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Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer


Its been 15 months with our walkin’ talkin’ livin’ doll and what a wonderful 15 months it has been. Truly, I’ve never been as tired in my life, but also never as happy. It is a strange feeling, at the end of the day, when she’s sleeping peacefully in her cot and K and I get some quiet time, the feeling is of utter exhaustion but utter contentment. I’m not sure I would trade this for any other feeling in the world.

When she was an infant, I always thought that with time, it would get easier for me to go to work and leave her with other caregivers. In my case, I soon found the reverse was true. The more active, vocal and mobile she got, the harder it became to say good-bye to her every morning. I found myself rushing back for extra hugs, extra kisses and looking back to see if she was still waving good-bye.

And here’s where it was a no-win situation. If she was still waving, I would ache to run back to hold her. If she had turned away, I would feel my heart wrench that she had forgotten me so quickly.

Those mornings, plus a whole bunch of other issues, is why .. I’ve decided to become a Stay at Home Mama!

I’ll be writing another post on that another time (this post, after all, is about her turning 15 months old) but YES! I know a lot of you already suspect or know that I’ve made this huge decision, and yup, its true. We didn’t reach this decision quickly or easily, but its finally happening!

Right, back to Sophie’s 15 month milestones!

Well her routine is to sleep pretty soundly from 9:30 pm to 7:30 am, at which point she starts up some seriously cute but also seriously noisy CROWING from her cot.


If she’s feeling generous, the crowing quietens down into humming and babbling as she talks to her stuffed toys in her cot. Most of the time, she isn’t that giving, and the crowing turns into indignant and piteous howling, at which point, either exhausted Mama or exhausted Papa will excavate her from her cot and dump her onto our bed, where she will proceed to dig our noses, poke our eyes, attempt to crack my glasses, and stomp on our tummies. No exaggeration. Having a toddler is a completely different ballgame.

Anyway the assault usually only lasts 5 minutes, because our little pixie already knows how to slide off our bed onto the ground – and this is no mean feat, because our bed is elevated and our mattress is extremely high. Some times, her toes don’t touch the ground and she squeaks for help. Benjy comes, and she lets go off the mattress and -thump!- lands butt first on his head. Poor boy.

The next twenty minutes is a crazy rush as everyone gets ready, Mama bathes, brushes, packs her tea (usually animal shaped sandwiches and a yogurt) while Papa feeds Benjy, takes out the trash, and makes sure all the lights are off before we set off to drop Sophie-doll at my brothers’!

Then its work, work work home, and sleep. We live for weekends!

Even in the little time we do get with Sophie Rose everyday, we see her growing and changing so fast, losing her baby-ness and becoming increasingly independent. At 15 months, she has no fear. She’s not afraid of huge dogs, intimidating people, crowds, etc. The only time she comes to me for comfort is if she’s fallen down, is cold, hungry or needs a nap. That’s when she’ll do what we call the “crotch-hug”. Its awkward, but sweet. 🙂

Speaking of Benjy, the two of them are completely inseparable.

Some #SophieandBenjy:


Benjy might not like to admit it, but he pretty much adores our little lady. When she’s home, he follows her about the house, sniffing at her, or just sitting behind her and being used as a backrest when she entertains herself with her blocks or play kitchen. We’d brought Sophie Rose out for a playdate at ECP with our March Mummies group that Saturday (above) and he stuck close her most of the time, always watching and sitting near her like a protective older brother 🙂


Of course, this doesn’t mean that they don’t squabble. Benjy has repeatedly stolen biscuits right out of her chubby fingers – and she has been known to smack him hard on the nose in retaliation before letting out an indignant “HEY!”

 Here they are in Sophie’s new ride:


Don’t they look chummy? The reality was, Sophie was annoyed with Benjy because he had sprawled himself across the entire car seat, and was trying to shove him off to get some sitting room for herself. Before she finally gave up and attempted to heave him OUT of the door. Which I had to tell her was a very foolish thing to do, because he weighs more than her. -_-

We’ve also been trying to take Sophie out on more playdates so she can hang out with other toddlers her age ( we are terrified of spoiling her and turning her into some kind of possessive self centred recluse)

And boy did we have fun at the Imaginarium with Sophie L and her Mama Lady J!


Just love this photo of the two of them! Can you believe that we’ve already been Mama friends for more than 15 months and watched our two Sophies grow and change every day? They are such cuties. Although they aren’t interacting much right now, fingers are crossed they will be friendlier to each other when we head out for our next playdate at Gardens by the Bay tomorrow!

And her latest favourite thing to do?

Hang around in front of the mirror. Its hilarious, I tell you. She just looooves our ceiling to floor mirrors in our living room (more than I do). She’ll smile and chat to her reflection, make jokes and laugh at them herself (“Huh? Huh? Yes, haha!”) and boogie randomly. I find it just adorable – the lack of self consciousness!

Here she is checking herself out after bunny-wearing for the first time. I got her two doll carrier Tulas wondering if she’d even like them, and guess what, she LOVED them. She really likes being babyworn – even sleeps in a knee to knee position inside her cot. And what a perfect way to prevent her from ever losing her favourite bunny Heather again! (Trust me, there have been a few heart attacks when we thought he was missing)



Look at that, multi-tasking at 15 months!



Foodwise, she’s getting much better at self feeding. She’ll wait (not-so) patiently for us to bring her fork or spoon before she starts digging into her food, stopping only to look at us for approval. Every time I see her earnest face looking for encouragement or some applause, I feel so moved – that as much as she is the world to me, I am her world too.

And, of course, she is her Papa’s world.


I don’t think I really understood what it meant to start a family until I had her. Its like the three of us are so tightly bound and woven together by her birth, her simple existence. And the thickest threads that hold us together, is Love and Hope. As a normally pessimistic person, I am astounded by how positive I feel about the days and months and years ahead of us, because I believe so strongly in her future and how bright it will be.

While I believe that she can be anything she wants to be…


 But right now she’s still my chubby little bub who loooooves ice cream and lets nothing get in the way!


Happy 15 months, doll!


Your Mama and Papa




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