Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

Another year has come and gone, and oh, what a year!

Truth be told, I can hardly recognize the 26 year old me of last December – Heavily pregnant (but still getting more sleep than I ever will for the next two years), hope mixed with trepidation mixed with youthful naivete, on the cusp of having her life changed.

And life has changed, permanently, for the better. 🙂 Despite the one hundred new uncertainties I face now, I am immeasurably happy and I feel every day that there is something to look forward to. Motherhood has changed me – and it’s truly amazing how little happiness is quantified in material things compared to that of enduring love, hope and the bonds that tie people together.

Gosh, I’m really turning into one of those paranoid mothers with separation anxiety – K had originally planned for my birthday to be spent between just the two of us – but I kind of destroyed his plans and insisted that we bring Sopie-doll along because I couldn’t imagine spending my birthday without her! It was, after all, my first birthday as a Mama and how could I not be with the precious baby who made me one?

So here we are, all three of us at The Rose Verandah at Shangri-La for afternoon tea!


Yes, all of us have eye-bags the size of Monaco, because Sophie has been teething and the rest of us must needs suffer too >.<

We made a (sort of) effort to match each other.

K chose The Rose Verandah because way back when we were dating, he’d brought me here for my birthday and we’d had a wonderful time 🙂 The Shang is also where we got married three years ago so it was extra meaningful.

The ambience, as always, was wonderful. The staff was very attentive and kept coo-ing over Sophie-doll and complimenting her on her shoes -_- Girl knows how to take a compliment – she ducked her head and smiled shyly therefore receiving even more gushing compliments. Yes, it felt more like her birthday than mine, but I’m not complaining!


I love how airy, bright and spacious The Rose Verandah is with lovely views through the floor-to-ceiling windows. 🙂

We were a little early, so Sophie-doll decided she needed to practice her “walking” / wobbling. She just refuses to stay still now and it’s getting more and more exhausting taking her out – she’s always demanding to be put down to stand and then getting frustrated when she can’t move on her own! Gosh I sometimes really miss the earlier months when she’d snooze happily in her pram, only waking up sporadically for feeds. Why on earth was I so stressed back then? #firsttimemotherwoes


Mommy and Me OOTD:

Me: Sweetheart Bardot Crop Top (ASOS), Thick Navy Flare Skirt (Seoul), Peony Varinas (Ferragamo)

Sophie-doll: Sophie Sailor Bubble Romper (Customised), Red Dorothy Bow Mary Janes (Zara Baby)

The spread was not bad!

Savouries wise, quite disappointing because there was really nothing special – just lots of cold and not so fantastic finger sandwiches, as well as a lot of fried dim sum which I don’t eat. The sushi bar was also a little sad. 😦

Compared to my (now) favourite high-tea at Hyatt (Crab cakes, thousand layer flaky curry puffs, etc) and also Goodwood Park, the savouries were a little too old fashioned and not very refined.

I did, however, enjoy the cakes very much! The spread was quite extensive and all were consistently yummy.


From left (clockwise): Raspberry Shortcake, Scones with clotted cream and jam, Carrot Cake, Lavender Royale, Raspberry Cheesecake with an Oreo Base, and Chocolate Truffle Cake.

There was also the (rather gimmicky) but fun token Chocolate Fondue display.

Sophie definitely had fun! She has discovered her new favourite snack – breadsticks!


Doesn’t she look all grown up now? She’s only just approaching 9 months old but already she is losing her “babyness” and starting to look more and more like a little girl !

A very cheeky, mischievous girl who loves to smile.


And also sulk, when we gave her a tiny lick of chocolate ice cream and refused to give her more. Here she is, being an absolute drama queen and flinging herself across her father’s lap. I shudder thinking of what she will be like when she reaches her terrible-twos, already she has her Papa wrapped around her pinky and we find it so hard to say no to anything she wants.

We now have a system were we will first discuss the controversial demand between each other before, in unison, telling her “No.” Sure, she’s only 8 months old but I figure we probably should start now because when it comes to emotional manipulation and social interaction, Sophie is waaay ahead of the game compared to her more innocent peers. I blame this on her having almost constant interaction with only adults – she’s picked up such mature expressions that we are torn between horror and complete amusement when she flashes what she’s learned at us.



Nope, darling, breadsticks are just about as far as we’re letting you go, as far as junk food is concerned.


After a lovely long tea, we took a walk around the property and admired their very interesting and unique Christmas tree.

Look at all that candy! Sophie was gazing at the “tree”, mesmerized. There’s so much detail and everything is, apparently, handmade! K and I really cannot wait to bring her to Paris next year and see the wonder in her eyes as she explores our favourite city. Just three months to go to her first birthday!


And the last part of our walk? Revisiting the ballroom where we got married, three years ago ! It was, safe to say, a really emotional moment.

Here we are, oh so very young and fresh at 24 and 29.


And three years later, we are parents to the most wonderful little girl in the world.

If I were to be 100 per cent honest, I would say that I was quite disappointment at how the day went early in the morning. By the time we’d left home, it was past noon and we spent the day post-tea .. shopping. For Sophie. Hahaha. But it is what it is, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve promised myself that next years’ birthday will be spent with just K and I, maybe going away somewhere for a break as we slowly learn that it’s okay to put ourselves first, sometimes, but right now I am completely and deeply besotted and would like to stay so for a little while longer. 🙂

And just like that, I’m 17 27 ! 2014 you have been full of overwhelming joy, grief, exhaustion, adventure and life lessons but I think I am ready to let you go to welcome the next year. Now to take on the rest of my favourite month of the year – Christmas is just around the corner and we can’t hardly wait!

All my love!



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