Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer




Can you believe it? Our little Sophie Rose is already 5 months old !

Tipping the scales at a whopping 7.3 kg now, she’s completely outgrown all her newborn inserts for her car-seat and buggy as well as her Size 0-3 months clothing.

It was with truly mixed feelings that I packed away yet another vacuum bag full of her tiny little onesies, booties and infant hats. Oh, how I yearned for those days when I could just cradle her in the nook of my arm, light as a feather and delicate as a petal.

That sweet smelling little rosebud has since been replaced with this feisty little chick, who slams tables, rotates around her cot, tries to eat my food, pulls out what little hair I have left, but makes that all okay with one of her gorgeous little gummy smiles.

Sophie’s First Tooth

Speaking of gummy smiles..

Sophie Rose has cut her first adorable little tooth !

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.15.02 PM

Can you see it?

I felt so vindicated when I saw that precious little pearly white! I’ve been insisting to everyone for the past 3 weeks that Sophie was teething after witnessing her rubbing her fingers along her gums, getting irritable in the night occasionally and attempting to push her bottle to her lower jaw to soothe the aches. No one believed me and insisted that first teeth don’t come so early.

Until one morning, as I was fastidiously brushing her gums, I saw a little flash of white. I stuck my finger in and got bitten, finally saw the tooth, and I think I cried. Before calling my husband, who reacted with equal emotion.

And Sophie? She just grabbed her toes, gurgling happily and very proudly as I smothered her with crazy mama kisses.

I’ve been offering Sophie Rose solids on and off, and now I think I will start her on one fixed solid meal a day in the morning before her second feed of milk ! Its been so exciting starting out on her solids journey and I’ll be blogging about it here soon! Been reading up on so many babyfood recipes and buying just about every Beaba item to use with my Babycook.

Sitting up

Our Little Bow Baby now refuses to lie flat on her back unless she’s asleep.

This has been a boon and a bane.


On one hand, it means that she’s slowly but surely learning how to sit without support, and gosh is she cute when she peers over her high chair at us or grins happily from her Bumbo! (Case in Point)

But on the other hand, feeding time is now a battle of wills. She refuses to drink lying down, which means we have to prop her up (numb arms) to make her drink. We are also so worried that she will simply flip and roll off the bed when she feels like it – one heart stopping moment last week which nearly gave me a cardiac arrest was when she rolled straight off the daybed and landed on the (cushioned, Thank God) floor with a loud thud before screaming for 5 minutes non stop.

Sophie’s First Swim

We brought her for her first swim the day she turned 5 months old !

She started out a happy camper like this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.15.16 PM

And ended up wailing her little heart out the moment her tiny feet touched the cold water. She curled up her entire body like a bug and away from the pool and scrunched up her face so hard it turned beetroot red !

Our bad .. we should have put her in some good thermal swimwear or brought her to a heated pool for her first swim – but First Time Parenting, right ! Now we know better !

She only stopped sobbing about ten minutes after I’d bundled the little bun nice and warm in a towel, kissed, cuddled and soothed her.


And still she stared accusingly at her Godma and my little sister – ” WAI MAMA ? WAI YOU DO DIS TO ME? WAI YOU LET AUNTY DEBS DO IT TOO? WAI DID PAPA TRY TO DROWN ME?”

So that’s about it for her 4th-5th month – it’s crazy how fast she’s changing, growing and learning every single day – I can hardly keep up!

Also, I know I’m inherently biased what with being her mother and all, but SOPHIE ROSE, YOU ARE SO DARN FREAKING CUTE! I say this to her almost every morning, every night and every single time she looks up from my lap and peers at me curiously before rewarding me with a little delicious baby giggle.

Oh my strawberry shortcake, please stay this way !




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