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We are onto Week 2 of our Baby Led Weaning journey and going strong ! Here’s what we had this week 🙂


Banana Yoghurt Wheat Toasties

So simple to make and fun for Sophie to eat

1 tub Baby Banana Yoghurt (Cold Storage)

1 slice whole wheat bread, toasted

1 Miffy or any cookie stamp

I chose Miffy because we love bunnies and the ears make them easy for Sophie to hold !

This was a hit – she slurped all the yoghurt off the toast noisily and then gummed the bread happily until it was mostly gone ^^

We also started her on egg !

I sought advice online in the Baby Led Weaning group that fellow Mama Charlene added me to and got pretty mixed responses. The BLW book I bought made no mention about when would be a good time to start egg and I’d read online that eggs were one of the top allergens so many parents would wait before allowing their babies to try it for the first time.

I had a good think about it, and I figured it might be better to just try it out and find out if she was actually allergic to it or not now at 6M, and possibly slowly increase her tolerance along the way, rather than to wait for her to be a year old and not be able to consume all food with eggs (hugely restrictive, especially when we go out).

So I hunted for a recipe which would make sure that

1) The egg would be “spread out” and not concentrated so that if she was indeed allergic, the reaction would not be too severe

2) The egg would be thoroughly cooked without becoming too dry and tasteless.

I decided to make her veggie fritters, which I would eat too as breakfast.

Here she is trying it out !


No rashes, no vomiting – PASS !

Here’s my recipe, modified from a few others found online

Veggie Fritters (Baby Version)

120 g mixed vegetables ( I used broccoli florets, carrots and sweetcorn kernels)

30 g wholewheat flour

1/2 tbsp baking powder

1 egg

I steamed all the veg in my Beaba Babycook, and then added in all the other ingredients and blended into a batter. 🙂

After that, simply pan fry on a non stick pan into fritters about the size of your baby’s palm.

For the adult version, I added salt and one stalk of spring onion, then ate them okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) style with mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce drizzled on top 🙂 Delicious !

One of those mornings I was feeling lazy and breakfast turned out to be rye bread and smashed avocado for the both of us.


Sophie really enjoys her breads. So far she’s taken whitemeal, wholemeal with no problem and went on to try out artisan sourdough (loved it!) baguette, and now rye bread. I think she loves the different crusts and textures and they actually make great natural teethers !

Toast is also the easiest way for me to introduce new food to her. If she takes it on toast, she’ll likely try to pick up more to have a second taste 🙂

So I mentioned in my last BLW post that I would not be doing pure BLW, just for breakfast and when we head out. This is because I’ve noticed that her milk intake has decreased a little and I’m worried about her getting enough nutrients.

So we’ve decided to institute one super nutritious meal every afternoon, prepared by my wonderful helper who has so many years of experience taking care of us !

I do a “porridge” for Sophie Rose, either fish or chicken. For fish, we buy garoupa / ikan kurau from the wet market super fresh (very important for brain development) and for chicken, I either buy organic or Sakura (Fairprice Finest) breast.

Its “porridge” because we don’t actually use rice, but millet. Rice is basically empty carbohydrates and baby doesn’t really need it yet, while Millet has plenty of fibre and minerals.

I use Holle Organic Millet Porridge which can be found in most organic stores. 🙂

Fish Millet Porridge

2 scoops formula

Home-made veggie stock (just enough to make porridge to your consistency)

Small piece of fish

Small piece of carrot

Small handful of organic spinach / kale

I’ve been making home-made veggie stock and freezing them into stock cubes before sending them over to my siblings’ place every week. 🙂

My Mum’s helper boils the fish and carrots in the stock, then adds the formula and millet porridge. This way, we make sure Sophie still gets the good stuff from her formula along with the nutrients from the fish, carrots and the veggies I used to boil the stock.

Chicken Millet Porridge

2 scoops formula

Home-made veggie stock (just enough to make porridge to your consistency)

Small chunk of Sakura Chicken breast

Small chunk of butternut squash

Small handful of organic spinach / kale

I don’t always buy organic for all Sophie’s veggies because there are hard-skinned veg and fruits which don’t absorb pesticide and we shouldn’t be paying more for. This is the guide I use to decide 🙂


And here’s the veggie stock I used, modified from several recipes I have found and been given 🙂 Many use ikan bilis because of its high iron content but I prefer not to as most dried ikan bilis has high sodium content. Instead, I give her iron-rich veggie like spinach and kale to make up for it 🙂

Veggie Stock recipe

  photo 1



Sweet Corn

Purple Carrots

Orange Carrots

Goji Berries (for good eyesight!)

Honey Medjool Dates

I put them in a slow cooker and leave it on high for an hour, before switching to low for 3 hours 🙂

photo 2

Tastes pretty good if I should say so myself !

Here’s Sophie enjoying her Chicken Pumpkin Millet Porridge with my wonderful helper 🙂

photo 3

She finishes at least half that bowl every day and I’m so very proud of her ! It doesn’t seem to have affected her BLW in the slightest and she continues to be interested in self feeding (in fact, preferring it) so phewf !

Till Week 3 ! For your convenience, I’ve also put a “Baby Led Weaning Recipes” tab at the top of my site 🙂




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