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 Hi everyone 🙂

So a while back I was contacted by the people behind Agape Babies and honestly, was really excited !

They are like a one-stop baby megastore and even before being approached to review them, I’d already bought a LOT of stuff off their website – especially baby teething biscuits, wafers and purees.

And the variety is pretty amazing, too – they have everything, literally, from diapers, creams, milk powder, baby foods, nursery essentials to baby dresses and even educational tools.

I know that recently I’ve been doing more advertorials, but I’d like to reiterate again that I would never write a paid advertorial for items which I would not use, repurchase or buy myself. I’ve turned down many other lucrative blogging ads or collaborations because I was not confident in the product or felt that it would not be the best deal for my readers. Only sharing good things here! 🙂

 Look how excited Sophie Rose was to check out what I’d ordered for her off Agape Babies!


“Mama, snack?”

Heh 🙂 She just loves pushing her new Radio Flyer around like a little supermarket shopper – and today her cart is full of goodies.

Here’s what we got:


  1. Happy Times Mixed Fruit Yogis (*Sophie’s favourite snacks*)- I was super happy to see this on Agape Babies because I’ve never seen those yogurt bites in this packaging in stores. No, I’m not a sucker for pretty packaging – it’s just that the usual resealable bags don’t seal so well after a while and the melts get sticky. This version packs melts into little foil baggies (5 pouches) so they are kept fresh and are so easy to take out with us. Definite repurchase.
  2. Plum Organic Mighty 4 Nutrition BarsWhich is like a breakfast bar for babies. These are strawberry, spinach, yoghurt and chia bars. I don’t like to feed Sophie too much packaged food but this is a good compromise for those mornings when I’m just too tired to cook. They are perfect for self feeding and she loves them because they have a whole lot of textures – great for BLW when you’re on-the-go, travelling or super busy.
  3. NUK Infant toothpaste and finger brush – Sophie Rose has sprouted four teeth with two on the way and I’ve been really lazy about starting her on brushing her teeth (one more step in her already super complicated daily hygiene routine) but I finally stopped procrastinating and got her these. I find teeth wipes (spiffies) too expensive if I’m going to use them every day and I’m still confused about whether she should be using a real toothbrush yet so this is great – infant and baby safe toothpaste and a super easy to use finger brush which I apply a little toothpaste to to scrub her pearlies once every night.
  4. Burts Bees Baby Bee Diaper Cream to Powder – How cool is this? It’s baby diaper cream and a powder all in one and I just love it. I now no longer need to cream and then powder (it makes a pasty mess, too) because this goes from a creamy application to a soft, powdery finish. Moisturizing yet it keeps baby’s bottom nice and dry. Perfect for travelling when you don’t want to bring out too many bottles and jars so this is coming with us for our Paris trip!
  5. Four Cow Farm Baby Lotion – Also picked this to try out for our upcoming trip because the usual Baby Balm we use for Sophie is a bit heavy to carry (in a jar). Heard great things about this brand but when I went to check it out outside it was sooo expensive. It’s based with almond oil and fragranced with Rosemary, which I really like.
  6. Toddler Meal Bowls (Turkey with Veg) This looks really yummy – we haven’t tried it yet but will soon. It’s apparently great for self-feeding outside so I thought it would be handy to bring it along when we bring her out for meals so we don’t have to spoon feed her porridge or worry about the food in the restaurant being too salty or oily. Will review again!

What we like about Agape Babies

  1. Variety – the variety is mind boggling. There is literally everything you need without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home and computer – this is awesome especially for busy Mamas who don’t have time to hit the shops.
  2. Super fast delivery – there’s free TA-Q-Bin local courier delivery when you spend above $80 (not very hard to hit at all, especially when you’re stocking up on diapers and milk powder). I’ve ordered a play mat from Agape Babies (not sponsored) and it came so fast – within 2 days – unlike another baby shop which took 2 weeks to send the mat over! No more lugging heavy bags from baby fairs but still the same awesome savings.
  3. Very competitive prices – Sophie’s currently on Bellamy’s formula and if I should buy it from a regular supermarket, it sets me back by at least $53 a tin. Bellamy’s sells it for just $51 a tin, and if you buy in bulk – which we always do, 6 tins is $288 which is $48 per tin. Saving $5 a tin is significant cost savings for us, especially since Sophie goes through one tin a week. Agape Babies is the first store I’ve known to offer bulk discounts online and I really like this.
  4. Carry many fantastic organic brands which we love – there’s Plum Organics, Ella’s Kitchen, Bellamy’s and Happy Times/ Happy Tots as well as Peter Rabbit Organic for Mamas who want to feed organic and even Japanese brands like Wakodo which does the best baby snacks. I’d venture to say that you wouldn’t even find variety like that in a huge supermarket. I especially love that they carry all the different stages for the purees because now that Sophie wants more textured food, the 4 months and up or 6 months and up purees which I find outside don’t interest her anymore.

Check out the mind-boggling number of brands available! It’s literally Mummy shopping heaven -starry eyes-

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 3.55.53 PM_meitu_3

What we wish could be better

  1. More information available for each item – some of the newer products don’t have enough product information available, so sometimes I need to Google to get to the ingredients list or to find out more about the country of origin or other relevant information.
  2. Popular items are often out of stock – OK so I know this isn’t their fault but I get quite frustrated when I reeeeallly want to buy a certain item and it’s OOS and I have to wait for my next order. Maybe I’m just too impatient, la. 🙂

Discount Code for my readers 🙂

So the lovely people behind Agape Babies have given me a discount code which can be used by my readers for 5 per cent off their purchase 🙂 Just key in “littlebowgirl” at checkout! 🙂 It’s valid from 26 Jan to – 28 Feb

(Kindly note that the code excludes sale category items, diapers, milk & breast pumps.)

Happy shopping !

Agape Babies



[Disclaimer :  The Little Bow Girl was given $50 in credit by Agape Babies.  No monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely my own. Any queries on the product should be posed to the manufacturer, provider or party in question.]


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