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I am completely aware that this entry comes a little early, as Sophie is just on the cusp of turning 3 months old and has another month to go before she is old enough to start trying her first tiny bite of solids πŸ™‚

But.. guess what? Besides the actual food, this kiasu Mama already has at home all the things she will need to move Sophie into the solid food phase! I’m soooo excited about introducing new things to her to try. Her Papa and I being real gluttons – every overseas trip is a veritable gastronomical affair – we can’t wait to see how she will take to different kinds of food and also what her tastes are like.

Of course, I’ve done a lot of reading up and will naturally be looking out for the appropriate signs before starting her on solids.

A rough guideline would be

  1. She expresses interest in food other than milk, and looks at our food with some indication that she would like to have some too
  2. She is able to sit up somewhat with a little support. This is so the food can go down.
  3. Baby has lost the “extrusion reflex” aka the motion where she sticks out her tongue to prevent anything going down.
  4. Significant weight gain (doubling of birth weight) – which Sophie has -gulp- already done.

You can check out Baby Centre’s guidelines for more πŸ™‚

Here’s what I’ve gotten ready:


  1. Fisher Price Solids Starter Set ( kindly sponsored by the folks over at Fisher Price Singapore)
  2. The Beaba BabyCook Original ( gifted from Sophie’s Aunt Kailin & Uncle Kaiyang)
  3. Beatrix NY’s Papar The Owl Insulated Lunch Bag from JEDPacks


First up would of course be the Beaba Babycook. I was already eyeing it way before Sophie received it as a Full Month gift from K’s siblings. So many rave reviews from Mummies (Thank You, Za!) and also online ! I was vascillating between the Avent Steam and Blend and the Beaba Babycook. Here’s why I chose it !

  1. Its so super easy to use. Everything in one contraption – and very user-friendly.
  2. It can steam, cook, blend, defrost and reheat all in one machine ! Minimizes washing up.
  3. Its size is very compact – good for my tiny kitchen and limited counter space.
  4. It steams, rather than boils, which helps the fruits and veggie retain their nutrients and vitamins

Here’s a video on how it works:

As for why I decided to make my own baby food ..

  1. How can anything that can keep in a jar for more than a year be preservative-free and good for my baby? I can see how they are really convenient to use on-the-go, but on a daily basis I would definitely prefer to give fresh baby food to Sophie
  2. It’s fun ! I love to cook anyway, and I’m so excited to experiment with different foods for Sophie. Some of the recipes I’ve found look good enough for me to have for lunch too, just the unblended version. ^^
  3. I want to be part of my baby’s nutrition. Now that I’m no longer able to breastfeed (-sad-) I feel such a sense of loss every time I give her formula. I really want to be involved in her meals once she can take solids, maybe its a Mommy thing but I want to make sure whatever she puts into her mouth is good for her. And its also my way of showing my love for her πŸ™‚
  4. Jarred Baby Food is gross. Yes. Gross. When my grand dad was struck by a stroke and could only eat a little puree a day besides his tube feed, we bought some jarred baby food for him and of course tasted it ourselves first before giving it to him. It was awful. Either too sweet, or tasteless and even a little artificial.

And here’s the wonderful starter kit sent by Fisher Price for Sophie !

I was so excited to receive it – it even came with potatoes, carrots and an avocado so we could use it straight away, unfortunately, since Sophie is not ready, those went into Mama and Papa’s bellies instead (the carrots went to Benjy). The little basket of goodies also included an apron for me and two basic food recipes, as well as a recipe book for you to fill in your favourite ones ! So very thoughtful. Thank you !


Fisher Price Kit

  1. A super cute Baby’s First Sippy Cup (RRP $11.90) for Sophie to hold once she can sort of feed herself, which I will be filling with home-made juice.
  2. Learn to Scoop (RRP $6.90) spoons – my favourite in the package ! I’m going to use these to feed her because they are soft on her gums. Then when she’s old enough to hold them herself, the soft grip and “wave” design on the spoon will help food stay on πŸ™‚
  3. On the Go Meal Kit (RRP $16.90) for when she is older and I start packing in porridge or full meals. They are completely sealable and this one has two compartments for different kinds of food. The folding lid makes sure one side can stay sealed so you can bring out two helpings!
  4. Freezer Cubes – in such cute sizes and colors for me to bring out single helpings of fruit and veg puree !
  5. Recipe Book – for me to scribble in which ones are Sophie’s favourites.

Β The feeding recipes are all BPA free and totally safe for babies/toddlers and are available at all leading departmental stores. I find the prices super reasonable and I’m a big fan of the Fisher Price brand to start with so I’m so happy that we received these items!

And finally (the most exciting part of all!) Recipes !

My brother’s girlfriend’s Mom (Aunty Cat) got us these wonderfully useful recipe books from Hong Kong. She really is the sweetest lady ever – these are just perfect and they are so Mama-friendly I can hardly believe it.


The books have recipes for different stages (6-9 months, 10-12 months, 1-2 years) and modifications for even younger infants (4-6 months). The recipes looks absolutely yummy if I should say so myself and they come with such pretty presentation ideas as well as make use of more than just your regular ingredients. They also list the nutritional values and calorie count for every single recipe. How awesome is that?

Some examples:

For just a regular “starter” Sweet Corn Puree


To some more unusual but so interesting and healthy ones:


Sweet Potato Tofu Congee ! How yummy does that sound?Β  And it’s purple, which I hope will entice my daughter to eat it if she is anything like me >.<

To desserts:


I am picturing a happy Sophie trying to feed herself these Sweet Potato Balls, smashing bits of it on her fat cheeks and saying “Yum Yum”. I am nuts, I am.

I can’t wait to start our solid food journey, I’m sure we are already more than well-prepared ! When the time comes, I’ll be sure to share tried and tested recipes so stay tuned Mamas !




4 thoughts on “Cooking Mama x Sophie on Solids x Fisher Price

  1. Jean Angus says:

    She actually has more than a month to go before she should start – the recommendation is that babies start solids at 6 months, not 4 months.

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi Jean – hmm I don’t think there’s any hard and fast rule when to start exactly because many mummies I know just give their babies a little taste when they are about 4 months. I definitely don’t intend to give her more than just a little until she’s 6 months old, in any case ! My PD has already said it’s okay once she starts expressing interest πŸ™‚

  2. kexin says:

    Hi! I was going to say the same as Jean..but I guess you have done your own research.
    I realise that different PDs give diff advice. One was ok with water at 4 mths, one screamed bloody murder when i gave formula and doesnt recommend any solid food till baby can sit up well(usually 5-6 mths). So..i had to rely on good old mummy’s instinct.
    Take it slow ya mummy, baby has her whole life to eat, and problems with food(allergies or immature digestive system) lasts forever!

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi !! Yes I did do my own research but I’m also open to any opinions or advice because I really think there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to solids or … just raising babies, really !!

      I definitely would not give Sophie solids until she’s ready .. so if she shows no signs until 5-6 months.. then that’s how long I would wait πŸ™‚

      Thanks for commenting !! Really appreciate the thought πŸ™‚

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