stalking, passionate poetry and midnight cupcake baking (LiZa Sparklecakes, remember?) for Facebook-stalking, nursery rhymes and midnight feeds !

And of course, one with the person whose hand finds mine at every wedding and squeezes it to remind me of our own vows, and our own love 🙂


And while I clapped enthusiatically ( I really did, I now have carpal tunnel, again), this is the only shot I managed to get of the couple from Max – couldn’t clap, cradle Sophie, and take a photo (haven’t levelled up yet)

What a celebration !!

photo 5_meitu_3

16 years of being best friends, and now, a lifetime of love. Congratulations Eunice and John, and all our love !!




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