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I think the only thing that could have made our Sydney trip even more wonderful than it already was was if Sophie Rose had been able to start on solids by then ! I mean, the produce was so fresh, delicious and baby friendly that I kept exclaiming about how it would have been a perfect time to start her solid-food education. 🙂

For example – just a tiny lick of our smashed avocado on rye, a nibble of our sweetcorn fritters, a dribble of our Belgian Milk Chocolate milkshake, a skein of Aunty Cat’s silky smooth beancurd skins in hot soup.. the list goes on.

But I really, really really wished she had gotten to try our scoops of gourmet gelato at Messina. I absolutely loved the crazy flavours on offer and the ice cream had such a wonderful texture – dense, creamy, not too thick, and just the right balance of sweet and savoury (in my chosen flavour, “Kevin Bacon”. I know, so punny, right?)

Thanks Chloe for yet another amazing recommendation – and for sharing my gargantuan scoop with me.

Presenting: Kevin Bacon


 That’s Maple Whiskey Gelato with a Candied Bacon Crunch for the uninitiated.

Gosh it was good. The gelato itself had very little air in it which made for a wonderfully milky taste, the whiskey was a more “adult” hit tempered with the mellow sweetness of maple, and the candied bacon crunch was just the “topping” on the “cake” – smoky, salty molasses. Could have been crunchier, but I’m not complaining!

 I was like a fat kid in a candy shop when I went into the store. And here’s why :



 Literally, mountains of artisan gelato in a dizzying array of complex flavours on top of the conventional ones. Poached figs?? Pear and Rhubarb? Count me in !

And the specials !!


My husband K loves peanut butter to distraction so I ordered a cone of the Mighty GM Pie for him and he literally swooned after taking a bite. It was like peanut in every form and texture, and made for a really layered taste sensation. He didn’t say that, of course. He said “shiok!” and walloped the whole thing. -_-

Here we are, in one of the only two or three shots we took the entire trip without Baby Sophie in it. 🙂


Makes me more than a little nostalgic for our days in Paris pigging out on Grom or Amorino’s near the Notre Dame Cathedral or along St Germain, and in the Festival Del Gelato along Via Del Corso in Florence.

But you know what makes me feel even more excited than nostalgic?? The knowledge that when we head to Paris next March for Sophie’s birthday, she will be able to sample all our favourite ice creams with us. Can’t wait to take her on a chilly Spring evening stroll along the Left Bank while she makes a mess of her face from our all-time favourite Alfonso Mango Gelato (Amorino’s) while all snuggly warm in her cute jackets.

K has expressed serious doubts about pushing a stroller into Chanel or Hermes but what can I say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. And going by how girly my daughter is turning out to be (no thanks to undue influence from yours truly) she will be right at home sitting at Laduree with me, sampling her St Honore pastry and sipping (caffeine free) tea with her pinky sticking out.

Oh how I love to dream !

Anyway, if you’re ever in Sydney, Messina Gelato is a MUST STOP. C says they are planning to open a branch here in SG soon but I say go there and have it before it comes to Singapore and everyone is IG-ing the same damn photos – I know I’m being insufferably snobby but lots of things lose half their attraction when the whole world is waxing lyrical about it along with you.

Gelato Messina

80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia

Go away, Monday Blues !




2 thoughts on “Messina Gelateria x Sophie in Sydney

  1. Leah says:

    Libby – gelato in Sydney is *almost* as good as that in Italy. What a lucky girl Sophie will be next year in Paris ❤️

    1. libbyty says:

      Hello Leah 🙂 Yes I’d have to agree ! It’s really the next best thing after enjoying a huge scoop of stracciatella gelato in Florence. We can’t wait for Paris !

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