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 Hi guys !

This post is severely overdue and don’t I know it !

I started Sophie Rose on solids a little after she turned 4 months old and now she’s 5.5 months old and I’ve only just got around to blogging about it.

It’s just that now I have so many other priorities besides blogging – Sophie, full-time work, The Little Bow Company, my tuition kids .. the only time I can find to blog is either at 2 am when I have just enough energy to clean my teeth and then literally pass out on the bed, or on weekends, which are just too precious to me right now.

I thought that spending my entire morning until 3 pm with Sophie would mean a lot of bonding time, but truthfully it’s completely exhausting now that she’s getting more and more active and we have more things to “get done” every morning without the help of my helper.

I finish work at midnight so I usually only turn in at 2-3 am. I wake up again at around 8:15 am when my husband leaves for work after he gives Sophie her milk. He brings her to our bed from the nursery and I kind of go unconscious again after building a protective “nest” around her and supplying her with her binky, her giraffe and her bunny.

She thanks me by repeatedly kicking me in the kidneys until she realizes that Mommy is not going to wake up for another hour. Then she either takes a nap or babble and play by herself for the next 45 minutes.

By the time I finally drag my corpse off the bed, bathe her, clean my teeth, boil water, defrost her solids or cook them depending, and do the laundry – its 11 am and time for her breakfast.

So far, fingers firmly crossed, she’s been great with starting on solids

We first tried her on rose apple puree, she loved that. We bought organic rose apples from Fairprice Finest which were really sweet and cooked them using our Beaba Babycook, which is so idiot proof that every Mom should totally get one !

So here’s the menu so far:

Home made (HM) Rose Apple Puree – Loved it

HM Rose Apple + Butternut Squash – Loved it even more

HM Rose Apple + Sweet Carrot – Ambivalently ate a few spoons before pushing it out with her tongue

Nuture Me Sweet Potato from a puree powder packet – Pursed her lips into a thin line before bawling and spitting it out.

Pear Puree from a packet – HATED IT. Ended up in Benjy’s tummy and of course all over Mummy’s clothes.

Ella’s Kitchen Peach and Banana from a packet – Flat out rejected it and got aggressive when I tried to force feed her.

Right, so my conclusion is that Sophie Rose only likes the home made stuff.

 Here’s how I do it – it only takes me 15 – 20 mins once a week right now when she’s taking so little, so I’m more than happy to “cook” – I wouldn’t even describe this as cooking – for my little bubba.

We got the basic Beaba Babycook model from my very sweet sister-in-law, and am I glad we did because it’s really not cheap at $200+.

So basically you peel and cut the fruit/veg into appropriate sizes depending on how fast they take to cook.

For example, apples cook faster than squash so I cut the squash smaller. Carrots are also harder and have less water so I chop them up in my Tupperware Spinner Chopper (another lifesaver). If you intend to cook the different fruits and veg separately, this won’t matter but I try to save time by throwing them all in together.

Making Rose Apple-Squash puree:


Pop the cubes into the sieve, secure the jug into the Babycook, add water depending on how much fruit you’re cooking, and then just let the machine do it’s magic and steam the fruits. When you’re done, empty the sieve into the jug and then blend to the consistency you want. It’s that simple.

I bought freezer cubes from Agape Babies to store my purees and they are so very handy ! Each cube can be microwaved and contain one serving so you don’t need to keep de-frosting and freezing it again (also more hygienic). I simply place one cube in boiling water to defrost it every morning and about 20 minutes later when I’m done getting ready and bathing Sophie, the food is at just the right temperature.


As you can see, I only used 7 cubes as my PD recommended that frozen purees be consumed within a week 🙂

Depending on how hungry Sophie is, I either feed the puree to her straight or mix in some milk and a tablespoon of brown rice cereal:


I love that Happy Times Brown Rice Cereal is organic, gluten free, dairy free and made from whole grains but their packaging leaves a lot to be desired as its not resealable at all ! And at one tablespoon a day it takes Sophie FOREVER to even make a dent in the cereal. I re-stored them in my air-tight mason jars which I label with a chalk marker.

Have bought Millet and Quinoa Porridge for Sophie to try when she’s older, can’t wait !

So here are our “feeding tools”

I use the weaning spoon sent over from the folks at Fisher Price, (blogged about it here) and it works perfect for me. I’ve heard that Pigeon weaning spoons are also very popular, but I’m happy with these right now!

  1. The spoon is soft with good grip so later on Sophie Rose can try to feed herself
  2. The “waves” pick up just enough puree that can fit into her mouth right now
  3. The spoon tip is soft and malleable so it won’t hurt her sensitive gums.



Everything went in ! (Apple and Squash) – her favourite combination so far ! ^^

Every mealtime I sing myself hoarse. Every single ridiculous made up eating song known to Man emerges from me.

The pre-mother Libby would have observed the whole charade in complete disgust and condescension.

The current Mommy me will do anything within her power – even risk full blown humiliation – to make Sophie eat.


“Yummy yummy yummy, that’s so YUMMY, MUMMY. DOES SOPHIE WANT SOME MORE?”

“Vroom Vroom, the airplane is coming, watch out, open wide!”

“Aren’t you a good girl now, aren’t you? Come have some more yum yums!”

I have even eaten from her spoon to convince her that she should have some because “GOSH ISN’T THAT DELICIOUS DARLING” while wanting to spit it out and totally understanding why she doesn’t want to eat mush.

In any case, she’ll only take the home cooked stuff for now. Which is good and bad because

  1. I can’t feed her from convenient little pre-made packs when we are outside. I now have to bring frozen puree out and a thermos to defrost it.
  2. She’s quite a picky eater and seems to only be able to eat in a comfortable environment, versus her milk, which she will take anywhere anytime.
  4. But she’s also a discerning eater (fresh stuff only) which makes me inordinately proud)

3rd reason is completely vain but I think some of you Mamas do get it.

In any case it hasn’t stopped me from buying my heart out, hoping she will like at least some of the flavours.


On the top row are Ella’s Kitchen purees which I’ve tasted myself and found quite yummy indeed.

On the bottom row are powdered organic purees from Nurture Me, a new brand. I only picked the ones I can’t really cook myself at home.

Until she’s six months, I’ll just be sticking to those fruits and veg which are milder tasting, no citrus. I do intend to let her try some blended tofu and avocado when she turns 6 months old!

Here’s a helpful list for you Mamas that may help in your solids journey!

photo-3 copy

In the meantime, I’ll be starting a series of Sophie x Solids posts with recipes of the purees and food I will be giving her as we are soon to embark on Baby-Led Weaning (can’t wait!)




3 thoughts on “Solids x Fisher Price x Beaba Babycook Review

  1. thefashionpage says:

    Phwah babe,i like your schedule! Being able to be in bed till 8/9am! What sort of full time job r u holding with such flexi hours? Salute your ability to do so much! I often knock off late too and go to bed late but my kids will wake me up at 730am everyday without fail. If i’m lucky, they may go back to sleep. . But mostly it’s my wishful thinking.

    1. libbyty says:

      Thank you! Yes I know I’m very lucky to have such great working hours but then working from home till midnight is also super exhausting as I have to constantly shuttle to and fro the cot and my laptop.. always torn !! I’m a reporter with an online news site 🙂 7:30 am?! OMG I rue the day that starts to happen to me! Hang in there.. one day… one day we will get enough sleep!

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