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 Sophie Rose was baptized last Sunday, in the presence of friends, family and God 🙂

She turned four months just two days before, so it was a double celebration, and extra meaningful.

Here she is in her beautiful hand-sewn christening gown I ordered after weeks of research and hunting ! I really wanted something special, a keepsake we could use for our future daughters or Sophie’s own child in future.

An heirloom Christening gown of sorts. And I was about to give up after looking through the pathetic selection we have here in Singapore, but then I found this !! It’s made of soft cotton, very comfortable for baby, and has such intricate hand-sewn vintage lace. Of course, our favourite part of the gown is the ribbons on the shoulders and the little bonett – our Little Bo Peep !

Sophie had already started attending mass for the past two months so I wasn’t too worried about her freaking out in church – and on the day itself true to form she was her usual, cheeky, sparkly self !

Here we are settling down in our pew and this is a scene that has been repeated many, many times – obsessed Mama snapping away at Sophie and Sophie, who has already become a consummate camera-friendly mini celebrity, always knows exactly where to look !


 Oh how I delight in those fat pillowy cheeks and chubby arms, and how those round bright eyes fill me with happiness. Every morning we spend at least 5 minutes just rubbing noses, giggling at each other and rolling around in bed. It is my favourite time of the day !

We attend Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Church in Siglap and it’s been our parish since I was a little girl of 7. I attended Sunday School here, got confirmed here, got married here, and now my baby is baptized at OLPS as well. We’ve come full circle !

 At 4 months, Sophie was one of the youngest babies to be baptized on Sunday but we’d timed it to coincide with my parents’ and baby brother’s visit to Singapore ! Unfortunately, Sophie’s godmother, my sister, couldn’t make it but she’ll be back in Singapore next week to meet her baby niece for the first time and shower her with love.


 Grandma, Grandpa, Sophie, K and I

Sophie was completely monopolized by a collection of grandaunts and relatives the moment we brought her into church ! I barely got to hold her throughout, and although I’m always loathe to relinquish her from my grasp, it makes me feel so happy that my baby brings my extended family so much joy !

Even Deacon Clement couldn’t help but give her a little chuck under her chin and say “Aiyo, so cute!” when he was anointing her with chrism.

The whole ceremony was over really fast, and all I really remember was smiling non stop and feeling so very blessed that I was giving my child the greatest gift she could ever receive – the love and grace of God and His church 🙂


 And nope, she didn’t even bat an eyelid when she was being baptized with holy water ! Sophie really is one tough little chick !

 Towards the end of the ceremony, she suddenly fell asleep – and I mean just suddenly, she was out cold. I think all that excitement was a little too overwhelming for her and she decided to simply shut everyone and all the stimulation out ! ^^

My favourite photo of the day:


 This almost perfectly sums up our relationship – Sophie Rose is my heart outside my body. Sometimes I wish I could have kept her safe and swimming in my womb from all the danger, pain and fear in the world but I know my role is to watch her grow, raise her well, let her make her own mistakes and become a woman one day. Right now, though, I’m holding her close to me and warm in my arms 🙂

 Here’s where K will butt in and say “In Papa’s arms, too!”


As you can see, Mr Fifi Lapin never leaves her sight ! Her attachment to that bunny is adorable but is also starting to make me panic – we got it as a gift and have only one – so she gets really cranky whenever Fifi goes into the wash or we forget to bring him out and needs him to sleep every night ! I’ve bought another rabbit with the hopes that if she loves him, we have a ‘back up plan’. #woesofamum

And here we all are ! It was really lovely having Chloe at the baptism too ! Sophie (and the rest of us) have missed her very much since our Sydney trip and can’t wait for her to officially be part of the family !

Not to forget Aunty Maureen and Uncle Larry, who have been such rocks in our time of need – and so very caring and loving to my late grandpa. Thank you for sharing our joy !


 Although most family photos these days are generally missing a brother, sister, or a parent, I know all of us remain fast in our hearts – and I can’t wait for Christmas and New Year in Hong Kong when we’re all together making an indecent amount of noise at my parents’ new place ! Sophie will be 9 months old by then and hopefully will be crawling around raising a ruckus and just being absolutely lovable.

 So remember how I started out the post with that demure, hands clasped photo of Sophie Rose?

Here’s one which shows what she’s really like most of the time –



Cheeky little Bubba !

Friday is finally here, hope you’ve got a good long weekend planned, folks !


The Little Bow Family


4 thoughts on “Blessed Baptim, Sophie Rose !

  1. S says:

    such a heartwarming post! (: I love the picture you ended off with!

    1. libbyty says:

      Hello S !! Thank you 🙂 I love that photo too – cheeky little lady!

  2. Pearline says:

    Its wonderful to see you and your family grow together in love and cherish all that moments! OLPS used to be my parish church too till I moved to the north! When i was baptised as a child though, (according to my mom) I cried so much, it was just streams of holy water and tears and all XD

    1. libbyty says:

      Hello Pearline ! Thank you so much for that sweet thought – I feel more motivated to blog and commemorate every special occasion in my life every time I read a comment like that. Were you dunked fully in the water, though? That might explain the tears — in our case the water was merely poured over her forehead just like bath-time! Must have been so memorable for your mom !

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