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I’ve blogged many times before about how I’m trying to slowly move my family and little household into using eco-friendly, organic and natural products only.

And every step of the way, I have seen results and improvements in our well-being !

For one, thanks to the Earth Mama Angel Baby, Baby Bear Shop and California Baby products that Sophie uses, she has not had a single skin problem beyond a very very mild rash from formula. Her diaper rash also disappears within a day.

This has made her a very happy, comfortable baby. From using only pure cotton or bamboo fibre muslins, wearing only 100 per cent pure cotton clothing and socks to her skin and washing products, I have been very fastidious about what I put on her body.

This is because all my life I have suffered from skin problems. I have had eczema since I was a young girl, as well as sporadic psoriasis on my tummy and legs. My face breaks out very easily when it comes into contact with dirt or harsh chemicals, and its only recently that I have learned how to keep everything under the control. So for Sophie, I’d really like to start her young.

One thing that’s bugged me from the start of our cleaner and more natural journey is the lack of organic products in Singapore. I’ve often had to turn to shipping from overseas (delayed gratification) which can sometimes be a headache because I don’t get to try the products first and end up having to rely entirely on online reviews. Its also problematic when I want to restock.

Lucky for me I met Ashley at Sun Kiss Babies, which is now my go-to place for all Sophie’s bath and diaper products! They are both online and now they also have a pop-up at Takashimaya’s Baby Section where you can buy them off the shelves ! (And also where I ran into her and her lovely husband last weekend)

Recently, I was approached by local company AO&N (All Organic and Natural) to check out some of their household, baby and wellness products which are all 100 per cent organic and natural.

I was super excited when they were explaining to me the contents of the bag, but of course I always maintain a healthy sense of skepticism – not every organic product is suitable for my needs and for my family’s, and I also wondered if they were cost prohibitive.

So I tested them out over the span of two weeks, and here are my completely honest opinions !

For Baby Sophie, we were given a travel pack of 4 Little Innoscents Products, 2 full-sized ones, and a bar of soap.

I’d already heard about Little Innoscents from my essential-oil crazy friends, who told me that the grade of essential oils used in Innoscents was very high. I also love the fact that all the products in the range are aromatherapy based because I know first hand how essential oils can really help you spiritually and physically – since my friend C introduced me to the Young Living range last year I’ve been a big fan of their Joy blend (lifts the spirits, builds immunity) and also their Wintergreen (for all my aches) and Thieves (antibacterial and fights colds). Price-wise, they are also pretty affordable compared to brands like California Baby (in stores) and Baby Gaia.

 These are the 4 tubes in the travel pack:


From Left:

Green: Hair and Body Wash

The main scent for this product is Sweet Orange and Sandalwood, which makes it a warmer cousin of the Sweet Orange and Vanilla Earth Mama Angel Baby hair and body wash Sophie is currently using. I didn’t know if I would like this because I don’t really like the woody, incense like tones of Sandalwood.

Luckily, the smell came out nice and fresh ! However, it is very low suds and doesn’t give me the nice creamy head of foam that EMAB does with its castile-based soap. I do like the after-feel of this wash, though – Sophie’s and my skin felt moisturized and plump to touch. Day-to-day, however, I would use EMAB over this as it is a little too rich for Singapore’s humid weather. Would probably be better for temperate countries or if your baby is always in an air conditioned room. 🙂

Yellow: Intensive Soothing Cream (Recommended!)

 It’s a rich but not greasy multi-purpose cream that moisturizes using Shea Butter and Avocado Oil and smells of super soothing Lavender, my favourite scent! I will be bringing this along to Sydney with us for an extra layer of protection for Sophie in the biting cold and for the wind.

Pink: Moisture Rich Body Lotion

I didn’t like the scent of this lotion much. It’s Ylang Ylang, which I find really strong and not to my taste at all as I like my baby smelling soft, fresh, clean and powdery.

Blue: Winter Blues Vapour Balm (Recommended!)

This one is my favourite of the range! I’ve been contemplating for a while now whether to buy Vicks VapoRub for Sophie as she has been having small bouts of sniffles of late, probably due to the pretty bad air quality right now. I remember when I was young that it did help with my coughs sometimes but I also remember it to be viscous, thick, greasy and so, so sticky. I recently looked up the ingredients and found to my horror that it contains turpentine (would you put something that can STRIP ENGINE OIL on your baby?), paraffin and petrolatum.

Paraffin is in actually fact a grey sludge petrol by-product which is bleached and processed before being used as a lubricant. And petrolatum .. I think its pretty self explanatory why you would not apply this on a baby.

So the Little Innoscents Vapour Balm was like a lifesaver. I love, love love the wintergreen smell – so crisp, minty and fresh. Its mixed in with a few other favourite essential oils like lemon, lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint – all the goodness of Vicks Vaporub without the industrial fillers.

I used this on Sophie one night when she was battling a particularly nasty bout of the sniffles and within 10 minutes, she was breathing better and finally managed to get to sleep. Another product I’m going to definitely bring when I’m travelling and need to soothe her or make her comfortable on the plane and in unfamiliar places.

I was also given a full sized bottle of Mineral Powder and Sun Lotion from the Little Innoscents Line.


Mineral Powder (Recommended)

I liked this a lot. I mentioned my hunt for talc-free powders before, and it has finally come to an end. This mineral powder smells just lovely – peppermint and lavender (are you seeing a trend in preferences here) and also Australia white clay, which helps absorb moisture and prevent rash/skin irritations. I pat a little bit on Sophie’s butt after each diaper change and I have, amazingly, noticed that she can go longer between changes !

Sun Lotion

When I saw that the main ingredient was zinc oxide, my heart sank. I really don’t like the smell of zinc oxide or its thick, pasty consistency, so I will not be using this on Sophie. Instead, I would recommend the Sophie La Girafe Protection Cream, which is also organic and so much milder / smoother.

Next, the Bio Shield Range of Health Sprays

I have never seen anything like these products on the market ! Basically they are vitamin based, alcohol free sprays which you simply spray all over your exposed skin. This forms an anti-microbial layer on your skin that supposedly protects against UV rays, formation of bacteria, etc.

We were given one bottle of adult spray and another for babies and kids. I’m not sure how much it can do for Sophie yet because she doesn’t get carried around a lot by anyone besides K, myself and our helper but I can totally see how this will be effective when she starts crawling around the house and rubbing her face and hands all over the furniture, floor, etc. I would also definitely use it on her if I ever send her to day care or child care – HFMD is so rampant now I have heard of kids who can catch it 4 times in one year (?!)

I think the concept is great, too – you can’t force everyone who comes into contact with your baby to sanitize themselves, but you can protect your baby against them.


They also gave us a bottle of Healthy Feet spray, which stops foot rot or athlete’s foot from forming. I gave this to my husband, K, who has to wear (and run in) his leather work shoes for up to 12 hours every day. He will also be trying it out during his ICT 🙂 – he may just have the healthiest feet in his platoon. Anyway, if this really works and can also stop smelly feet, I’ll totally buy it. I don’t know how many times I’ve felt super ashamed to take off my shoes before going to a house because I have seriously sweaty feet – I’ve resorted to using sole inserts but they are expensive, not very effective and also its a wasteful habit.

Here are the retail prices of AO&N products in this post:

Little Innoscents Travel Pack – $24.90

Little Innoscents Sun Lotion – $21.30

Little Innoscents Mineral Powder – $11.60

Bio Shield Kiddie – $23.30

Bio Shield U! – $23.30

Bio Shield Healthy Feet – $21

My readers get 5 % off any purchase by using the code 201406-TIN.Bloggers


To purchase the products, just go to their online website at

Happy Shopping, and let me know if you guys got anything / want any info on the products !


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