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So earlier this month, we celebrated our first CNY as parents of Sophie-doll and also her 11th month!

Dressed up in all shades of Navy and Fuchsia for the first day 🙂

I’ve got to say, I approached the festivities with a healthy amount of trepidation. God knows how tiring CNY is already without a baby, and now with a cranky, sugar-fuelled, nap-skipping bub??

Luckily for us, Sophie-doll was a real trooper – most of the time. Amazingly, only one meltdown through the entire four days! The rest of the time she spent very happily ensconced in the gazes and embraces of our adoring family and relatives. She’s the first baby of her generation on both side of our family and actually, the only baby in a looong time for K’s side. Got to work hard for no. 2 because I think there won’t be cousins coming for a long time and gosh, she is going to be so spoiled if this continues!

K and I only had time at the very last minute to get her her CNY outfits, so we rushed down to Chinatown to find, to our delight, that since we were there on the last day of the bazaar everything was going at huge discounts! Bought her two Chinois-inspired baby cheongsams for only $15-$20 apiece and they were so cute!

Here she is in an excellent mood at her Amah and Yeye’s place on CNY Day One:


Benjy looks a lot less happy. Let’s just say that although I think his CNY outfit is super cute ( thank you, Kailin), he absolutely hated it ! I can’t decide if he looks more like a very cute tissue box or a very cute Chinese vampire dog.

Anyway, I tried, I promise, to teach Sophie how to do “gong-xi gong-xi” with oranges, but she seemed more intent on flinging them at me, Benjy and her father than doing anything else. When she got bored of flinging the oranges, she decided they smelled good and this horrified Mama had to rush over to stop her from taking second and third bites out of UNPEELED Mandarin oranges. From China.

Speaking of germs, I really had to hold in my OCD streak this CNY. From relatives passing her from one set of arms to another, to family members feeding her all kinds of junk food (bak kwa, cookies, even keropok for goodness’ sake) there were a few times I physically had to grip my arms to stop myself from reaching out and telling them to stop.


Well Sophie-doll is already nearly a year old, and I think its time we stopped sanitizing everything for her or not letting her try new things. I wouldn’t let her eat an entire piece of bak kwa, but I figured, a tiny bite wouldn’t do any harm – it is New Year after all and I didn’t want to be a Grinch about it. I did, however, draw the line in allowing relatives to feed her hot liquids or soups because that’s a danger of another kind – many of them don’t know how fast or strong she is – she can knock the hot bowl off the table in an instant and scald herself.

So happy that my parents came back from HK for CNY this year  – and angry that I forgot to take more photos of them and Sophie-doll together 🙂

Luckily, I did manage to snap this one of Sophie, my Mom and her Chocolate Grandpa together with her newborn cousin Evan while visiting!


CNY Day 3, we were matchy matchy in rainbow colors !



In the past 11 months of being Sophie’s Mama, one thing has always struck me. As much as I crave affirmation that I am doing the right thing by her, as her Mama,  I realized that all I need is to look at my happy, laughing giggling little bub and my doubts seem to melt away. Everyone tells me how cheerful, confident and friendly Sophie Rose is and I realize that I often miss those moments because I am stressing out about what I feel are parenting mistakes or feeling guilty over not spending enough time with her.

When actually, all she wants from me is my smile, hugs, cuddles and love.

That is, when she’s not already trying to crawl or dash away from me! 🙂 It really is the most lovely feeling when she decides she is sick of all the attention and comes to me, tugging on my dress to be carried and wraps her sticky arms around my neck while mumbling “Mamamama”. It really is so lovely to feel needed.

My little dynamo on CNY Day 3 !

That day she was a shimmery pink little “Little Sparrow Princess” !


At 11 months, she is wrigglier than ever, always squirming and on the move. I can’t count the number of times people have commented that she’s an “active baby” – tell me something I don’t know! Haha I’m not sure if its because we don’t expose her to any television, electronic toys etc so she is always exploring and needing to move but it’s so exhausting sometimes! Note to self for CNY next year – bring her toys along. I nearly got a heart attack trying to guide her away from sharp corners, dangerous objects and slippery surfaces.

Case in Point:


Baby Rapunzel waiting for her Prince .. But wait ! She has no hair ! How’s he going to scale 14 floors to get to his Lady Fair ?

I know the grilles are too small for her to slip through but when I see her standing there like that my heart just skips a beat ! Do any of you Mamas feel this way too? Also, unlike me, Sophie-doll clearly has no fear of heights -_- Looks like K has finally found a rollercoaster and thrill ride partner – his daughter – after years of grumbling about how I refuse to take any remotely risky looking theme park ride.

Sigh, my little daredevil !



Her Papa had so much fun this CNY showing her off to all his relatives and even playing matchy matchy with her. I look at K and her together and I really never fail to be amazed at their bond, from Day One. During my pregnancy, perhaps it was because he couldn’t visualize an actual baby but from the day she cam squalling, red faced and red cheeked into this world, he fell in love.

11 months on, I really thank God every day that he is such a hands-on father. In fact, I think he is a better caregiver than me. Although he sometimes forgets to pack her diaper bag properly or dresses her in terribly mismatched and mis-sized clothing, I appreciate every late night feed he does, all those hours he rocks her to sleep in her Tula, the care he takes when he’s feeding her her milk – making sure her bib is tucked neat and snug around her neck – and oh, the smiles and giggles she gives him are special to her Daddy and her Daddy only.

We managed to find some time during the hectic CNY period to bring Sophie out for her first babycino!


And… she loved it! Well done, my young Padawan, Mama officially has a new kopi kaki! (Disclaimer: it’s just frothy warm milk with cocoa powder and mini marshmallows)

We even found time later that week to head back to Craftsmen’s again, this time for our monthly #TeamSophie gathering with Mama J and her bubba Sophie!


The girls get more and more interactive at every play date, it’s baby gym next and I can’t wait to see how they play together! 🙂 Mama J and I have a very exciting project which we are launching this Wednesday – ONEsie Cake Smash Kits – and we hope you guys like it as much as we do!

And finally, on the last day of our CNY holiday, K and I settled in for a very satisfying dinner date – at home. We dropped Sophie off at my brothers’ to finally squeeze in some couple time together and decided that there wasn’t anywhere else we wanted to be but at home, eating one of our “college-style” induction steamboat dinners, and catching up on Criminal Minds and Grimm. Simple pleasures, really – and we could even fall asleep right after  – now I bet you could ‘t do that in a fine dining restaurant in your fancy best! -wink-

  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Hope you guys had an awesome Chinese New Year too ! We leave for Europe in just five days! Too too excited!


The Little Bow Family


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