Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

This post, is, gulp, almost one month late !

And yes, I’m quickly getting it done because I realize that Sophie-doll will turn 11 months old tomorrow and being two months over-due is extremely tardy indeed!

I’d love to say I had an excellent reason for being so late for this post but I don’t – it’s just been a really really tough and tiring month for me and we’re not even out of the woods yet. I didn’t think 2015 would start out so difficult and hectic but when life throws you lemons..

(At this point my younger brother Mark would chime in and say ” YOU THROW THEM ON THE FLOOR ” because we don’t like lemonade)

There’ve been changes at work, different hours which I’m still trying to get used to. Waking up at 5:45 am every morning and then seeing Sophie’s crumped, crying face and hearing her call Mama when I walk out of the bedroom is something that will never get easy. Both of us are so used to spending the entire morning together, reading, eating, hanging out and cuddling – I am mourning those crazily tiring but so fulfilling mornings with my baby girl, but counting my blessings that I got to spend them with her for a whole 10 months when many other Moms had to go through this after their maternity leave.

Business wise, there’s been hiccups – manpower issues, quality control issues which I knew I would eventually encounter but it never occurred to me how affected I would be. I really, really want my customers to love their purchases as much as I do, but I’m only human and I sometimes slip up a little. I know I’ve overstretched myself, but I don’t want Mamas and Bubbas who support us to pay the price of my exhaustion – so its sleepless nights until I can find a way to really get The Little Bow Company running as efficiently as possible.

That’s why, I guess, Saturdays are sacred. Sundays are spent almost entirely on housework, Church and packing for the company. That leaves us with just one day a week, really, to spend as just the three of us.

 In her 10th month, Sophie-doll is much more active and mobile. Besides crawling, she now likes to grab hold of anything movable and uses that as a “walker”

So we bring her out more – to the beach, to Sentosa for a little more exposure. Truth be told, we were getting really sick of going to shopping malls – I find that it is over stimulating and she doesn’t benefit at all, and I don’t want her to end up being a child who doesn’t love Nature or is curious about her surroundings.

There was a week when the weather was perfect and we brought her and Benjy to Sentosa for brunch and then the beach. I was nursing a bad sore eye, so we didn’t last long, but it was loads of fun while we were there !


Mummy and Me OOTDs are so much fun now that she can stand and is bigger! 🙂 I’ve decided that for my next baby, no dresses until she can at least sit up on her own – rompers are so much more comfortable and look so cute on our little rolly pollies.

On me:

American Apparel Navy Blue Cover-up / Short dress

White Saltwater Sandals

The Little Bow Company Mama-size Red Riding Hood Bow

On Sophie-doll:

HuckleBones Baby Sailor Top and Bloomers (c/o Lace and Ribbons UK)

The Little Bow Company Blair Blue Bow Moccs

The Little Bow Company Red Riding Hood Bow

We’ve been bringing her Radio Flyer everywhere, and she just has loads of fun pushing Korkor Benjy around and giggling at passersby! She’s a very very social baby and will return smiles (as long as they are genuine).


 As for her eating habits, oh woe be me – her appetite is so irregular thanks to her teething. Some days all she will take is milk, others all she will take is solids, and then certain kinds of solids (porridge, but not bread) or some days she will simply go on a hunger strike. I know this is part and parcel of the first two years, but I still feel so sad when I see her chubby thighs shrinking or the dark circles under her eyes when she doesn’t get enough sleep because the teething keeps her (and us) up all night.

I keep telling myself that everything is fine as long as she is happy, chirpy and developing well / hitting her milestones. I am a little worried because while my helper is able to feed her two big bowls of porridge a day, she won’t do the same for her Papa and me – in fact, she’s so excited that we are going to be with her at meal times that she only wants to play! I’m trying to calm her down and feed her as much as I can before we head to Europe – I don’t know how I will cope with a hunger-striking toddler in 9 degree weather in a foreign country ! What have I signed up for?

Luckily, in between hunger strikes she is generally a very easy baby to feed. She will usually happily (and messily) occupy herself with a piece of bread – preferring those studded with fruits and nuts or wholegrains rather than processed white bread. She can also wallop an entire baby container of plain Greek yoghurt with a little apple puree even on her worst days. Sophie-doll has 8 teeth in total now, four on the top, and four on the bottom 🙂



My Little Chipmunk enjoying her breakfast at Kith ! 🙂

East Coast Park is another favourite for our little family.

That week, Sophie-doll finally managed to fit into her little New Balances. How cute are they?


 Daddy and Me OOTD: (He said it wasn’t fair and he wanted one too)

On Daddy:

Abercrombie & Fitch Pink Tee

Random Ratty Man Shorts

Ah-pek slippers


On Sophie-doll:

Pink Tennis Top – Ralph Lauren Baby

Lavender Bloomers – Ralph Lauren Baby

Little Sports Shoes – New Balance Baby

The Little Bow Company Bow in Radiant Orchid

Socially speaking, Sophie-doll is an absolute delight. To be honest, when she was younger (first few months) I had my doubts. Would this crying, always hungry, never sleeping infant ever know I was her mother? Would she one day smile back at me or call me Mama? I needn’t have worried, because if I there was any question who she needed most in her life back then, it has now been answered –

On weekends when I try to sleep in late, this little bug creeps over my back and sticks her bed head of hair under my covers, or tilts her head until its almost upside down, giggling fit to burst when she realizes I’ve spotted her. She pats my hair (we have convinced her not to rip it out), hums to her self, and when she finally gets irritated she deliberately drools on my face to wake me up.

If I leave the room, her face crumples into the cutest little scrunchy thing ever and before I know it, she’s reversed and slid off the bed and is crawling towards me, saying “Mamamamama”


 How do you walk away from a cherub like that?

When she does things right, like eats all her greens, Sophie-doll will now clap for herself, and look at us happily for approval. She offers us bits of food from her plate, waving it against our lips saying “YUM”. She points to K when I ask her where Daddy is, and looks down on the ground when we say “Where’s Benjy?”. If she thinks food is delicious, she goes “YUMMY” and “Mm..Mm..Mm!”

Her words are few, but she can say “What is this?” “What is that?” “Peekaboo” and will hum along to her favourite nursery rhymes.

I sometimes catch her looking at herself and kissing her reflection before waving her arms about in a happy dance and chatting away to the mirror, and enjoy a good giggle myself too. She is just so much fun right now that every day I’m just waiting for the clock to strike four so I can run home to my little girl and tickle her little tummy.


Mommy and Me OOTD:

On me:

Liz Lisa Spring Collection Pale Blue Dress

The Little Bow Company Mama-sized Heather Grey bow

On Sophie-doll:

Lacey Lane Hunter Suspender Dress (available on The Little Bow Company)

Inner Peter Pan collar bodysuit from Baby Gap

The Little Bow Company Baby Bow in Heather Grey


My two babies are always around each other at home now, Sophie loves her Big Brother Benjy so very much and enjoys teasing him by stealing his soft toys and giggling when he complains. Then she rubs her face on his fur and tries to bite him. Luckily, Benjy is a super indulgent dog without an aggressive bone in his body and would never hurt her.

When it comes to play, Sophie-doll is also getting more and more independent.


As tempting as it is to start making her learn her alphabet and animals, or character words, I am still holding back and letting her learn through experience and on her own. I’m happy to say she has become a very good little housebreaker, opening and closing boxes, drawers, lids of everything and doors all over the house and stowing her toys in all kinds of secret compartments. She can occupy herself for up to an hour with her play table, kitchen and radio flyer or favourite books, just coming to us for hugs or approval now and then whenever she has picked up or discovered something new. 🙂

What we do focus on is her physical development and milestones, since she’s been a bit behind since she was born. Her physical development is more important to us now because without hitting her milestones and building her core muscles, her speech and cognitive development will also be affected. Luckily, thanks to her weekly gym sessions, she has more or less caught up with other babies her age, but we are very observant and careful about her physical growth and development.

And while its hard, we don’t rush to her when she falls,  or make a fuss out of it – because I want her to know that falling down is part of learning to stand, and I know she will cry if it really hurts. I’m starting to slowly learn that letting her go and letting her learn is just as important as keeping her close, and that even though Sophie Rose is just a baby, she also needs her own space to develop self awareness and understanding.


Look at my little monkey go!

It makes my heart sing every time I see her laughing and enjoying herself and the new things she learns, how much wonder she finds in the simplest achievements and how almost anything or everything makes her smile. I delight with her when she dips her fingers into ice cold water and shivers with surprise, and every time she comes close and puts her arms around my neck and lays down her little head, my heart just swells with contentment. I still don’t know what I did today to be given such a blessing.

She turns 11 months tomorrow, and I can hardly keep up with how fast the days are just passing by. It is so, so very bittersweet.

Maybe it’s time for No. 2 ! Who knows? 🙂

For now, I’ll be busy planning our Europe trip and just enjoying every single day I have with my baby before she becomes my toddler instead. 🙂




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