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With temperatures as low as 2-3 degrees during our spring trip to Paris, our brunch at Angelina’s was a very welcome respite from the cold, and we were especially excited to introduce Sophie Rose to our favourite chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) for the first time!

The last time we were here for Christmas and it was just the two of us, we were given a tiny little table. This time, we got an entire corner! Now who says Parisians aren’t baby friendly? Together with Laduree, Angelina’s must be one of the poshest tea salons in the city and both were extremely accommodating to us bringing in a (folded) stroller and a possibly messy and noisy bubba.

Also, jeng jeng, this time we had reinforcements!


I look at my sister and I think, sigh gone are the days I could wear something like that and chase after a baby. Now I wear a dull grey cape coat that cannot be shoved off my shoulders by Sophie, thick puffy sweaters and Mom leggings 😦 Never mind, I’ve had my turn!

Here we are, safely esconced in our warm little corner across a whopping 6 seats and even our private little mirror partition! 🙂


The girls!

As you can see, Sophie-doll was in an amazing mood. Actually, she was an angel for the entire holiday until the last day, and I count my blessings for that. We had no problems bringing her into tiny bistros, salons, full service restaurants, etc. She would be happy as long as she was given something to munch and the conversation included her 🙂

 The menu, for example, fascinates her for up to 15 minutes. First rule of thumb when we go out – clear all heavy cutlery, plates or delicate items within a 20 cm radius of her (that is her current “sweeping” span)

 Unfortunately, in Paris, 20 cm is probably the diameter of most tables! So look out! 🙂


The munchkin chomped happily on petit baguettes doused in strawberry jam, their excellent pain au chocolats, even had a few spoonfuls of scrambled eggs but we saved the very best for the very last.

Luscious, thick, bittersweet molten chocolate with creamy milky hand-whipped cream mixed in.



“What is this?”

“This is chocolat chaud, Sophie Rose. C’est délicieux!”

“Mmm I want this.”

“OK you can have some if you drink very very slowly and Mama holds the cup.”

-takes tentative sip. her eyes grow wide and she splits into a huge chocolatey grin-


-makes mad grab for cup-

Hilarity ensues. I swear she was on some kind of chocolate high the rest of the brunch, practically bouncing off the walls each time we gave her a little hot-chocolate-dipped bite of baguette or brioche. Poppet knows the good stuff when she tries it! We thought she might hate it because its not very sweet and very dark actually, but here you go, looks like she’s already on her way to becoming le petit gourmand!


Here’s K, red-nosed from the cold and enjoying his cup of chocolat chaud.  He was most definitely having a good time despite the both of us hardly getting a bite in between handling a fidgety and constantly demanding child, we had many eye-contact “oh do you remember?” moments.

I remember, for sure, sitting at our little table, just the two of us that wonderful Christmas of 2012 and asking him if he could ever imagine us one day coming back with a baby (this baby was already a girl, in my imagination, with pig tails (ok that part didn’t come true) and a toothy smile (yuuup!).

And here we are, two and a half years on! Surreal !

This time, though, I needed a glass of champagne to make it through! We had, after all, survived the 18 hours in transit and in the air to get us into the City of Love!


I hear they are coming to Singapore soon and already have an outlet in Hong Kong, so yippee for you if you’d wanted a taste of their decadent chocolate and French-style Le Petit Déjeuner. They do a good light simple lunch of croques (sandwiches) and quiches as well with a lovely salad on the side!

Many branches across Paris, including two at the Versailles Palace but the Rue de Rivoli one is our favourite and by far, I think the most prettily appointed. Reservations are a must, especially on the weekends and if you are bringing a baby and have a party of more than two! Just let them know you are bringing “un bébé” so they can get you a more child friendly seating area.


Address: 226 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France

2 thoughts on “Sophie Rose goes to Angelina’s

  1. Shirley says:

    Hello! Can you share tips what you feed Sophie Rose when she’s in Europe?

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi Shirley, sure, I will write it up in another post 🙂

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