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I know, I’m such a slacker Mom – it’s already 2 Jan and I’m just starting on my Christmas 2014 and then New Years’ posts (not to mention, I’m combining my 9 month post with Christmas – talk about killing two birds with one stone)

Sophie turned 9 months just four days before we flew off to Hong Kong for Christmas – a very madcap four days we spent frantically rushing to pack, attend and help at our friends Joyce and Yanlong’s wedding and of course to pack and send out all our orders in time for Christmas on The Little Bow Company front.

As I type, we are frantically packing again, this time to go home and get settled in before K and I go back to work. In the past two weeks or so, Sophie has gone from a leopard-crawl to some kind of toad leap to a full four limbed crawl like the wind – she can make it from one side of the room (and I’m talking about my parent’s living room which is about 30 metres across at its smallest). We can’t keep up! Just one look away and she’s scrambling towards the live Christmas tree and stuffing pine needles in her mouth or getting attacked by my sister’s dog for trying to steal her stinky soft toy!

Besides full-on crawling, she’s learnt to pull herself up and stand on most surfaces and is doing a little cruising around low coffee tables. She can also go from lying down to sitting up like lightning, and vice versa.

Changing time has become a full-blown World War 3 affair (feat diapers) which involves a menagerie of noisy toys to entertain her while we flip her like a prata and try to wrangle her diapers on and off without actually getting the dirty stuff all over her clothes and our hands – I can safely say I am not looking forward to changing her diapers in cold cold Paris next March when we head there for her birthday.

Anyway, Christmas was so very special 🙂 My parents really went all out to accommodate us and were so excited to have us (actually, really Sophie-doll) – my Mama bought a huge carton of Austrian ‘baby water’ from the Alps with no sodium for us to prepare her meals and milk, bibs, and IKEA high chair – was really touched by all the effort and love.

And my Papa even let us put reindeer ears on his car so we could all get into the festive mood!

Meet Rudolph!


I think the thing I will remember the most for Sophie’s first two weeks of being 9 months was how fast (both in speed and in steadfastness) the bond between her, my siblings and my parents solidified – also, I think I have not gotten so much sleep in nine months, and that’s saying a lot.

It makes me both sad and so very joyful to watch them all together – sad because I wish we could all be in the same country – now that I know what it is like to have so much support 24/7, I don’t know how I’m going to get used to it mostly just being K, me and Sophie-doll back home doing everything ourselves. I used to be able to get some time to myself in the mornings and late nights when Sophie would play by herself, but now that she’s crawling she needs constant (and vigilant) supervision.

Also, she is going through a sleep regression phase, ma petite horreur – she wakes up for milk twice at night and luckily for me, K does the feeds and changes at night.

Here’s my favourite photo of Sophie-doll and her ‘Chocolate Grandpa’


Why Chocolate Grandpa? It’s a name my Dad christened himself with >.<

He has decided that it is basic human right as a grandpa to feed his grandchild as much junk food as she can possibly enjoy. And the first item on the list was Cova Italian truffles, hence ‘chocolate’. Since then, we have moved on to mentaiko rice, Kit Kat, pancakes and even more I’m sure I haven’t seen.

He enjoys doing it so much that I have no heart to tell him he shouldn’t. Plus, my turn will come 😛


Here he is, being ‘Virtuous Grandpa’ and feeding her her pork and pumpkin spinach porridge 🙂

She makes them so very very happy. Look at those smiles!!


So who does she look like? Grandma or Grandpa?

Sophie-doll is also learning to ‘read’ people – she will smile winningly at you when she sees something she wants. I’m a little troubled by this, because I don’t like that its a little manipulative not to mention that she follows it up with loud screams if we don’t give it to her.

It is so very hard to resist just giving her what she wants when she starts shrieking in pubic – K is the hard one and will refuse and tell her off firmly, but once the screams start getting shriller and shriller I find myself hurriedly giving her what she wants before picking her up and carrying her out of the restaurant or shop #woesofamom

One minute she’s a perfect angel grinning sweetly at me, and the next she is this bawling, demanding banshee. It’s kind of driving me nuts.


Having a whale of a time on a sunny day in the park with my parents! She absolutely loves it when she gets swung! That toothy grin!

With my siblings. She gets lots of time with Paul and Mark because they also live in SG but she’s hardly got to spend quality time with my other two brothers in HK and my sister who is studying in London.

Daniel even tula-ed her during one long walk on a beautiful day at the Peak! How cute is this! I can’t believe he’s turning 17 this year – it feels like just yesterday he was that cute 4 year-old cherub who would come to me for hugs and kisses on his chubby apple cheeks.



And she’s got something really special with my sister, her Godma (now christened ‘Greedy Godma’)


Thank you, D, for coming to take your bubba boo from us in the mornings and letting us sleep in, Tula-ing her for hours, giving her her milk, reading to her and being a wonderful aunt and godma. We are going to miss you terribly but there’s London and Paris in March for you to bring her on picnics to Hyde Park and the Champ de Mars, chomp with her on her first Pierre Herme macaron, bring her to the Portobello Market for a bite of Hummingbird’s famous red velvet and to watch her blow out the candles on her first birthday cake or swing her in the Tuileries.

Yes, her new favourite activity is pointing – she turns switches on and off, presses the lift button before giggling in glee, and the less glamorous new achievements include sticking her finger into my nose to wake me up in the morning and attempting to stick it into her diaper too.

And Uncle David? He is more like a brother than an Uncle to her – they are just 13 years apart, less than the age gap between him and me.

He makes funny faces to make her laugh, comes in spontaneously to carry her away and play with her in the mornings, and teaches her the value of good old boyish rough and tumble play.


In fact, my Mama thinks its only a matter of time before she starts to walk! I’ve got my fingers crossed she will beat both me and her Papa and walk before she turns one!



I’ve watched Sophie grow so much in the past 14 days – it’s true, it does take a village to raise a baby. I’m amazed at how fast she is learning, how motivated she is to move and the dazzling sunny smiles she gives so every freely to everyone. You are so naughty and terribly cheeky but also so very very lovely to me.

Happy 9 months and first Christmas to you, my darling Sophie-doll !!

Will be back with more Christmas and New Years’ posts 🙂 Hope you all had a wonderful festive season too!





2 thoughts on “Christmas at Grandma’s x Sophie Rose is 9 months old!

  1. Susan says:

    Such lovely family pictures. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t call that manipulative behaviour but rather way for babies to learn how to predict behaviour. So it’s important to be consistent in your response when they cry or demand for things. Sophie doll is looking so so cute now.

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi Susan, thank you for your comment! Phewf it’s a relief to know that she isn’t actually learning to be manipulative – and yes I think you’re really right about me being consistent in how I respond each time she tries out or tests something new 🙂 I really enjoy reading all about your Sophie too.. she’s such a big girl now!

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