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Hi guys!

Here’s my follow up post / review on IDS clinic.

First off, a photo of my bare skin.

I took it on my new Olympus EPL 5 for the close up so you can see my imperfections.


So you can still see scars, some pigmentation, redness around my nostrils, and very bad dark rings

However, this is a huge improvement from when I first bought the products about 1 month back.

Please read my previous entry (clickable) before reading this review, as I don’t want to sound too repetitive and will be assuming in this entry that you have already read the prior one.

Back then, I had bad breakouts, on my chin, on my temples and around my nose. Painful pimples and also a comedone problem, all caused by hormonal changes in my body post pregnancy.

So yes, IDS products really worked for me ! Here’s how:

  1. Lightened skin tone: I really got fairer and my skin is now much brighter even without makeup. I attribute this to the C+
  2. No more breakouts ! I have not had any major pimple since I started using the products. This is due to a combination of the C+, the Pore and the scrubย  – they work together by keeping dirt off my face and out of my pores, preventing any formation of pimples.

For these two results alone, I am super thankful to the IDS clinic – I’m back to applying just minimal makeup when I go out these days ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some downsides I experienced after using the products:

  1. Heightened sensitivity. I don’t know why, but after using the scrub and applying the C+ at night, my skin because so super sensitive that I cannot even tolerate the brushing of hair against my face without wanting to sneeze and scratch. I get over this by pinning my hair back when I sleep, but it can be really annoying.
  2. Dryness around my mouth – the Pore formula can be really drying and when I accidentally smear some near my mouth I get bad dryness. I would say be really careful during application and never rub it all over your face.

Because of the dryness I went back to Dr SK Tan, who recommended that I use the Oil-Free Moisturizer to fight the dry patches. I love the moisturizer – its very light, non greasy and absorbs fast but I feel that its overpriced for such a tiny amount – since I was instructed to spread it all over my face I don’t get how it can possibly last me for 3 months like they claim. I started using my Laneige Sleeping Pack again at night and I think its much more effective in keeping my skin moist and bouncy. I would say the OFM is only suitable as a day moisturizer.

So here are the 3 skin products I would say to definitely go for:


I left out the scrub because I find it just so-so in terms of efficacy and I think my other scrubs work just as well for much cheaper. If I had to buy only 2 products again they would be the Pore and the C-Plus ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope this review helps those of you who are trying to decide if you want to check out IDS ! I am not sponsored for these products nor was I paid to write this, so you can be sure this is my 100 per cent honest opinion! (for this reason mainly I wrote this review – I find the bloggers who were paid or sponsored to do it over effusive in their praise. There’s no instant and miracle cure for your skin and it really makes me skeptical that they rave over so many different brands -_-)

Good luck !




2 thoughts on “IDS Clinic Review x Update

  1. Huey says:

    Hi! Glad the products worked well on u ๐Ÿ™‚ can I ask what makeup products are u using now? I prefer to use light makeup as well, but still need some coverage for my sensitive skin.

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi Huey ! I use quite a few different brands .. for concealer, ZA, for BB Cream, Missha. Eyebrow powder – Heavy Rotation, Eyeliner – Cleo Cat, and I also use Benefit’s Posie Tint for lips ๐Ÿ™‚

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