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My husband turned 32 a day before National Day, which was a super work-packed weekend for me !

So we decided to both take Monday off and go for a leisurely high-tea birthday party of 3, K, Sophie-Rose and me. I know, I’m such a lousy wife, right? I had neither the energy or the gumption to plan a birthday surprise for K this year.. or the time for that matter 😦 But I’m definitely going to try harder next year!

Poor birthday boy even had to book and plan his own high-tea – he chose Goodwood Park Hotel’s L’espresso.

 If we had a choice, we would have decided to have tea in the alfresco area overlooking the pool, but it was a sweltering afternoon and our little bubba is especially sensitive to heat, so we decided to sit in the darkened, slightly shabbier inside. I’ll have to admit I was a little unimpressed by the ambiance and the dull, old-fashioned furniture.

But the food quality and the baby-friendliness more than made up for it!

 There were plenty of other small children and babies there in their high chairs and no one even blinked an eyelid when they screeched – that’s our kind of place right now. Although Shangri-La’s Rose Verandah High Tea has much grander ambiance, I can’t imagine the horror we would have had to go through if Sophie had kicked a Wedgewood plate or teapot off their tiny little tables.

Our first non-Sophie couple selfie in.. I don’t know, probably forever !


Lucky for us the little princess decided to give us a little peace early on in our tea so we could grab some daintier bites without having to bounce a baby on our knee / sing nursery rhymes / wipe sticky fingers. 🙂

Both sweet and savoury bites were pretty good ! Goodwood Park has a very well-thought out High-Tea menu – there are no insipid pieces of soggy vegetable sushi, savoury parfaits no one will take, or stodgy paus / dim sum / faux-fusion items.

 The sweets:


Our little plate of miniature cakes on the left yielded a pretty consistent – and pretty yummy – overall result. The Baked Cheesecake was fluffy and light, the Earl Grey Cake was a little dry but very aromatic, the Dulcey Chocolate Brownie was rich and dense, and I especially enjoyed the Passionfruit Meringue Chocolate Tart for it’s fruity, tangy and crunchy flavours and textures. The Raspberry Breton was a miss, though – the base was a bit stale.

The scones came hot and piping fresh out of the oven ! They are so serious about their scones here that we had to wait almost 30 minutes because the chef was not satisfied with the previous batches. They came small but high and dusted with a little icing sugar. Together with the clotted cream and strawberry jam, they were terribly addictive and we wiped all four out posthaste. ^^

 And the savouries – I was so impressed!



(Left) The Tobiko Roe Mayo sandwich was deliciously prawny and very interesting, while the Fish Goujons dipped in a tangy tartar were fresh, crisp, flaky and moist – such a surprise! The Foie Gras hors d’oeuvre was yummy – fatty, smooth liver on crunchy crouton base and a nice acidic tang from the berry compote.

(Right) Delicious house-made mushroom and tomato pastes – sooo addictive on soft, pillowy broche and a melt-in-your-mouth pork and caramelized onion sarnie. Oh, yum.

Sophie insisted on being involved on and off – and mostly we entertained her by carrying her on our laps and watching her indulgently pick up bits of our food and swing them around – of course we ate up the resulting deformed food, we want to set a good example about not wasting. She tried a slice of honey melon and quite liked it!

Here she is trying to whack her Papa with a strawberry -_-



And of course, a mandatory selfie of the three of us ! It’s so hard to get a nice one these days when she’s always squirming and so easily distracted 🙂


 I just love the photos of us below 🙂 They show exactly how Sophie-Rose relates to each of us – in the one on the left, she’s looking at her Papa with a mix of curiousity and also a little perplexed, while on the right she is looking at me with a cheeky, happy small smile.

She’s so expressive now – quirking her Ulzzang-style brown and straight eyebrows, wrinkling her nose, doe-eyed expressions, pursing those rosebud lips – we are constantly exhausted, but also constantly entertained.


Her OOTD is almost all The Little Bow Company 🙂 The inspiration was baby pink, cream and grey 🙂

Rosebud Pink Baby Crown – coming soon on The Little Bow Company

Organic Star-printed cream one piece – Baby Gap

Blush Pink Baby Bow Moccs – available at The Little Bow Company

Elodie Details Binky and Binky clip in our current favourite color – Robin’s Egg Blue / Tiffany Blue ! – Available on The Little Bow Company

I know how they say our lives shouldn’t revolve around the baby, but we should find a way to fit baby into our lives – but this is something I struggle with every day because it’s just so easy to centre our beings on someone we love so deeply and unconditionally. So we ended up chatting about Sophie the whole high-tea, and then after that instead of getting K a birthday present, we found ourselves at MotherCare buying the second-stage Tripp Trapp set for Sophie’s 5th month -_-

Hopefully this obsession will end soon but I think it’s quite unlikely. My entire clothes allowance goes to dressing Sophie now!


I carry your heart with me /
(I carry it in my heart)/
I am never without it/
(anywhere I go you go,my dear ;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling)
– E.E. Cummings
We had a wonderful National Day weekend, hope yours was as wonderful too !
Coming up soon, we have a giveaway for 3 passes to the Trick-Eye museum and for a box of yummy freeze-dried fruit snacks specially for children!
I’ve also started Sophie on some basic solids and gotten around to using the Beaba Babycook so my review on it to come as well !

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