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It’s been a super tiring but also wonderful fun day !

One of my closest friends, Za, and I brought our two babies out on their first play date 🙂

I’d been so excited about it – bringing up the Joolz Buggy to make space for A’s Quinny and using our Baby Zen Yoyo instead. Just the thought of Nawaz and Sophie sitting in the back in their matching Maxi Cosi seats got me all sentimental and gooey.

I haven’t seen (not-so) little Nawaz since he was about 3 months old, and gosh has he grown! He is sooo handsome, fair and interactive now – with beautiful long lashed wide eyes, soft brown downy hair, and all kinds of cheeky expressions – what a charmer!

We decided to head to Singapore’s most child-friendly mall, Vivocity ! Quite ambitious, I know, given that both of us are Easties and it would have been much easier just to go to Bedok Mall, but Za and I, we are nothing if not big dreamers. Very ambitious. And a bit crazy.

Here are our two cutie pies – all strapped safely into their car seats and ready to rumble ! Please forgive the poor quality photos – it’s nearly impossible to get two shots of two babies who really don’t care for what their stressed out Mama’s want ! -_-

photo 2


The laughs-a-minute and surreal moments started right from the get-go, when the two of us burst spontaneously into nursery rhymes to calm Nawaz down! I am quite amazed at A’s repertoire – gotta get to work on expanding mine too – I keep singing inappropriate pop songs to Sophie which is a-okay now that she hasn’t started repeating anything but no .. I do not want her crooning to strangers that “It’s Sad to Belong to Someone Else When the Right One Comes Along” once she can sing.

I must say that I was pretty impressed by how fast we got everything and everyone out the car ! Setting up the pram, hooking up our matching Kate Spade diaper bags, hoisting the babies out of their car seats and into their prams, and we were on our way to a great afternoon of catching up and non-stop Mummy talk.

photo 5

Decided on the very family friendly Earle Swensen’s for lunch.

Here are the highlights (recorded down for posterity the same way our JC antics have been immortalized in our clique’s infamous Book of Records aka Notebook of Shame)

  1. Both babies started whinging at the same time to be fed. It was a truly, truly surreal moment for both of us to see each other whipping out formula containers, milk bottles, aunty Thermos flasks and bibs while simultaneously humming random made-up nursery songs and babbling away in reassuring baby talk.
  2. We both acknowledged that we would be very lucky indeed if we got to eat lukewarm food. Yes, we are thankful for small blessings. Lukewarm is great. Stone Cold is the usual.
  3. Engaging in a full blown hard core discussion about …. milk bottles. And pacifiers. And the astronomical cost of formula. And the merits of different brands of baby-food makers.
  4. Excitedly discussing the MotherCare sale and pencilling in the next major baby fair in August into our (empty) social calendars.
  5. Snapping photos of each others’ babies while deprecating our own. #asiantigermum

So besides one particularly long sleep-dance Za had to perform to coax Nawaz into a nap, and the rapid changing of one very heavy Sophie-Rose diaper, lunch was pretty much any New Mom’s idea of the height of social activity.

I’m almost 100 per cent sure that our conversation would have put any non-mom (or anyone not hoping to be a parent soon) to sleep within 5 minutes. But for me, and I think Za, it was terribly self affirming and – honestly – liberating. When I go out with my single friends or non-Mom friends I always feel that I need to hold myself back and go easy on the crazy control freak Mama obssession and remind myself to ask them about their lives but today during lunch … it was no holds barred. And I enjoyed myself tremendously !!!

Here’s a #wefie the four of us took – achieved after a record breaking three tries !

photo 3

 Unfortunately, Sophie and Nawaz seem to be kind of oblivious to each other. Nawaz only takes notice of her when his Mama is carrying her and Sophie has so far shown only mild amusement at Nawaz’s full-blown car tantrums but it’s a start !  We cannot wait for them to be old enough to attend play group, Gymboree, or Yamaha music classes together – it’s always so fun to already have a friend in class. Although they are about 5 months apart, they are born in different years.

While Za finally got a chance to attack the salad buffet, I got down to training Sophie for selfies. And I must say, we’re both getting better and better at it. Sophie looks at the camera – score !!


The rest of the 5 hour playdate (YES WE WERE OUT FOR FIVE HOURS) just flew by ! We went to the Mecca of Mothers – MotherCare and Za picked out the boy-version of Sophie’s car mobile for her Little Man .. and then we took a nice long leisurely tea break at Costa Coffee which included two diaper changes and yet another feed.

At the end of the day – this photo just about sums up our two munchkins – an irate, grumpy Nawaz and a sleepy Sophie ! 🙂

photo 1

And of course, two Mama’s who simultaneously complained of the same back aches in probably the same places as we wrestled the both of them into their car seats. I’m sitting here on bed, blogging and laughing just thinking about it – and I can’t believe that 10 years on, the both of us still crack each other up the same way we did as teenagers !!

Can’t wait for the next Play Date ! Already thinking of venues !




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