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So, we celebrated K’s first ever Father’s Day over the weekend !  The super fun thing about having a baby born early in the year is that we’ve practically got to experience all our “firsts” straightaway. I can imagine feeling more than a little frustrated (and maybe phony) about celebrating Mother’s Day while pregnant – you’re not sure if you’re entitled to yet but you still know it means something special to you.

The 3 of us were honestly really exhausted and sleep deprived the whole of last week (it was a long, long week) so we didn’t set off until mid-afternoon. Hit up our usual haunts (Ngee Ann City) but decided to try somewhere different for high-tea instead of sequestering ourselves in the (expensive) comfort of TWG.

I remember seeing on our previous jaunts to Ion Orchard that there was a new French-style bakery bistro open in the space outside Paradise Dynasty, so we checked it out !

Turns out Becasse Bakery is indeed a Parisian-influenced bakery (but of Australian origin) serving a huge range of patisserie items, all day breakfast and also afternoon tea. We, or rather K, is a really big fan of high tea (don’t ask me why he has this strangely un-masculine gastronomical perference) so it was a no-brainer, especially since the area was spacious and only half filled – plenty of space for our Joolz pram (the big one).

The High Tea for one was served rather unconventially across two very chic and minimalistic looking slate-like blocks on a long glass plank, rather than your usual two or three tiered set:


Unconventional, but very pretty – and perfect for sharing !

We enjoyed almost everything on that plank. All the savouries were very yummy – the crab round topped with cooked apple, the very fresh prawn and roe salad on a tiny baby lettuce leaf, a mini croque monsieur, and the duck pate with beetroot. I could easily polish the entire thing off myself – and I am one of those horrible eaters who want a little bit of everything, so this was great.

The sweets were hit and miss – the pot de creme was not too sweet and very milky-creamy (in a good way), and the salted caramel custard brittle tart was as amazing as it sounds, but the macaron was too hard and crunchy. The mini scone, however, was nice – just the right crumb and too small to be stodgy.

The teas were very good – six cups in and a refill of hot water and they were still fragrant and colored the water well ! We tried the French Earl Grey and Chamomile.

Here’s my happy husband:



 I can’t emphasize enough how much his support has meant to be in the past three months since Sophie’s birth.

Even with Benjy, he’s always stepped up to the role of being a Dad with ease – responsibility has never been an issue with him. He will gladly bathe and blowdry our very belligerent dog (who happens to hate baths), change his pee-tray because I couldn’t even go near it when I was pregnant, toast his salmon, cook his red rice and make sure that he always has enough water.

With Sophie, he is even more hands-on. When he can, he does the two night feeds for her, and tries to make sure he is there every day for her evening wipe-down. He’s never been fazed by feeding her in public (despite her vomiting on him quite a few times) and will patiently rub her back for half an hour to make sure she burps, something I’m not even that disciplined about myself !

Because of him, my baby girl is 100 per cent a Daddy’s Girl.


Both Sophie and I are lucky girls – we have such amazing fathers and role models 🙂

And I think this may make feminists want to murder me, but when K tells me he’s rushing home early so he can “spend time with my girls” it really moves me. I’ve wondered before if he would be so besotted with Sophie that I would be “demoted” in his priorities (not that I really mind) but he’s gone out of his way to show me that this is not the case – he reminds me that he is doing the night feeds so that I can catch some sleep, goes out of his way to give me some me-time, and will even mind the baby when I go out for quick dinners with my friends.

Here’s my current favourite photo of the two most important people in my life:


Yes that’s little Sophie looking shy from Papa’s arms, blowing raspberries, little chubby fingers curled around his tie and him looking at her adoringly.

And it basically sums up their wonderful relationship 🙂

It’s truly, truly amazing how God made babies as a way to make the love between husband and wife grow stronger. I knew K as a young man, then as a lover, a husband and now, a father and the dynamics of our togetherness just keep changing and growing stronger. 🙂


Happy Father’s Day, my love !

Yours always,

Your Girls.


2 thoughts on “K’s First Father’s Day !

  1. The Lu Life says:

    What a wonderful Father’s Day! And that high tea looks delectable!

    1. libbyty says:

      Thank you my dear 🙂

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