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One big highlight of every single one of my trips to Seoul is having breakfast at Paris Baguette every single day.

And FYI, I was doing this even before it became the next big thing here in Singapore – and I still refuse to pay the horrendous jacked-up prices their outlet here in Wisma Atria and Changi Airport charge – $11 for a juice??

In any case, I was really happy to finally introduce D to my morning ritual at PB – their deliciously smooth and sweet lattes, yummy pastries and bread, and cold croissant-style sandwiches – YUM !

So here’s our pre-hair makeover brekkie:


Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 3.22.57 PM

 Prawn and Egg Salad Sarnies on soft Pumpkin Bread / Signature Streusel Bread / Blueberry Cream Cheese Bagel / Regular Latte + Sweet Potato (Goguma) Latte

She loved it all ! Their streusel bread is a very interesting and more-ish Korean take on the Cantonese Polo Bun – with peanut butter scented, buttery crumble on top of a round, airy little bun.

The bagels were awesome – they stayed fluffy even when we took them out hours later and the blueberries studding the bread were soft, juicy and sweet. Whoever thought of mixing blueberries with cream cheese and walnuts is a GENIUS.

And just another reason why I love coming to Seoul so much – their obsession with all things sweet potato. Toasty, sweet, mellow sweet potato lattes are the perfect morning drink.


And these – oh these croissant-rolls ! Flaky, buttery croissant wrapped around spicy crab mayo and crunchy fresh lettuce and cucumbers. Oh .. yum.

photo 1

Then it was off to Juno Hair and under the skilled hands of Stylist Kang Hun our tresses were permed, treated, colored, cut and given a complete makeover !

photo 1

I’ve already blogged about Stylist Kang here and answered almost 100 questions on doing your hair in Seoul so please refer to that post if you need to know anything else and comment there !

After five hours:

photo 4

Soooo happy with our warm brown and pink brown hair – before Stylist Kang, I had never walked out of a salon feeling 100 per cent happy with my hair because it would always take a week or so for the style / perm to start looking really natural. But look at that ! Our hair was so amazingly soft, the waves so natural and gentle – having great hair is really 80 per cent of the battle won every morning when you head out so I never regret really spending on mine, especially since I’ve been suffering from post-pregnancy hair loss.

 Hitting up Garosu-gil on one of the afternoons for some cafe-hopping at the many hipster spots in the area.

First stop: Acacia Coffee for a pretty good avocado-bacon cheeseburger (cute server was a big bonus) and this really yummy tall glass of Royal Milk Tea.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Got to give Korean cafes brownie points for bothering to give us an entire cute wooden serving tray complete with napkins, sugar syrup and a smile for just getting one drink !

And a quick OOTD – D’s the best at taking my OOTDs, they drop significantly in quality when left to K, who thinks they are the most frivolous things ever.

And yes.. I know I’m no where near my old size so please don’t judge ! Just really loved the details on my peach dress that day 🙂

photo 2


Peach-pink ballerina crossback dress: F21 (steal!)

Peony-pink Ferragamo Varinas: Still my favourite pair !

Hermes Kelly 32

I switched up my regular bag strap for this fuchsia pink lambskin one from Kloveid on the advice of the bag guru D and it was so much more comfortable and convenient for me to carry my Kelly around ! Going to get a slightly longer one for my Nano in lavender, the colors are so pretty !

 And just a random dessert recommendation to beat the heat in Seoul – O’Sulloc Tea House !

O’Sulloc specializes in green tea / matcha grown on Jeju Island where they have their own plantation ! The Tea House in Myeong Dong is really interesting – they have a little exhibit on the different teas they grow and they sell them in beautifully packaged little boxes that make great souvenirs.

I would love to have added to my huge tea collection but I know I’m turning into a hoarder so all I got was a box of their instant green tea lattes for my midnight hungries.

And this was our order (met up with my sister’s friend, C and had a rockin’ time shopping and eating our hearts out)

photo 4

Matcha Bing Soo (Korean Ice Kachang, basically)

Icy, creamy milky matcha ice cream on a bed of matcha shaved ice hiding layers of soft, chewy tteok (Korean rice cakes) and crunchy fragrant adzuki (red beans) – match made in heaven !

I enjoyed the Cocoa Roll with Green Tea Ganache even more – it was HUGE, great value for money and delicious 🙂

Just right for three !

O’Sulloc Tea House

 12, Myeongdong 7-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 중구 명동7길 12 (명동1가)

Last post on Seoul coming up really soon !! This is week is going to be a mad week, as usual as we rush to get everything read for The Little Bow Company launch next week ! So incredibly excited !





2 thoughts on “Soh Sisters in Seoul x O’Sulloc x Paris Baguette x Garosu-gil x Juno Hair

  1. S says:

    I actually got super excited looking at PB’s blueberry bagel as memories of it being my staple during my exchange in Busan came flooding back and hit me like one huge nostalgic wave! 😀 ~~

    PS. you look great still, even if you are not down to your old size, really.

    1. libbyty says:

      Hello S !! Oh my then I think you must be overdue for a trip back really really soon! 🙂 And thank you for your kind words, this journey to self esteem has been a long long one for me and I really hope one day to be able to love myself just as I am !

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