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This post was supposed to be up over a month ago >.< but yes, it was sitting in my drafts folder because I’ve been less than inspired recently and didn’t want to just thump out a lousy-ass blog post which doesn’t cover my full experience at GLOMAX, especially since I’ve been getting quite a few comments and questions on asking about where I go for facials and also my skin care regimen post baby.

I was approached by Hazel at GLOMAX Aesthetics last month to try out their facials. I was kind of hesitant because I really didn’t think I had the time to go down .. plus I had read about other bloggers having nightmare facials at other places. So I did some reading up, and I saw some pretty good reviews and I thought, what the heck, let’s give it a try anyway ! My skin had been quite badly neglected – late hours, little sleep, and not enough time to do more than slap on a basic moisturizer! Plus my Clarisonic had been sitting unused for a while.

GLOMAX is at Soho 2, the building next to Central Mall at Clarke Quay MRT Station. I was quite surprised to find that it was in one of those office-style buildings and not the main mall. But the interior was very clean, if not designer, and the furnishings were very comfortable.

If you’re used to going for facials at DRX or IDS like I used to, you might be a little surprised about the general appearance of the place – cosier, smaller and more like a home-based salon than the sparkling, clinical and very cold designer medical spa places. But for me, I have often had the best treatments at smaller, more boutique beauty spas, salons, nail artists etc so I am very open to it πŸ™‚ Service is usually better and more personalized.

I was met by Pik San, a very friendly and very brisk consultant. She only took 3-4 minutes to access my face and basically pointed out every single problem I’ve been trying to hide with makeup -_-

Here’s my makeup-less mug – I can’t say I’m ashamed of it – while its miles away from how good my skin used to be, it’s the skin of a Mama and how I look when I’m at home every day and I embrace that (but of course I still wish it were better).

Here are my problem areas:


  1. Dark undereye circles – from lack of sleep, of course !
  2. Clogged pores – I used to take 5 minutes to remove my makeup, now I just hastily scrub it off in 30 seconds, or worse, fall asleep with my makeup still on and my mouth hanging open. My nose was full of whiteheads and small comedones and these made me the most annoyed because they showed even with makeup and made me feel like digging them all out one by one despite knowing they should be gradually removed over time.
  3. Dry patches around my mouth and on my chin – from hormonal changes, post partum. My forehead gets dry patches too! They look awful when I apply bb cream – all cakey and flakey.
  4. Overall dullness – Since I stopped using the Clarisonic and exfoliating regularly I’ve had dead skin buildup on my face and I’ve lost my glow 😦

SO I was given a four-step facial treatment ! First up, I changed into a gown. I really like this step because I want to be comfortable when I’m doing my facial and I hate when product accidentally drops on my clothes or onto my hair. This is something that bigger medical spas don’t do and I liked the more personal touch.

Step One: Diamond Microdermabrasion

Similar to the microdermabrasion offered ar DRX and IDS, this step works to slough off dead skin to invigorate the bottom layer, accelerate cell renewal and to treat clogged pores ! This brightens up my under eye area and skin tone !

Check it out:


After on the left, Before on the right

If you look carefully (sorry my camera was not that great in capturing the difference) you can see that the sallowness of my face has been reduced significantly, especially at my temples, next to my mouth, on my chin and my undereye area. My skin tone on the right is yellow and darker.Β  PS also performed extraction and removed my whiteheads, blackheads and comedones. Obviously this step is painful but when I thought about all the dirt being forced out.. it was worth it.

I was admiring my face in the mirror and then Pik San showed me this.



I looked at it with a mixture of horror, fascination, revulsion and satisfaction.

On the left, is the amount of dead skin removed from my face during the micro-dermabrasion, and on the right, my comedones. I’m sorry if I made you throw up your lunch, but I’ll tell you this, my face had never felt so smooth and clean as it did after this process. This alone is enough to make me come back!

Step Two: Energie Care

The micro-dermabrasion and extraction was followed by a skin-infusing vitamin cocktail, “Energie Care” which works to refresh the skin cells and make them glow πŸ™‚

GLOMAX picks the cocktail according to your skin type. I have dry and sallow skin, so they picked the whitening cocktail.

Here are the others available –

  1. Whitening: Vit C (promotes collagen production), Pentawhite (anti-oxidant, super whitening), Green tea extract (anti-oxidant, whitening, anti-bacterial, lightening)
  2. Anti-aging: Collagen, Retinol Q-10, Maravelane (anti-wrinkle, strengthen collagen formation), DNA (strengthen cells, anti-oxidant), Vit E (hydrating, anti-aging)
  3. Anti-oxidant: Toco E (Super anti-oxidant, hydrating), Beta carotene (Super anti-oxidant), Alphalipoic acid (400x stronger than Vit C, super anti-oxidant)
  4. Acne/Oily: Acne lotion (reduce inflammatory in acne, repair), Acne gel (anti-inflammatory, soften dead skin cells, regulate sebum), Comedo lotion (Soften blackheads, whiteheads, regulate sebum)
  5. Sensitive: Chammomile extract (combat allergies), Pentacalmin (anti-inflammatory, repair broken capillary, anti-oxidant), ST complex

I’d really love to try out the anti-aging and anti-oxidant ones !

Step Three: Whitening Mask / Massage

The infusion was followed by a super soothing whitening mask. I naturally fell asleep. >.< Pik San followed it up with an amazing head, shoulder and neck massage which I really, really enjoyed because she kneaded away all the stress bunches (and I’m really particular about neck massages as I have very stiff shoulders)


Aaaand here’s my skin, in full sun light, post-facial, NO MAKEUP at all !

Super happy for the rest of the day and so many compliments πŸ™‚


My nose looks so clear, and of course you can still see my blemishes but my skin tone is finally showing pink again after so long πŸ™‚

This facial was done a few days before I flew to Seoul and my complexion was just amazing in photos there ^^ Hardly any makeup needed!

I’m thinking of making this a monthly thing for me, if only because I have no time to maintain my skin on a daily basis right now besides basic skin care, which I’m swearing up and down I will be more religious about applying. Thank you GLOMAX, I really really enjoyed the facial and the results πŸ™‚

For my Mama readers who are depressed about their skin, need a quick pick me up or to do some serious de-clogging, GLOMAX is offering you all their full 90 minute Luminous Detox Energie Care Facial (what I did) at just $88 compared to their usual $198. Just quote “Elizabeth” when making your appointment πŸ™‚


When I do the same facial at DRX, I pay at least $250 !!!

Here’s their address and contact number:


GLOMAX Aesthetics – The Face Artistry

12 Eu Tong Sen Street. The Central, Soho 2. #06-168 Singapore 059819


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