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This post has been a long time coming but I wanted to take my time putting it together because I thought it wouldn’t be accurate until I had packed Sophie’s diaper bag for both breast feeding and formula feeding, as well as reached the stage where she is starting to interact a little with toys and make some messes.

I’m also sure the contents of the bag will change as she starts growing older so I’m thinking of doing one every three months, wouldn’t that be cute? It will also sort of document her growing process and how her needs change πŸ™‚

So.. mummies to be who requested for this while I was still pregnant πŸ™‚ Here goes ! What’s in our diaper bag?




Top Row (L-R):

1 x Aden and Anais Bamboo Swaddle. (I bring out the bamboo ones more often because they are softer and make her feel more comfortable. We use this for everything, from covering the pram to using it as a blanket and even a burp cloth.)

1 x Diaper Mat. We have two diaper mats, one with the Joolz diaper bag and another, bigger one with our Kate Spade bag. These are really important if you are going to places where there may not be changing rooms. They allow us to change Sophie’s diaper in her pram, in the car, on any chair basically without worrying about staining or her body coming into contact with dirty things.

1 x Dr Brown 120 ml Pink Bottle. Either for pre-pumped breast milk or for formula, which we always make on the spot.

1 x Bib. Also very important now that she is starting to spit up and drool a lot. If we don’t bring this we inevitably end up having to change her out of her clothes after her feed (which means we have to go home soon)

1 x small Thermos. To hold and store hot water for her formula. Most newborn formulas have to be made with 45 degrees celsius water because any hotter and the probiotics/prebiotics inside die. So we keep our water in a thermos to maintain a just-right temperature. Get a good brand !

1 x Formula Powder Container. Ours was a gift part of a set from Avent. Very handy, airtight with three compartments each of which we fill with just the right amount of powder for a 90 ml feed.

Second Row (R-L):

1 x Extra Onesie. For when she does boo boos during feeding or changing time. Very important ! You don’t want to have to bring your urine or milk stained baby home in her/his dirty state, you can bet she will scream blue murder all the way back.

1 x Packet of Wipes. Always remember to refill your wipes, you will use them for everything. Wiping baby’s bum, wiping your own hands, wiping baby’s mess off the table. We usually use Pigeon Cloths, but we received these Pampers Sensitive Wipes as a gift and decided to use them up while we waited for the Pigeon ones to go on sale.

5 x Diapers. The number depends on how long you intend to stay out, but we always over-prepare in case of emergencies ! Sometimes Sophie can go through three in an hour, or just one in five hours. Very unpredictable!

Last Row (L-R):

1 x Sophie La Giraffe. This is a great on the go toy. It’s totally food grade and safe so Sophie can gnaw on it, it has great colors, textures and it has a squeaker which she absolutely loves. Not to mention the Giraffe is called Sophie too ! The legs are just the right size for her to grab onto and she loves gumming on Sophie’s two little “horns”

1 x Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. Blogged about this before, this is just the right travel size for our diaper bag, and it goes on great, a little bit goes a super long way.

1 x BacOff Hand Sanitizer. Alcohol free, moisturizing hand sanitizer for when you need to change her diaper in a gunky place or clean your hands before preparing formula. Definitely a must have when we are in Sydney.

1 x Mosquito Repellent Wipes. We use these quite copiously whenever we bring her to parks or to the beach to ward off those pesky insects. Very mild and so far, effective !

1 x Hand and Mouth Wipes. For those dried milk stains around her mouth which won’t come off with a dab of the bib and are too delicate to scrub off with regular wipes.

1 x Kool Fever patches. For when she overheats, which happens some times when we bring her for long walks on sunny days. Just in case !

This list is not complete, sometimes we add stuff ( Avene Thermal Spray to cool her down, Sophie La Giraffe Sun Block, etc) but more or less its fixed this way since she was a newborn. πŸ™‚

As for diaper bags, here are our two “real” diaper bags.


The one we use the most is the Dark Blue Joolz Parrot Diaper Bag, which is awesome because its really comfy to carry, it has two insulated pockets to keep milk warm or cold, and lots of roomy compartments as well as matches our pram perfectly (came with our buggy, actually). However, after we put in all our stuff its kind of bursting at the seams. This is the only diaper bag K will carry.

The other one is our Kate Spade diaper bag which we have only used thrice because most of the time its K and I bringing her out together and he prefers the Joolz. The Kate Spade bag can hold a lot more stuff, though, and is more girly. It also has even more compartments and is easily compatible with any stroller.

When its just Sophie, me and the Baby Bjorn, I use my regular bags, and the only two which can hold all that stuff (and makes me feel a bit like Doraemon) are my Celine luggages (mini).


I either carry them by the handles or wear themΒ  supermodel style in the crook of my arm. I pair them with black leggings,Β  a simple tunic top usually, a fuss free high ponytail and my platform fit flops for a chic mummy look while wearing Sophie in her Baby Bjorn πŸ™‚

Wow what a long post !! Haven’t been blogging about good baby buys or tips for a while, so I hope this helps you guys πŸ™‚ Especially since I think about 3/4 of my mum-to-be readers should have given birth by now (rosewater123, congrats again!)

Next up, Sophie and I received two lovely gift hampers from All Things Organic and Natural (AO & N) as well as Fisher Price, so we can’t wait to dig around them and share the goodies ! Will also be having an EMAB giveaway πŸ™‚

Anything, just drop me a comment, email or question as always ! πŸ™‚





4 thoughts on “What’s in our Diaper Bag? x 3 Months

  1. Kiara Nanali says:

    Hi, Libby! I came across your blog as I was searching for Mamy Poko reviews. Thanks for sharing your preferred brands and stuff to lug around with a newborn. I’m due to give birth this October to my second child (a boy this time!) and it certainly feels like being a first time mom (my daughter is now 7 years old, can you imagine?) Glad to have found useful stuff in here. Thanks for sharing! xoxo Kiara

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi Kiara, thank you for your kind words!! Congratulations on your upcoming pregnancy, take good care of yourself πŸ™‚

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