Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer


My beloved little Sophie Rose turns 3 months old today 🙂

Temperament-wise, she is still the sunny, good-natured little Sweet Pea she has been since the day she was born. For this, K and I eternally grateful. Having such an easy baby has made our transition from rather self-centred and slightly ignorant non-parents into cooing, besotted Mummy and Daddy so very straightforward.

You know those soul-curdling wails where the baby gets so intensely upset that they can’t breathe? I’ve seen them so many times in my siblings but in the past 3 months, Sophie has done this a grand total of … one time. When she was being jabbed in the heel. I swear we hit the baby lottery.

Because I am kind of incoherent and incapable of forming full, long and witty sentences after spending most of today with Sophie, I shall use bullets to make my observations of Baby S at the 3 month-mark ^^

  • Sleep: You are more or less sleeping through the night now! You sleep from 11 pm to 1 am, wake up for one feed, and the next time you start getting hungry again, it’s about 7 or 8 am in the morning! Our eyebags thank you for this.
  • Eating: You’re now on full formula – Similac Total Comfort – and while you were drinking very well for the past month, this week your intake has dropped sharply and we’ve practically been forcing you to drink every three hours because you will only take 90 ml at each feed. I’m hoping this is just a fussy phase.
  • Weight gain: A whopping 5.7 kg right now, chubby in all the right places and you’re finally a “safe” size for us to hug and squeeze you and chuck you under your chin to make you laugh.
  • Bath-time: Your absolute favourite time of the day ! You love it when we sing to you while teaching you to splash, and you especially enjoy being wrapped in your soft, fluffy Marshmallow Uchino towels (see above), displayed by wiggling of your toes and all sorts of cheeky expressions, ranging from loud laughter to shy half-hidden smiles.
  • Motor-skills: You still hate tummy time with a vengeance – besides screaming blue murder, you have added to your repertoire of complaining sounds a distinctly whiny, high pitched wail and also lots of very, very cute whimpers. Usually Mama gives up after 5 minutes of your noise-based persuasion. The result is that you are still unable, or unwilling to lift your head more than an inch off the sofa. Mama’s been worrying about this and concerned about your development but your Papa has rubbished it all with “Babies Grow At Their Own Pace. Enjoy Her.” Which makes a lot of sense.
  • Rolling: You have officially started trying to roll over. At least three times this past week Mama and Papa have found you lying, or rather wobbling on your side trying to figure out if you want to be flat on your back again or smack on your face, which you hate.

Besides all these usual updates, you’ve also continued sucking your hands non-stop, with such evident enjoyment that you sometimes snort while you’re sucking from all the exertion. After having to wipe down your smelly sour milk smelling fingers for the Nth time in one day, we succumbed to the pacifier aka Sophie’s binky, which you are now addicted to. Mama could go into depth about the 1000 ways she is guilty about doing this but you know what, she won’t. If binky = sanity preserved, then binky will go into Sophie’s mouth until Mama finds a better solution.

Sadly, your hair is showing no signs of getting any thicker and in fact, is starting to shed. 😦 Mama’s hair is shedding too.. copiously and frighteningly. Luckily we both know how useful a bow is in making your hair work for you ^^

Toys-wise, you show basically no interest. Whether it’s your multi-sensory Mr Caterpillar, or your textured toother Sophie La Girafe, or the mountains of soft toys and brightly colored play things people have bought for you, you clearly have not reached the stage where you want to interact with anything or anyone besides Mama, Papa and Auntie Yati.


Your long, slender, strangely un-babylike fingers grasp everything we put in them now 🙂

Next week, the three of us will be off to Sydney to hang out with Aunty Chloe and her Mummy, Aunty Cat. We’re so sad that we have to leave poor Benjy behind but until the world starts accepting that pets are Family, that will woefully always be the case since Mama is not Paris Hilton and Papa is not Rupert Murdoch.

And after that … well, Mama has to go back to work. Something which is kind of killing her inside now because every bone in her body wants to be with you, but another part of her mind wants to go back to work and grow so that she can support you better and also chase her dreams a little while more.

But like your wise and reasonable (aka holier than thou) Papa always says, we will deal with it when it happens, or more poetically, we will cross that bridge when it comes (to quote your Grandpa Sebastian)

I can’t believe its been 3 months ! And now, I’m going to make myself get off this computer so I can spend time with the Real Sophie instead of staring soppily at your newborn photos and being nostalgic. You grow so fast I just can’t keep up !

All our Love,

Papa and Mama


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