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Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates, this week has been just Crazy with a capital C !

Between bringing Sophie for her 3rd month vaccinations and dealing with a super cranky and slightly ill baby for two days, teaching my English classes and helping renovate the centre, and packing for 3 people (including one baby) for Sydney, I have hardly had time to breathe let alone take stock of the week which has simply flown past !

I don’t have the gumption or the will to write an entire proper post, so here’s our week in snaps. For more up to date stuff, please check us out on Instagram (@littlebowgirl) or Facebook

1) Sophie and her Binky !

photo 2

Yes, we decided that since Sophie has taken a shine to the pacifier, why not get her a really nice pretty one with a clip to boot? She currently has two Nuk pacifiers, which we decided to get after doing some research about what kind of pacifiers would least inhibit any speech or physical development, as well as allow her to breathe comfortably and easily.

I’m really particular about binky hygiene so the two Nuk pacifiers are perpetually being sterilized and we decided to get her another one so they won’t wear out so fast (and also because these were just tooo pretty to resist!)

Et Voila, Elodie Details Binky and Binky clip !

photo 1

How perfect is this for our Little Bow Baby? The clip on even has a little Royal Pink Bow which fits just right under the binky. No safety pin clip ons for this baby (Not because I think any less of them but because I personally don’t trust my clumsy self with baby safety pins – I am always worried I’ll accidentally stab Sophie – a phobia that started after I accidentally did that to my baby brother Daniel when helping out with his nappies)

We were initially a little concerned that Sophie would grow too dependent on the binky.. but, my daughter, she surprises me every day with her very strange maturity in one so young. She only wants it when she’s cranky – if she’s hungry, or has a wet diaper, she shows no interest at all, which means no feeding cue confusion or overfilled nappies. She also doesn’t need to suck on it all night to stay asleep – once she self-soothes (DREAM BABY !) herself to sleep at night, it simply drops out of her mouth and she ignores it.

I still can’t believe that she’s learnt how to put herself to sleep. Like clockwork every night around 10 pm, we put her into her Stokke Sleepi, turn down the lights, diffuse some lavender essential oil, tuck her blanket around her, place her buckwheat pillow on her tummy, stick in the binky and leave the room.

Almost without fail for the past 2 weeks, when we go back in to check on her, she is sound asleep. We do a dream feed around 12 am, and then she’s out like a light until 7-8 am the next morning ! At 3 months ! Maybe this isn’t a big deal to many Mummies but for me, this is like a sign I am slowly getting my Zzzs back!

2) Sophie and her 5-in-1 / Pneumoccocal Vaccinations

Because I am a very scatterbrained Mother or perhaps because I personally have a fear of needles and injections myself, I have put off Sophie’s 2 month and 3 month vaccinations until the very last minute 😦

So one week before our trip to Sydney, we brought her to Dr Phuah with a sinking heart and was told that she would need to take 2 jabs and one oral vaccination at one go ! I tell you, I was trembling and near tears on her behalf when Dr Phuah approached her with the needles. She on the other hand, gazed happily at the Butterfly Mobile above her and didn’t even wince until the needle went in.

photo 4

 Even after the two jabs, Sophie simply let out one loud cry, and then stopped, only whimpering for another 5 minutes before giving me a weak smile as if to say “I’m okay, Mama!” She really is a brave girl. My own Mama told me that at every single vaccination I screamed blue murder for at least an hour after besides throwing up milk on everyone non-stop and then projectile vomiting to show my rage at being stabbed.

She did run a very slight fever after so I very kiasi-ly monitored her temparature every half an hour to make sure it never got higher than 38 degrees celsius. She did have random crying jags throughout the day, but very mild ones and mostly slept through the discomfort.

3) Ottoman Grill – Heavenly Kunefe

Probably the only non-baby-related photo I have taken all week – this is Kunefe. It’s a Turkish dessert and you need to have it at least once before you die. It is artery clogging but worth every single bite, I promise.

We tried this out at Ottoman Grill after a dinner of falafel, hummus and charcoal baked pita pockets. It was a real highlight.

I usually don’t even like Middle Eastern or Indian sweets because I find them tooth-achingly sweet and cloying, but this.. oh this.

photo 5

Think crispy shreds of phyllo pastry which are crazily aromatic from the browned butter, encasing savoury, chewy goat’s cheese (not pungent at all) all drowned in a mild syrup and topped with crunchy crushed pistachios. It was a really complex and lovely dessert. I would, for the sake of your waistline, recommend sharing.

Ottoman Kebab and Grill Restaurant

#01-75, Bedok Mall, 311 New Upper Changi Road
4) Ballerina Girls go for Mass !

photo 3

My Sunday mornings are no longer for rolling around in bed, the four of us.

We have decided in the spirit of good Catholic parenting that we need to stop putting off bringing Sophie to Mass because the “she’s too young” excuse just doesn’t cut it any more. The first time we brought her it was admittedly stressful as she freaked out from a wet diaper halfway and I ended up breastfeeding and changing her diaper in a random Sunday School classroom, but if K and I can bring her to shopping centres as often as we do, why are we not bringing her to the House of God?

So it was that for the past 2 weeks we have become newly minted regulars at the 12:15 OLPS Mass. She was really good this past Sunday, good-naturedly chewing and rubbing her face with her favourite Hedgehog security blankie and not getting a shock every time the congregation burst into hymn.

We’re baptizing her this July too – can’t wait for that !

OK packing beckons, attention starved puppy is whining, and I have a feeling Sophie is going to wake up soon. I’m literally being pulled in four directions any given time.

Wish me luck !




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