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Has it really been 8 whole months?

It’s the strangest thing, it is. When Sophie was just two or three months old, every day I wished she would grow faster, hit her milestones faster and the hours seemed to pass so slowly.

But once she hit the six month mark, time seemed to fly. In these past two months, I feel like my little baby is becoming more and more like a toddler and I long to pick her up and hold her close to me all day just breathing in that precious baby smell and kissing that smooth small forehead before she is old enough to run or walk away from me.

How long will she still want to stay in my arms? Already she struggles to be put down and is trying to walk with wobbly, adorable steps and a determined look on her tiny face. It makes me smile and breaks my heart at the same time – now I know why grandmothers see a baby and yearn to hold them – it’s like whenever I see a little baby these days my arms automatically reach out. My transformation into #creepymama is complete!

 What have we been up to these past 2 months?

Well a thousand things!

We used to love bringing Sophie out every weekend, to the malls, to parks, for brunch.

But recently, the three of us prefer to just stay in – especially in the mornings. Sometimes, its like Sophie-doll knows weekends are for sleeping in, so together with Benjy, we snooze away Sunday mornings before waking up and eating a leisurely breakfast, just lying around, playing with the baby, and enjoying each other.

We made a rare foray to dress up and head out last weekend for Lester and Priscilla’s wedding. K was a groomsmen and spent the day helping out, and I consider it a veritable feat that I managed to put on my dress, do my hair, dress up, pack Sophie’s diaper bag and feed Benjy in under an hour before making my way down to the hotel without getting lost!

Never underestimate the superpowers of mothers!

Here we are! I’m not posting any photos of the wedding because I’m unsure about whether the happy couple will be comfortable with it!


 We scrub up pretty well, don’t we? 🙂

Sophie-doll looks so grown up in that photo! She tips the scales at almost 8.5 kg now and its getting impossible to carry her without our Tula – even K can’t handle her squirming and fighting without the carrier -_- We’ve got a real fighter on our hands.

The reason why she’s been struggling to be put down?

Sophie-doll has just discovered that standing up by herself is the best thing since ice cream!

We’re not sure when she figured this out but:

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 3.23.40 PM

Just about 5 seconds after I snapped these photos she lost her grip and slammed her head on the table. She shrieked for five seconds and then demanded to stand up again. -_-

My impatient girl barely waited before she figured standing up to decide she wanted to do it ONE-HANDED while eating her Happy Puffs (Sophie kryptonite. She will work for puffs)

Since the wedding was just a day after she figured out she could stand, of course she had to spend the whole night whining to be put on the floor before wobbling like a jelly and trying to walk.

It was a trying night, to say the least !

She also went for a halloween party, held by our March East 2014 Mummies group and had a blast !

Again, I can’t reproduce many photos because of privacy concerns but here are our favourites:

We dressed her up as a fat juicy little strawberry! There were little mice, alligators, a penguin, lady bug and a kitty! The cuteness overload in the room that day was through the roof!

Here’s Sophie and I with Char and Chanelle, whom I’ve mentioned before shares the same birthday and birth hospital as us! 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 6.17.09 PM


And coincidentally, they both came as strawberries, too!

This is what happens when strawbies party too hard:

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 6.17.16 PM

I’m pretty sure our girls are going to kill us when they grow up and see these photos but I’m going to take them with a vengeance haha! She will only be my baby once and I’m entitled to take as many embarrassing photos as I like.

We’ve also been bringing Sophie out to meet our friends more now that I’m more confident with handling her without K in public.

Last week, it was tea-time with Aunty J and Aunty W at Dulce and Studio for their yummy Scoop Cake (they are run by Tampopo Deli)

The last time she saw them was when she was just a month old, and she’s changed so much since it’s no wonder they were shocked at how much she’s grown and how active she is now!

She took to them straightaway 🙂


I’m so glad that Sophie’s super easy about being carried by my friends and other family members – so I can take a break and enjoy some cake before resuming Mama duties.

J, quick ! You’re already a natural at being a Mama – and Sophie needs some playmates soon!! 🙂

And as always, Sophie’s fairy godmother A and her fiance KW – along with her two other fairy godmothers – have always been incredible with her. They see her every week and always can’t wait to take her off my hands, spoil, hug and kiss her (yes even the uncles). 🙂

We all went for the Hello Kitty Run two weeks back and all I can say is that without them K and I would have been in a big mess handling the rain, baby and the crazy crowds 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 6.16.47 PM

 It’s true what they say – it takes a village to raise a baby 🙂 And while my parents and in laws aren’t in Singapore much, I’m so blessed to have friends who step in to help and take their place so Sophie grows up in a community of love and support. 🙂

She’s going to be a flower girl three times over next year, imagine that!

The highlight of the past month, though, has got to be Sophie’s first words 🙂 Yes, THAT moment has arrived for both K and I, on the same day !

From saying nothing and making no indication that she wanted to speak (we were getting worried about that), Sophie-doll suddenly started babbling non-stop just two days before she turned 8 months old 🙂

And her first words?

“Mamama. Mama.”

Followed almost immediately with “Dadada.”

I’m not sure if she knows what they mean but she hasn’t said them to anyone else at all since! And she only uses “Mamama” when she’s tired, cranky or wants to be hugged by me so I guess she does know who I am after all! I am not just her nameless slave – one of many!

I’m kidding – it was an amazing moment for us. My heart swelled so much I thought it was going to burst. I didn’t cry – I was too busy smiling. Just like the day I gave birth to her – there were no tears because all I heard was the beautiful sound of laughter. 🙂

Here she is mumbling away on our couch:



Happy 8 months my darling little Rose!

Mama is two days late with this, but it doesn’t matter because that time was spent cuddling with you and making every minute count. You go so fast these days I can hardly keep up with all the little things you learn everyday.

I’ve always thought we were to be your teachers, but you have taught us so much more. This month, it is patience, the lesson of hope and how the most beautiful things in life are free.

Love you so much that our hearts feel endless,
Your Mama and Papa


2 thoughts on “Sophie turns 8 months!

  1. Shoe says:

    Hahahah those sleeping strawberry pictures are so cute and funny!

    1. libbyty says:

      I know right! They crack me up so bad!

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