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 So I know that people usually do a month by month thing, but I just had to do a 4.5 month update because .. gosh, things are changing so fast around the Little Bow Household that I need to put it all down before I forget !

At any given time, there are 1000 things rushing through my head – it’s a struggle to multi-task but at the end of the night, when I collapse in bed from exhaustion, it’s a good kind of tiredness – its the kind of exhaustion that comes from knowing every single precious minute of your day was spent fruitfully and in pursuit of passion.

Take my little business, The Little Bow Company, for example. I started it purely as a hobby, hoping to make more Mama friends and to source for beautiful things for Sophie Rose and share them with like-minded ladies.

As such, I priced my items really low and near cost because I want to make them affordable for Mummies – so I don’t make much at all. My friends and K keep asking me why I don’t charge more for my items, especially since I spend so much effort sourcing them and checking quality, but like I said, it’s a passion more than a money-making business. If I wanted to make money, I would definitely not be doing it through a baby business – The Little Bow Company is something that makes me happier than money can buy and is also my little legacy to my baby girl, and that’s more important to me 🙂

So between working full time, looking after the bubba, giving tuition on weekends (I have considered stopping, but I cannot bear to abandon my “kids” so near to their exams and I find it so fulfilling to teach), running my little business and in general.. well, living, I find myself more often than not dead on my feet at 2 am, on the brink of unconsciousness.

I can’t really tell what it is that keeps me going, but all I know is, I can probably only be this crazy at 26 – ten years on, there’s no way I’ll find the energy and gumption to take on so many things at one go. Right now, I’m so hungry for all life has to offer and I fully intend to maximize this passion !!

Speaking of my biggest passion of the moment, Sophie Rose has been changing so fast every day that I never cease to be astounded by these small miracles she keeps performing.

For one, she has started to try to sit up. She won’t lie still .. this sassy little sweet pea is always grabbing at her toes and trying to pull herself up, wobbling shakily on her bottom before keeling over like a drunk old man to the side or plonking on her face. She makes me laugh until my sides hurt, but in pure joy. Just watching her laugh and giggle makes my day, every day.

She’s also starting to display quite a feisty temper like me. However, she’s still pretty easygoing and good natured, something she definitely gets from her Papa. We (and our families) have decided that she is generally an affable, amiable sort of baby with a slight princess complex.

For example, she will sit quietly in my lap for about 15 minutes before getting annoyed – that’s pretty fair warning to me – but if I still try to strap her down after that, I’m treated to a series of indignant little lady squeaks and sometimes, yells.

These noises will persist for a maximum of another 10 minutes or so before she decides that fighting me is getting her no where and she will generally start to take it out on her rabbit stuffed toys or look around for someone who will cater to her whims (usually her doting uncles, aunts, grandparents and grandaunts).

She is also dainty beyond belief. And I mean, dainty. Everything about her is so unbelievably girly that I know it must have somehow been programmed into her. Nurture cannot make a baby whimper like a little lamb. Nurture cannot teach a baby to smile cute, little curly smiles paired with doe eyes and fluttery lashes.

Nurture most definitely cannot make a baby scoop a purse up into a perfect left hook on her first try:


 Look at that. You can’t fake that man, Sophie’s got some serious swag.  #likealadyboss


Mummy’s got to give it to you .. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to pull off that hat.

Speaking of rabbits, Mr Fifi Lapin has gotten so worn out by Sophie’s chewing, kissing, rubbing and cuddling that we were starting to panic about what would happen when he finally kicked the stuffed toy bucket. So many friends and fellow Mamas warned us to buy multiples of her favourite toy but this came as a gift and we couldn’t find another one !!

So I went hunting online for a replacement every time Mr Fifi goes into the wash and came up with Mr Fluffy – an angel bunny from Trousselier. How freaking cute is he?


Although Mr Fifi will always be Sophie Rose’s first love, Mr Fluffy is a pretty darned close No. 2. These two toys are quite perfect for babies under 9 months, actually. Mr Fifi is organic cotton, the perfect size for her to hug and clutch, and has just the right amount of stuffing. Mr Fluffy is a bit harder, but made out of terry cloth and easier to chew.

I can’t deny that I’m pretty much all worn out, though. I think my immunity has taken a big hit from the late nights, because I’m falling sick non stop now. 😦

It could also be because I’ve been missing meals .. I hardly have the time to go to the loo let alone cook up something nutritious on week days. Today’s breakfast, however, was a great pick me up !


Fresh smashed avocados with shallots, lemon and black pepper on whole wheat toast, along with a little tub of Japanese butternut squash salad and my new favourite yoghurt – Yellow Box Honey from Thick & Creamy. Thick & Creamy is just divine – the yoghurt is not from milk but CREAM. It’s unbelievably smooth and fluffy from the full cream, and after the honey is stirred through – it’s just divine. It’s like sweet butter cream. Always a treat.

And here’s a photo (pretty rare these days) of me not looking like absolute crap. Actually, I was feeling like utter crap because we’d had to send Sophie to my parents as K and I were both ill.

photo(19) copy

Look at how big she is now ! I’m 1.68 and quite plump, so she’s actually pretty big now ! Just 4.5 months ago, this bubba fit neatly into the crook of just one arm. Today, both my arms can’t keep up with her 7kg bulk !

This weekend for me will be spent recuperating and getting well to give my 100 per cent again on Monday ! Hope you’re all keeping well, folks !

The Little Bow Company should be launching within a week and a half ! I can’t freaking wait !!




2 thoughts on “The Little Bow Family x 4.5 Months

  1. Lady J says:

    Wow!! How do you find the energy to do so many things? Run a little business, give tuition, manage the house and care for Sophie Rose? Super Mama indeed!! 🙂
    On a side-note, Sophie Rose def got your genes.. she’s such a darlin and I really can’t wait to meet her!

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi J ! I don’t know how I find the energy too.. but maybe it’s starting to flag lol :))) Every Mama is a super Mama ! Thanks dear, your Sophie is starting to look more and more like you everyday too! See you on Wednesday !

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